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Mrs. Ellison Mrs. Ernest Mrs. Weber Mrs. Grenier Mrs. Smith.

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3 Mrs. Ellison Mrs. Ernest Mrs. Weber Mrs. Grenier Mrs. Smith

4 * 70% will be product assignments such as assessments, quizzes and projects * 30% will be process assignments such as classwork, warm-ups, and daily assignments Calvert County Grading Policy for the Elementary School level:

5 Pts. Earned Rating Scale 10 points Outstanding 100% 9 Outstanding at 90% 8Good at 80% 7 Satisfactory at 70% 6 Improvement Needed at 60% 5 Unsatisfactory at 50%

6 8:35 -9:05Arrival 9:05-915WBES News 9:15-11:30Reading/ Social Studies Block 11:30-12:00Lunch 12:00-12:30Recess 12:30-12:45Calendar Math 12:45-2:15Math and Science Block 2:15-3:00 Resource (M-Art; T-Library; W-Music; Th-PE; F-PE) 3:00-3:30DEAR/ Teacher Read Aloud 3:35-4:05Dismissal


8 * Phonological Awareness * Phonics/Decoding *Comprehension Skills and Strategies *Fluency *Word Work * Writing and Oral Language ~ writing, grammar, listening, speaking *Cross-Curricular ~ Content Area Reading integrated with Social Studies.

9 Vocabulary ~ Elements of Reading Vocabulary Program High Frequency Words/Spelling and Phonics



12 * Rules ~ school, community, fairness, responsibility *Showing respect, care, concern, and cooperation *Geography ~ continents and oceans, map elements *Differences in past and present; identify and describe people/contributions important to political systems *Economics ~ consumer, goods & services, natural and human resources

13 *Sun Warms The Earth *Earth Materials *Life Science *Heredity *Habitats *Weather *Skills and Processes ~ actively engaged in learning to view the world scientifically

14 Green The student has been responsible, respectful, and ready to learn. Green W The student had 2 warnings from a teacher. Yellow The student had 3 warnings from a teacher. Red The student has 4 warnings and may have to see Dr. Shisler.

15 Chespax Field Trips May 20, 2013- Mrs. Ellison May 23, 2013– Mrs. Ernest April 24, 2013- Mrs. Grenier May 21, 2013- Mrs. Smith May 22, 2013- Mrs. Weber,

16 Calvert Marine Museum May 7 th or May 8 th Field Day May 17 th Rain Date May 24th

17 *Visit Our Class WebsiteOur Class Website *Look for weekly homework chart and review vocabulary. *Be sure to remove papers and sign Thursday folders each week. *Sign behavior chart and empty BEE binder nightly *Birthdays - treats are only allowed at lunch and must be a healthy treat.


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