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Planning Meals and Snacks

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1 Planning Meals and Snacks

2 Learning Objectives Identify things you should consider when planning a meal. List ways families can save time when preparing a meal. Compare eating at home to eating in restaurants. Describe healthy snacking strategies.

3 You need to prepare dinner for your family.
Make a list of all the things you need to consider when planning a meal for your family

4 Menu Planning Food choice is a personal thing.
Your lifestyle, schedule, family, taste, culture and physical needs determine what you eat, how much and when. Time and convenience are also factors in food choice Planning meals requires thought and good management skills

5 Meal Patterns A meal pattern is a way of grouping food choices into meals and snacks. Some families sit together to eat, others graze and eat snacks throughout the day. Some people skip meals which is unhealthy and can cause people to overeat later and consume extra calories.

6 Meal Appeal Many elements contribute to the appeal of a meal. When putting a meal together think about these things: Color: Combine colors on a plate to make the dish look interesting Shape: Use contrasting shapes Flavor: Experiment with different flavors to stimulate taste buds

7 Meal Appeal 4. Texture: Meals should contain a variety of textures…think soft, chewy, crunchy, smooth 5. Temperature: Serving food at different temperatures is another way to add appeal. 6. Nutrition: A good meal should be nutritious and incorporate the different food groups – carbohydrates, protein, fat.

8 Food Budget Food costs are a major part of a family budget.
It is important to make wise food choices without over spending. Tips for saving money Buy fruit when it is in season Buy in large quantities Create leftovers – they can make quick, easy meals

9 Food Budget Leftover meat could be used for making sandwiches
Make your leftovers into a new dish

10 How are your family using leftovers?

11 Meal Timesavers When families are busy, it can cause them to make unhealthy food choices. It takes less time to pick up takeaways than it does to prepare a meal at home. Choosing less nutritious food can lead to serious health issues like obesity and diabetes. It is possible to manage time effectively to prepare healthy meals

12 Meal Timesavers Here are some timesaving ideas:
Keep easy to make food on hand Serve leftovers Use convenience foods Make meals ahead of time Use fast cooking methods Create one dish meals Can you add some timesaving ideas??

13 Task: complete Questions 1-7 of the worksheet

14 Meals Away From Home How many times have you eat a meal away from home this week? Food consumed away from home is usually higher in fat and calories then food made at home. Restaurants serve larger portions than most people need. How can we eat out and maintain our health?

15 Tips for eating meals Away From Home
Choose wisely Control portion size Consider an appetizer Share Get it to go Push the bread away

16 Are you snacking in between meals? What are you snacking on?

17 Snacks Snacking can be a healthful habit or an unhealthful one, depending on your choices. If you choose the right foods, snacking is good. If you choose snacks high in fat it can make you tired and is bad for your health.

18 Guidelines for Healthy Snacking
Do not snack when you are bored Munch snack size portions Make snacks a part of your daily meal plan Turn off the TV while eating Avoid eating snacks one hour or less before meals Plan ahead

19 Healthy Snacks Here are some good snack options Fresh fruit Yoghurt
Vegetables Low fat cheese on crackers Hard boiled egg Whole grain bagel

20 Vending Machine Snacks
These are often high in fat and sugar The best options form vending machines are: Pretzels Popcorn Nuts Dried Fruit Cereal bars


22 Task: complete Questions 8-14 of the worksheet

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