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Class Rules and Routines For success in English class!

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1 Class Rules and Routines For success in English class!

2 Attendance You learn by being here Class starts when the bell rings Closed door means you’re late Passes from other teacher 3 warnings=detention Talk to me if there is a problem

3 Late Work Due dates mean “It’s due” 20% for each day late Absent work-your responsibility “Hard due dates”

4 Cell Phones NO PHONES IN CLASS! Take care of it before class Phone + test/quiz=0

5 Drinks, Food, Gum Drinks must be sealed Please refrain from eating and chewing gum Oral communication is important Use trash can  Paper  Trash  Recyclables

6 Absentee Work District policy-3 days Absentee tray AND classmate before me 0 if work is not returned on time Tests/quizzes 0 if not made up within 3 days OR prior arrangement

7 Passes Come prepared to class Restroom  Go before class if possible  NEVER while someone is speaking  Sign out completely Library

8 Dismissal Teacher dismisses, not the bell Do not pack up before I tell you Absolutely NO LINING UP AT THE DOOR!

9 This is your class! You get out what you put in Do your best RESPECT  Yourself  Classmates  Education  Teacher

10 How many days do you have to make up an assignment if you are absent? 1.1 2.2 3.3 4.4 5.5 :07

11 How many tardy warnings before you receive a detention? 1.5 2.4 3.3 4.2 5.1 :07

12 What is the penalty for late work? (per day) 1.5% 2.20% 3.50% 4.No deduction :07

13 If you are absent, check the tray and _____? 1.Ask a classmate 2.Ask me 3.Do nothing else 4.Ask a student from last year to see his/her notes :07

14 Who dismisses class? 1.Bell 2.Other kids in the hallway 3.Clock 4.Teacher :07

15 What is the most important rule in this classroom? 1. Sharpen pencils before class 2.Arrive on time 3.No feet on the furniture 4.Respect 5.Don’t ask to use the restroom while someone is talking :07

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