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Welcome Parents to Our 4th Grade Class!

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1 Welcome Parents to Our 4th Grade Class!
Open House 2009

2 Let’s

3 Welcome to 4th Grade! This is an important year for your child!
Overview of Curriculum Agenda Book Homework Policy Home/ School Communication Talent Development BHE & APPO – Website

4 Goals To give students the academic tools they need to progress to 5th grade. To provide a positive, supportive learning environment. To have fun while we learn. To help students make new friends and discover new interests. (Morning Meeting)

5 Fourth Grade Curriculum
We will cover all the academic content included in the Delaware State Standards. Subjects include: Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) is used to assess students 3 times per year

6 LITERACY Four Blocks Framework Guided Reading Self-Selected Reading
Writing Working with Words

7 Guided reading- Scott Foresman Reading Series
This block is teacher led. It focuses on comprehension, reading skills, & strategies that help readers make sense out of print. Scott Foresman Reading Series Contains a grade level reader 3 Leveled books or Literature Circles Basic skills instruction that teaches strategies for becoming better readers

8 Self-Selected Teacher Read-Aloud
Independent Reading- student selected independent book Conferencing

9 Independent Reading Students choose from a multi-level reading library of books Children can read the books and take computerized comprehension tests (not recorded as literacy grade) To build fluency, comprehension, and love of reading Students read 15 minutes as part of their nightly homework.

10 Working with Words Students collect, explore, discuss and appreciate words Students will analyze word parts (prefix, suffix, root word) Spelling will be embedded across the curriculum Students are expected to utilize spelling resources (portable word wall, dictionaries, personal dictionaries, etc) Students will be held accountable for high frequency words and the 4th grade word wall words in their writing. They are expected to transfer/copy words correctly to their paper.

11 Writing Focus of the block is to :
have the students see the teacher modeling writing and the thought processes involved instruction will focus on the Six Traits model of great writing teach the writing process, grammar, mechanics of good writing, & handwriting give feedback to the children about their work

12 “6 Traits” of Good Writing
Rubrics Two/four point reading comprehension for short answer questions Six Traits Rubric for writing prompts “6 Traits” of Good Writing - Ideas -Organization -Voice -Word choice -Sentence Fluency -Writing Conventions (Each trait will be assessed individually)

13 Math Terc- Problem based investigations
a program that teaches students to: -solve problems using many different strategies (assessed by rubric) -explain solutions to problems & methods for solving them -basic computation *Students are responsible for knowing multiplication facts to 12X12 -aligns with the DSTP

14 Social Studies Civics Economics Geography History
Will be incorporated through literature program Civics Economics Geography History

15 Science Hands on science using the Smithsonian and Foss kits that provide children with the opportunity to investigate science concepts and use science equipment. These kits have gone through field testing and are aligned with State Standards in Science. Land & Water Electricity & Magnetism Structures of Life Sky Watchers

16 Homework Homework is a planned part of the educational process that is designed to enhance student achievement. The suggested allotment for elementary students is approximately minutes a day. Parents must verify student homework by signing the agenda book. Bad Homework Night Policy- If this occurs, send in a note

17 Agenda Place to record homework
-every day homework is recorded on the board, students copy it Parents or guardians should check and initial the agenda every night. Communication tool between home and school

18 Additional Agenda Information
Includes an abundance of useful information for families such as: Attendance procedures District promotion policy What to do in the event of late openings Other important information is included in the beginning of the agenda.

19 Additional Communication
Friday Folders Progress Reports 3 per year, with scheduled conferences Letter grades will be given in ALL subject and related arts areas Interim reports are sent home in the middle of the marking period.

20 Field Trips and Class Presentations
Field Trips & Class Presentations are incorporated into the science and social studies curriculum to enhance and enrich subject knowledge. * If there is a fee involved, please send CHECKS made out to BHE. No cash please.

21 Special 4th Grade and Community Sponsored Events
Appoquinimink Library Read Aloud Challenge Fire Prevention Essay Contest PSEG Calendar Contest News-Journal/MBNA Events Education Fair Geography Bee Spelling Bee Principal of the Day Student Leaders Master Gardeners Mock Elections Birthdays are celebrated once a month in the cafeteria. Sponsored by the PTA.

22 Appoquinimink Foreign Language Program
This year your child will be exposed to four Foreign languages: Chinese, Japanese, French and Spanish. Your child will have nine weeks of each language, one time a week. He/she will learn some basic vocabulary and concepts, along with cultural elements from each country.

23 Grades Grades are as follows: A = 100 to 90/ B = 89 to 80/ C = 79 – 70/ D = 69 to 60/ F = 59 and below Papers could contain grades of O, S, U, or N. Other papers will contain rubric scores and/or check plus, check, or check minus.

Rainbow behavior ---- individual behavior and assignment cards. (stickers)

25 *Important Dates* 4th grade Science/SS DSTP- Oct. 19, 20, 22, 23.
4th grade Reading/Math DSTP – March 10, 11, 15, 16 Parent Conferences – Nov. 23, Feb. 10, 11

26 Let’s Have a Great Year!

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