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Computer Fundamentals Multimedia MSCH 233 Lecture 10.

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1 Computer Fundamentals Multimedia MSCH 233 Lecture 10

2 Who Use Multimedia Applications: Teachers: To make video projects or to teach subjects Companies: To make Business Presentations Museums Banks Web designers Singers Movie maker. Etc.

3 Types of multimedia Audio Graphics Video

4 Audio: Sound and Music To listen to music and sounds you need a sound card build into your computer system. Sound cards offer 2 capabilities: 1.Built-in stereo synthesizer 2.Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) which allows electronic musical instrument to communicate with the computer To listen to radio on the web you need a program called Real Player or Media Player installed into you computer system that use ‘Streaming’ technique which allows you to play an audio while it’s downloading

5 graphic To store a graphic into your computer you can: 1.Use a digital camera and store the image in a memory card, then download it into you r computer 2.Use a Scanner to scan printed images Once its in a digital format you can repair, and add effects to your image.

6 Video and Animation Using a computer with video multimedia capability you can create, add effects, edit and save your own video in your PC, CD, DVD or tape. To make a video you have to have a video camera to capture the move then transfer it into digital format to your PC.

7 Multimedia on the Web Web Pages contains different multimedia elements, to identify the format or the type of the element an extension is added to the name of the file:  Text: Most common formats are.txt,.doc,.pdf and.htm (or.html)  Graphics: Most common are.gif.jpg  Sounds:.ram,.rm,.wav,.mp3  Video:.avi,.mov,.mpg  Compressed (Windows),.sit (Macintosh)

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