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It’s all under one roof: Time-saving services for employers and job seekers.

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1 It’s all under one roof: Time-saving services for employers and job seekers.

2 Success Strategies Self Help – Use center when you want to - On your own WIA - Participate in Workforce Investment Act program

3 South Carolina’s Workforce Portal Conduct a Job search Build an on-line resume Register with your DEW Center Receive emails on new job openings Access additional details and jobseeker services.

4 Applying for Jobs Write application letters Apply to online job listings Books, videos Newspapers

5 Weekly Updates Subscribe to weekly news flashes about local hiring events and HOT JOBS. Be the first to know. Waccamaw Regional Council Of Governments

6 Making Choices Tools for exploring careers

7 Certifying Your Skills Reading Math Locating Information Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum Can prepare for the assessment by practicing or taking course

8 Information and Motivation Workshops Networking Groups Basic skills computer lab

9 Summary of What You Can Do at the SC Works Center Look at job listings Type your resume and apply for jobs Attend workshops and networking groups Work on gaining basic skills credential

10 Additional Specialized Services for Those Who Invest Time in Their Job Search Workforce Investment Act WIA

11 Join team WIA and get a: Tour guide Coach Investor

12 WIA – Developing your customized plan The first step is identifying what you want.

13 WIA: Solid Basic Skills GED and Adult Education courses Additional help with WorkKeys

14 WIA: Figuring Out What You Have to Offer Analysis of Other Skills Identifying Transferable Skills Ideas for New Careers

15 WIA: Professional Assistance with Applying for Jobs You Want Resumes Applications Interviewing

16 WIA: Help contacting employers Established employer contacts We can call on your behalf. These services are offered to WIA clients who have proven that they are dependable.

17 WIA: Employer-Based Training WIA Work Experience (Youth) On-the-Job Training

18 WIA: Computer Upgrading Beginning Computer Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel

19 WIA –Assistance with Training Scholarships to selected training programs which lead to high paying jobs in manufacturing or health care. Biggest demand is for: Machinists, Electronics Technicians, Welders, Maintenance Mechanics, HVAC.

20 WIA – Other Financial Aid Options Federal Pell Grant May want to ask about professional judgment Lottery Assistance Life Scholarships

21 WIA- Money for School and Related Expenses WIA will not pay for money you owe for training before you are awarded a scholarship. Possible assistance with uniform expenses and required physicals. Possible transportation assistance for those qualified for select training programs.

22 WIA – Committed to your long-term success Follow-up support for up to one year after completing WIA.

23 How do I join WIA? Attend information session  Complete resume in SCWorks or fill out a resume worksheet  Attend eligibility determination appointment

24 Who Can Join WIA Adults whose family income is below guidelines. People who have lost job due to closure or reduction-in-force. Youth with income below guidelines. Priority is given to veterans and spouses of eligible veterans.

25 What Should I Expect? Eligibility appointment Meet with career coach Basic skills testing Weekly workshops

26 What Will I Get Out of WIA? The more effort you put into upgrading your skills and looking for work, the more likely you are to be successful.

27 Frequently Asked Questions Trade Background issues Age Your questions

28 The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act is an Equal Opportunity Program. Auxiliary aides and services are available upon request.

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