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Assisting the Older Job Seeker. Overview of Older Workers Beginning with people from age 50-55 Baby Boom Generation –76 million people born between 1946-1964.

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1 Assisting the Older Job Seeker

2 Overview of Older Workers Beginning with people from age Baby Boom Generation –76 million people born between Will develop as a result of: –Changes in retirement patterns and trends –Changes in life expectancy

3 Source: Aging Baby Boomers in a New Workforce Development System, updated 1999.

4 Workforce Trends Response to aging population as a whole : In 2004, the labor force age 55 and over was 15.6% and by 2014 this percentage is expected to reach 21.2%. In September 2009, the unemployment rate for the state of Illinois was 10.5%. The unemployment rate for people age 65 and older reached 7% at the national level. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics (2009).

5 Todays Unemployed Older Adult May have taken early retirements in past recessions but now needs to continue working Exhausting unemployment insurance benefits May have work and job skills but lack job SEARCH skills

6 Unemployed Older Workers Unemployment rate higher for men than for women Older workers in construction and manufacturing are the hardest hit Unemployment rates have increased for all education levels, race and ethnic groups.

7 Preparing for a job search Start with a self assessment Realistic expectations about what jobs you are qualified to do Planning for networking Your job search is the toughest job you will have.

8 Realistic Expectations Ill work from home. Ill work as a greeter for Wal-Mart. Ill be a consultant. Ill start my own business. Research these options on web sites such as

9 Assessments for Older Workers Review skills Transferable skills Create a strategy and a time frame for job search Get paperwork in order

10 Marketing a Mature Worker Resumes Cover Letters Personality Testing Elevator speeches Online job search techniques

11 Age Discrimination Mature workers are protected but can be very difficult to prove. For more information or to file a claim please visit the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission web site at

12 Networking Most jobs will not be posted Finding references and contacts Social and Professional online Networking –Facebook –Linked In

13 Cover Letters and Resumes Cover Letters should be personalized to each response Resume Formats –Chronological –Functional –Combination

14 Elevator Speech Sales Pitch for a job seeker Summary of skills and the type of job you are seeking Positive Information about you Practice makes perfect

15 Online Job Search Web Site Resources –Older Worker friendly web sites Networking –SCORE-Counselors to Small Business –RSVP-Retired Social Worker Volunteer Program Illinois workNet

16 Interviewing Informational Interviews Behavioral Interviews Practicing Interview Techniques –Practice with others –Recording yourself –Sample questions

17 Interview Follow-Up Starts at the interview Thank you notes Maintaining a positive attitude even if you are not offered the position Networking opportunity

18 Handling Rejection Staying positive Networking Job Clubs Have a plan for what will motivate you to continue

19 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Stimulus Plan Expansion of Unemployment Benefits Green Job Initiative Supporting Existing Department of Labor Programs –Workforce Investment Act –SCSEP Senior Community Service Employment Program

20 Workforce Investment Act WIA Programs for Adults, Dislocated Workers, and Youth Education based training to support job seekers Individual Training Accounts

21 Illinois workNet Centers Updating resumes, cover letter, and reference lists Response to Training Needs –Updating computer skills –Career Changes Identifying current and future needs for employers and older workers Educating Employers

22 Catering to the Older Worker National Able Network Able Staffing Resources Able Career Institute AARP –Best Employers for People over 50 Program

23 Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) Temporary internship type opportunities for those who meet the eligibility requirements Serves older job seekers age 50 and over who are not currently employed Experience based training

24 Employment Specialist Liaison between Host Site and Participants Individual employment planning with participants Partners with the Illinois workNet Centers to serve all job seekers in suburban Cook County

25 Web Sites for Older Job Seekers Illinois workNet – Illinois Skills Match – AARP – Retired Brains –

26 Web Sites Continued Workforce 50 – Retirement Jobs – Prime CB (Career Builders for mature workers) –

27 Questions? If you would like more information about resources for older workers, please contact Kerry Finegan, Employment Specialist.

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