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Mrs. Ellison Mrs. Ernest Mrs. Weber Mrs. Grenier Mrs. Smith.

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3 Mrs. Ellison Mrs. Ernest Mrs. Weber Mrs. Grenier Mrs. Smith

4 * 70% will be product assignments such as assessments, quizzes and projects * 30% will be process assignments such as classwork, warm-ups, and daily assignments Calvert County Grading Policy for the Elementary School level:

5 Pts. Earned Rating Scale 10 points Outstanding 100% 9 Outstanding at 90% 8Good at 80% 7 Satisfactory at 70% 6 Improvement Needed at 60% 5 Unsatisfactory at 50%

6 8:35 -9:05Arrival 9:05-915WBES News 9:15-11:30Reading/ Social Studies Block 11:30-12:00Lunch 12:00-12:30Recess 12:30-12:45Calendar Math 12:45-2:15Math and Science Block 2:15-3:00 Resource (M-Art; T-Library; W-Music; Th-PE; F-PE) 3:00-3:30DEAR/ Teacher Read Aloud 3:35-4:05Dismissal


8 * Phonological Awareness * Phonics/Decoding *Comprehension Skills and Strategies *Fluency *Word Work * Writing and Oral Language ~ writing, grammar, listening, speaking *Cross-Curricular ~ Content Area Reading integrated with Social Studies.

9 Vocabulary ~ Elements of Reading Vocabulary Program High Frequency Words/Spelling and Phonics



12 * Rules ~ school, community, fairness, responsibility *Showing respect, care, concern, and cooperation *Geography ~ continents and oceans, map elements *Differences in past and present; identify and describe people/contributions important to political systems *Economics ~ consumer, goods & services, natural and human resources

13 *Sun Warms The Earth *Earth Materials *Life Science *Heredity *Habitats *Weather *Skills and Processes ~ actively engaged in learning to view the world scientifically

14 Green The student has been responsible, respectful, and ready to learn. Green W The student had 2 warnings from a teacher. Yellow The student had 3 warnings from a teacher. Red The student has 4 warnings and may have to see Dr. Shisler.

15 Chespax Field Trips May 20, Mrs. Ellison May 23, 2013– Mrs. Ernest April 24, Mrs. Grenier May 21, Mrs. Smith May 22, Mrs. Weber,

16 Calvert Marine Museum May 7 th or May 8 th Field Day May 17 th Rain Date May 24th

17 *Visit Our Class WebsiteOur Class Website *Look for weekly homework chart and review vocabulary. *Be sure to remove papers and sign Thursday folders each week. *Sign behavior chart and empty BEE binder nightly *Birthdays - treats are only allowed at lunch and must be a healthy treat.


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