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Ms. Vandever’s class Rules and Procedures

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1 Ms. Vandever’s class Rules and Procedures 2013-2014

2 4 classroom guidelines Follow directions the first time given
Be in your assigned seat when the bell rings Do not eat, drink, or chew gum in the classroom. Be an active and respectful contributor.

3 Consequences 1. Warning 2. Name on the board 3. Team Detention
4. Office Referral

4 Where’s the bathroom?? Just down the hall Use a bathroom pass
2 per quarter (ten weeks) Sign out – date and time Carry the blue hall pass Restroom symbol

5 What should I do when I come to class?
Come in silently. Please finish your conversations in the hallway. Enter the classroom only when you are ready to get to work. Each day, take out recommended materials: notebook, pencil and pen, papers as required, work you completed since the last class meeting Follow the directions on the board and get to work on the problem(s) on the board

6 How to be a good student in math class….
1. Participate! 2. Do your work 3. Always bring a good attitude 4. Ask questions when they come up, don’t wait until later 5. Communicate with your parents and your teacher – I don’t know that you need help if you don’t ask questions or say you need help

7 Questions?

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