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Fast Food Is it really all that? By: Amy, Naty, Larissa

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1 Fast Food Is it really all that? By: Amy, Naty, Larissa

2 Introduction to Fast Food
Have you ever wondered why fast food is so popular? Why it is unhealthy? Or why it is so inexpensive? This slideshow will answer all of your questions, so enjoy! ☺ Hope you like it!!!

3 Pros of Fast Food Fast food is food that is quick, convenient, and inexpensive. You can buy fast food just about anywhere that sells food and snacks. Vending machines, drive-thru restaurants, and even 24 hour convenience stores. Why IS fast food so popular? It’s because of its price of course! However, fast food is inexpensive because it is usually made with cheaper ingredients, such as high fat meat, refined grains, and added sugar and fats, instead of nutritious foods such as lean meats, fresh fruits, and vegetables. “Bad” foods do not exist in this world because as long as everything is eaten in proportion, you are good to go, therefore a little bit of fast food is ok every once in a while. However, eating too much can lead to health problems.

4 Cons of Fast Food We may have listed the pros, but when it comes fast food, unfortunately there are many cons. Fast food is a major cause of obesity to Americans, more specifically, American children. This comes from all of the unnecessary amounts of salts, fats and calories in these fast food meals. The obesity cause by fast food can result in cardiovascular diseases, a high blood pressure, diseases of joints, and colon cancer. Due to the inexpensive price of fast food, it is quickly becoming more and more popular. However, frequent visits to fast food restaurants, become expensive, and quite unhealthy. By eating way too much fast food, one loses time with their family. When eating fast food meals, you miss the cherished family meal times, where families spend quality time together, in the comfort of their own home. As you can see, fast food has it’s disadvantages and advantages, but the disadvantages are the long term problems, that can be avoided by eating a balanced diet.

5 The world and Fast Food This slide shows statistics of fast food consumption, and obesity rates around the world. In America $229.2 billion were spent on fast food in The obesity percentage is 30.6 %, the highest in the world. In Canada, $12.7 billion were spent on fast food. Canada has the percentage of 14.3%, which is the 11th highest percentage in the world. Starbucks is the fourth most famous fast food chain in the world. Every year it manages to gather a lot of revenues from its sales. It is well known for its delicious coffees, deserts, pastries, and other drinks. It is the best brand of coffee and no other coffee house is in its competition. China is now the home for 800 KFC’s, and 100 Pizza Huts. Coca-Cola sells more than 300 drink brands in over 200 countries and employs 60,000 people in Africa alone. Its net revenues reached $19.6 billion in 2002—with more than 70 percent of its income originating outside of the United States. In the United States, an estimated 65 percent of adults are overweight or obese, leading to an annual loss of 300,000 lives and to at least $117 billion in health care costs . As you can see, the amount of money, and the rates of obesity in America, Canada, and other countries, are far too high, and the popularity of fast food is increasing, along with the obesity average. Therefore we can see that fast food links to obesity, and this is why we are anti-globalization and local food culture.

6 Pictures of Fast Food

7 Conclusion on Fast Food
Fast food is not “Bad” if not eaten frequently, however, when consumed much to often, there are health problems, financial issues, and possibly the loss quality of family time. Now you watched the slide show, we gave you all the facts, so what do think of fast food? Are you pro-globalization and local food culture, or are you against it? VOTE VOTE VOTE

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