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UPnP* AV: Easy Sharing of Digital Media Joe C. Pitarresi Business Development Intel Research & Development.

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1 UPnP* AV: Easy Sharing of Digital Media Joe C. Pitarresi Business Development Intel Research & Development

2 UPnP* AV Working Committee Video  TV, VCR, DVD, Digital Camcorder, DVR/PVR, STB Audio  Stereo, Audio CD, Digital Audio Players Still-image  Digital Still Camera, Electronic Picture Frame (EPF) Home Media Server  PC Driven by industry leaders  Philips (chair), Intel (co-chair), Sony, Microsoft, Pioneer, HP, Epson, Eizo Nanao, Kodak, Mitsubishi, Canon, Panasonic, Samsung, and others

3 Digital Content Sharing Today PC Cluster & Internet CE Cluster & Broadcast PC and CE Clusters not Connected “Sneaker Net”

4 UPnP* AV Vision: “For the interconnected lifestyle” Services E-Business Entertainment Broadband Entertainment E-Business, Services Media Pre-Recorded Content Personal Media Digital Content, Any Place, Any Device, Any Time Broadcast Services Entertainment

5 UPnP* AV Standard Ratified June 24 th, 2002 Defines digital content distribution, consumption and AV device control in a UPnP network Opens the door for development of a broad range of PC and CE digital media devices, applications, services and new consumer usage models UPnP AV Architectural Overview Media Renderer Control Point Home LAN Media Server Standard UPnP Actions Out-of-band Transfer Protocol Transfer Protocol Standard UPnP Actions

6 UPnP AV Usage Models and Application Examples Oak Technology Philips Intel Corporation

7 UPnP AV Usage Models Oak Technology “Maestro” Prototype DVD Player PC Based Software Media Management S/W Music Files – MP3, WMA Photo Files – JPG, TIFF, GIFF etc Video Files – MPG, WMV, DIVX, etc. Play lists GUI Navigation Information GUI Graphic Elements UPnP Renderer MaestroLink.DLL UPnP Server Maestro DVD Transcoder and Net Manager UPnP Control Point Content files, GUI Graphic Elements Content Transco der TCP/IP Content Request s Windows A/V Compression Codecs HTTPGet() Control Point Request information from server using UPnP SOAP Commands (XML TCP Protocol) Server responds with URI’s for play lists and content Control Point gives URI’s to Renderer NTSC/PAL Frame Rate Sample Rate UPnP Renderer

8 UPnP AV Usage Models Philips Digital Media Receiver Ref. Design STREAM A/V AROUND YOUR HOME... WIRELESSLY PRODUCT APPLICATIONS MP3 control & playback on a standard audio system in the home from a PC Streamium™ control & access on a standard audio system via a PC or router with broadband connection Digital Photos control & playback on TV from a networked PC or online source Video control & playback / streaming on TV from Networked PC or online source UPnP based Media Server w/content organizing application KEY BENEFITS CUSTOMIZABLE OPTIONS:   User interface, media-processor, network connection,   industrial design and more COMPLETE PRODUCT OFFERING:   From system board to complete finished product ENDLESS PRODUCT CONFIGURATIONS:   From integrated speakers to high-end juke box PROGRAMMABLE MEDIA PROCESSOR:   Allowing for after sales plug-in and firmware updates SMART BOX MANAGEMENT SERVICES:   Available for product software maintenance PH11054

9 UPnP AV Usage Models Intel Extended Wireless PC Adaptor Ref. Design Media PC 802.11 Adapter IR TV UI Consumer Benefits   View digital photos on existing TVs   Listen to digital music on existing stereos   Navigate with simple IR remote   No need to relocate the PC Digital Media Distribution   Quiet, reliable PC hosts media   Adapters connect legacy TVs and stereos   Audio/video sent via 802.11   UPnP* technology for “invisible” networking

10 New Digital Content Usage Models Enabled by UPnP AV For the Interconnected lifestyle Mobile Media GamingCommunications Digital Video Digital Music “Today, devices remain largely on their own, but connected home devices are about to emerge” Tom Rhinelander Forrestor Research Home Surveillance

11 UPnP* AV Summary UPnP AV standard has been published Presents exciting product development and business opportunities  AV devices  AV services  AV applications  Media PC’s What opportunities will you Embrace with UPnP AV For interconnected lifestyle?

12 For the interconnected lifestyle

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