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International mail IM1. Introduction  International Mail ◦ Postal articles  Sender and recipient in different countries ◦ Governed by international.

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1 International mail IM1

2 Introduction  International Mail ◦ Postal articles  Sender and recipient in different countries ◦ Governed by international treaties  Universal Postal Convention  Bilateral and multilateral treaties  International Contracts ◦ Involves multiple agencies  Posts, customs, ports etc ◦ Involves accounting for all classes of mail ◦ Is essentially import and export  Remittances ◦ Money orders ◦ Giro transfers ◦ SWIFT transfers IM2

3 International Mail Business  Categories: ◦ Letter Post items(LC/AO) upto 2 kgs  Letters  Postcards  Printed Papers  Small Packets  Blind Literature(7kgs)  Bulk (M) Bags upto 30 kgs(includes Bags containing newspapers, periodicals, books etc to one addressee) ◦ Postal Parcels upto 20 kgs ◦ Flat Rate Boxes ◦ Express Mail Service(EMS)- Fastest possible postal service ◦ WorldNet Express  Surface, Air and Surface Airlift Services(SAL) IM3

4 Governance  Governed by PO Guide part II  Based on IPO Rules 1933  Universal Postal Convention  Letter & Parcel Post Regulations  EMS Manual  Governed by all Import & Export Laws  DGFT Circulars  Prohibitions & Restrictions  DGCA Restrictions for airmail  Based on ICAO& IATA Rules IM4

5 Financials India Post gets for delivering postal articles: SDR 4.049 for 1 kg of LC/AO mail 0.6 SDR Extra for each Registered letter 1 SDR Extra for each Insured article Minimum of 3.5 SDR for EMS Document Minimum of 5 SDR for EMS Merchandise Almost 7 SDR's for a Parcel Pay similar amounts to other countries Revenue Potential is tremendous IM5

6 Checks at point of Booking Most critical Check and inform customer of service features  Existence of service EMS or SAL service may not be available to a country Wrongly booked article will lead to a grievance and added cost  Registration- A value addition to a low value service What can be registered- Only LC/AO mails Made accountable and trackable by giving a number All other services like Parcels and EMS are already accountable IM6

7 Checks at point of Booking(Contd.) Correct Barcoding For Parcels starting with C and ending with IN For insured Parcels starting with CV For EMS starting with E and ending with IN For Registered Letters starting with R For Insured letters starting with V These have ISO and Postal technical standards For articles with Barcodes Booking data is captured online – Called Event A Is transmitted through IPS to foreign countries. Allows end 2 end tracking IM7

8 Checks at point of Booking(Contd.) Effects of Wrong Barcoding: Article cant be tracked  Ends up at the wrong Office of Exchange  The Office of Exchange in India or abroad will change the barcode The Department may have to pay penalty to the foreign postal operator May end up paying EMS Rates for a registered letter! If there's no Barcode A penalty of 1 SDR per article for Registered letters is applicable For EMS and Parcels- They are treated as non- accountable Revenue is lost due to this IM8

9 Checks at point of Booking(Contd.) Customs Declaration All articles should have a CN22/CN23  CN 22 for value less than SDR 300  CN23- Multiple copies(depends on Country) Sender advised to check prohibitions/ restrictions Booking official should know the importance For merchandise commercial invoices a must Customs related issues are senders responsibility  Our duty to facilitate  Article without declarations can be delayed and confiscated IM9

10 IM10

11 IM11

12 Checks at point of Booking(Contd.) Packaging Parcels should not be packed in cloth Documents should be in secure envelopes Address Complete in English Telephone number Post code Address of the sender is Indian in case of large quantities Additional charges in other cases- Called remailing IM12

13 Effects of Correct Booking  Proper channel is ensured  Tracking possible  Delays in Customs clearance eliminated  Timely delivery is ensured  Accounting is facilitated  Leads to customer satisfaction and growth in Business IM13

14 Office of Exchange  A post office or sorting office or section which exchanges mails with offices in foreign countries  Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Kochi ◦ Foreign Post Offices- OE for Parcels ◦ Airmail Sorting Divisions- OE for Letter Post ◦ SPCC’s- OE For EMS  Foreign Post Office- OE with Customs facility  OE’s can change ◦ Need to be notified to the IB, UPU IM14

15 Office of Exchange  Receives mail  Checks that all requirements are fulfilled ◦ Weight and dimensions ◦ Service ◦ Postage ◦ Customs declaration ◦ Barcode ◦ Remailing  Presents to customs for examination  Sorts  Prepares Letter/Parcel Bill/EMS Manifest IM15

16 Office of Exchange  Bags the mail  Prepares delivery bills to be given to carrier  Despatches the mail to carriers  Compiles the data on Bills for accounting ◦ With foreign postal operators ◦ With airlines and shipping companies.  Ensures data updation on IPS  Receives mails from Carriers  Checks against Delivery bills/Letter Bills etc  Compiles inward bills for accounts  Replies to inquiries from abroad  Checks routing efficiency through trial note IM16

17 Inward Articles  For all categories of mail:  Delivery standards are published from arrival at Office of Exchange in India  Offices of Exchange are defined  Latest time of arrival for delivery standards to apply defined IM17

18 Letter Post Inward quality  Issues in Delivery ◦ In Post Offices, special care on ensuring foreign articles are not delayed  Checks by PRI(P)  Checks by Postmasters  Checks at time of inspection IM18

19 Barcoded Inward Articles- Quality  EMS  Parcels ◦ Including insured  Registered Letters  Insured Letters  Prescribed Events to be captured ◦ Transmitted through IPS ◦ Within prescribed norms IM19

20 Event description  Event A- Booking of article  Event B- Receipt at outward OE  Event C- Despatch from Outward OE  Event D- Receipt at inward OE  Event E- Transfer to Customs  Event F- Release from customs/despatch from Inward OE  Event G- Receipt at delivery office  Event H- Attempted delivery  Event I – Delivery to addressee IM20

21 IPS web client – main page Access the site by entering the address Enter the user name and password assigned for the PO The main page appears as in figure in next slide IM21

22 Screenshot of main page IM22

23 Recording unsuccessful delivery Select the tab EMS, letters or parcel as the case may be Click the link Inbound – Items – Record unsuccessful delivery to get the page Scan the identifier, select the date, reason for non delivery and measure taken and click Add button Repeat this for all the articles returned undelivered On completion click Store The screen shot of data entry page is in next slide IM23

24 Screen shot of event H IM24

25 Recording final delivery events Select the tab EMS, letters or parcel as the case may be Click the link Inbound – Items – Record final delivery to get the page Enter the article number delivered and select the date of delivery Enter the name of signatory and location and click Add Repeat the process for all articles and on completion click Store The data entry page is in next slide IM25

26 Screen shot of Event I IM26

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