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UPnP AV WC Status Update (UPnP Summit 2002) John Ritchie UPnP AV Co-Chair Intel Corporation.

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1 UPnP AV WC Status Update (UPnP Summit 2002) John Ritchie UPnP AV Co-Chair Intel Corporation

2 Agenda Recent Events AV Architecture Moving Forward Demo Questions

3 Recent Events

4 Approved AV Specs Approved

5 Great Job, Everyone!!! Adaptive Networks Canon Compaq Eizo Nanao Epson HP Intel (co-chair) Kodak LG Microsoft Mitsubishi OpenGlobe Philips (co-chair) Pioneer Samsung Sony Thompson

6 UPnP AV Architecture

7 UPnP AV Devices Control Point Home LAN UPnP AV Actions Out-of-band Transfer Protocol UPnP AV Actions Rendering Control Connection Manager AV Transport (Optional) Media ServerMedia Renderer Content Directory Connection Manager AV Transport (Optional) VCR DVD Player CD Player Camera Camcorder Tuner STB PC TV Stereo EPF Speakers MP3 Player Clock Radio PC

8 UPnP AV Services Content Directory  Browse/search Content Items and Containers  Include content meta-data (title, creator, resolution, …)  Manage content (e.g. create playlists, add new items,…) Rendering Control  Control rendering characteristics (Volume, Brightness, …) Connection Manager  Enumerate supported transfer protocols and data formats  Enumerate existing “connections” AV Transport  Control playback position/movement (Play, Pause, Seek,…)  Provided by Server or Renderer based on selected protocol

9 Discover AV devices UPnP SSDP Locate desired content Content Directory Service Negotiate a common transfer protocol and data format Connection Manager Service Control playback position/movement AV Transport Service Control how content is rendered Rendering Control Service Typical Control Algorithm

10 Moving Forward

11 UPnP AV “Charter 2” Proposal Submitted to SC (Sept ’02) Contributors:  Canon  Intel  LG  Microsoft  Philips  Pioneer  Samsung  Sharp  Sony

12 Approved “Charter 2” Approved

13 Scope of Work – Charter 2 Maintain existing specs  Clarify ambiguous text, add additional examples Publish Recommended Practices docs  Provide implementation guidelines  Many common devices (TV, VCR, CD/DVD Player, stereo, …) Enhance existing features  E.g. Better compatibility checking (resolution, sample rates…) Add New Features  E.g. DRM/CP, scheduled recording, multicast, access control Preserved backward compatibility w/ “Charter 1” CPs  Based on UPnP V1 Device Architecture  Existing actions/state variables will remain unchanged

14 Logistics – Charter 2 Target Timeline  Facilitate quarterly plugfests  Preliminary Design (Ver 0.8) - Nov ’03  Design Complete (Ver 0.9) - Feb ’04  SC approval of specs (Ver 1.0) - May ’04 At least 5 sample implementation commitments Co-Chairs  Intel and Philips (John Ritchie, Geert Knapen)

15 Demo

16 Questions

17 For the interconnected lifestyle

18 Backup

19 Total Implementations Media Server Media RendererControl Point Philips223 Intel222 Sony321 Microsoft1 Pioneer1 Samsung211 Epson11 Eizo Nano11 LG111 Canon1 15108

20 AV Scenarios Common User Scenarios  Display video on TV  Listen to PC-music on portable player  Show photos on EPF (Elec. Picture Frame) One Common Theme  Content on Device A  Rendered on Device B  Control remotely by user

21 Content Directory Service List available content  Content Items and Containers  Includes meta-data (DIDL-Lite)  Browse or Search  Includes transfer protocols and data formats Manage content database  Create new play lists  Import new content  Administrate meta-data

22 Rendering Control Service Control “how” content is rendered  Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness  Red, Green, Blue color levels  Volume, Mute, Loudness  Presets

23 Negotiate protocol/format  GetProtocolInfo()  PrepareForConnection() Discover existing connections  GetCurrentConnectionIDs()  GetCurrentConnectionInfo() Connection Manager Service

24 AV Transport Service Select desired content  SetAVTransportURI()  SetNextAVTransportURI() Control content’s movement/position  Play, Stop, Pause, Seek, Record, etc.  Next Track, Previous Track (e.g. playlists)

25 Architectural Summary AV Devices  MediaServer, MediaRenderer  Combo devices (including a Control Point) AV Services  Content Directory  Rendering Control  Connection Manager  AV Transport Simple Control Point Algorithm  Find content, configure devices, transfer data

26 What is it? Follow-on to UPnP AV “Charter 1” Based on current UPnP Device Architecture Unrelated to “UPnP V2 Architecture” Think of it as “UPnP AV Version 1.1”

27 Goals Maintain existing AV specs Publish Recommended Practices Enhance existing AV features Enable new AV features Maintain backward compatibility

28 Maintenance Clarify ambiguous text Improve certification tests If needed, address critical “bugs” Examples:  XML and URL escaping, Connection Info usages  ‘Recommended Practices’ docs for several common devices e.g. TV, VCR, stereo, CD changers, etc.  Add semantic test(s)

29 Enhancements Improve existing features Examples:  Better compatibility checking  Better support for playlists  Better recording capability  Additional CDS meta-data tags e.g. owner, history, etc

30 New Features Complement existing features Add key missing capabilities Examples:  DRM, Content Protection  Scheduled recording  Support for multicast  Access control (UPnP Security?)

31 Backward Compatibility V1 Control Points can use V2 devices Existing actions/state variables unchanged New actions/state variables added to existing services New services added to existing DCPs New DCPs

32 Timeline Written proposal to SC – Aug ’02 SC approval for WC - Sept ’02 “Recommended Practices” docs – Q2 ‘03 Preliminary Design (Ver 0.8) - Aug ’03 Plugfest #1 (AV V1/V2) – Aug ’03 Plugfest #2 (AV V1/V2) – Oct ‘03 Design Complete (Ver 0.9) - Nov ’03 45-day review complete - Feb ’04 SC approval of specs (Ver 1.0) - Mar ’04

33 UPnP Slide Templates

34 PowerPoint Template Subtitle Color Slide guidelines  Sub-bullet, limit to one layer of sub-bullets  Sub-bullet Font size and color should already be formatted for you in Slide Master Use shaded figures, when possible, using these key colors

35 PowerPoint template for complicated diagrams This slide background has no UPnP Forum logo artwork in lower left so the entire space is available for your image  Sub-bullet, limit to one layer of sub-bullets  Sub-bullet Font size and color should already be formatted for you in Slide Master Use shaded figures, when possible, using these key colors


37 Table Layout Row OneRow Two Info here

38 Announcing Announcement Title

39 Demo Demo Title

40 Video Video Title

41 Customer Customer Reference Title

42 For the interconnected lifestyle

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