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Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Eligibility and Required Documentation.

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1 Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Eligibility and Required Documentation

2 WIA Eligibility Registration  Complete an Integrated Application which is entered into SacramentoWORKS.  Customer must sign that they have received: o Authorization for the Release of Confidential Information o Non-discrimination/Equal Opportunity Procedures o Customer Code of Conduct

3 Eligibility and Required Documentation Right to Work (RTW)  The customer must provide proof of their right to work (RTW), age and birthdate.  The acceptable RTW documents are listed in the EDD Brochure, “Attention All Job Seekers”.

4 Eligibility and Required Documentation


6 Scanning of Documents  All necessary documents must be scanned into Vault prior to creation of the Participation and Enrollment.  Only original, unexpired, Right to Work (RTW) documents will be scanned into Vault.  Staff must not photocopy RTW documents to be scanned at a later time. Eligibility and Required Documentation

7 Selective Service System Registration  Selective Service registration is required of all males who are at least 18 years of age, born after December 31, 1959, and who are not in the armed services or on active duty.  A Request for Status Information Letter is required when a male born after December 31, 1959 has never registered with the Selective Service and is 26+ years or older. Eligibility and Required Documentation

8 Selective Service System Registration  Males who are beyond their 26th birthday, and are not registered with Selective Service, must demonstrate that this failure to register was not done knowingly or willfully.  is the Selective Service website where registration requirements, and exceptions to registration, can be reviewed. Eligibility and Required Documentation





13 Qualifying Criteria and Priority of Service  Customers who are Dislocated Workers and Veterans, or eligible spouses of veterans, must provide documentation of their status for the purpose of tracking, reporting, and to ensure that services are being provided to those individuals most in need.  After complying with Right to Work and Selective Service Registration requirements, an individual must meet any one of five criteria to receive Dislocated Worker Services.  The WIA Dislocated Worker Worksheet is an information and verification assist tool, and is completed as part of the Application process. Eligibility and Required Documentation




17 Stopgap Employment  Stopgap employment means work an individual does only because they have lost the customary work for which their training, experience, or work history qualifies them.  Employment would be considered “stopgap” if the salary were substantially below the salary of the individual’s primary occupation, and/or if they are working substantially under the skill level of their customary occupation.

18 Eligibility and Required Documentation  There may be times when stopgap employment provides a self-sufficient wage; e.g., contract employment or employment obtained through a temporary employment services agency.  Such employment would not change the individual’s dislocation worker status. Stopgap Employment  Stopgap determination must be made on a case-by- case basis and consider an individual’s personal, family, financial, and employment situation.

19 Eligibility and Required Documentation  Individuals engaged in stopgap employment are reported as not employed  Once registered as a dislocated worker, the participant remains a dislocated worker until they are exited from the program regardless of employment status or earnings.  If obtaining a full-time, permanent job, that pays a self-sufficient wage or leads to self-sufficiency, participant may be served until formally exited. Stopgap Employment

20 Priority of Services for Formula Adult and Dislocated Worker Program  SETA has received specialized funding that provides priority for enrollment to special populations (including veterans, disabled, welfare recipients, and dislocated workers).  The Sacramento Works Board has determined that there is sufficient funding in the region to provide employment and training services to adults.  The Sacramento Works Board has determined that a priority of service system is not necessary for the formula WIA Adult/Dislocated Worker program. Eligibility and Required Documentation

21 Priority of Services for Formula Adult and Dislocated Worker Program  The Sacramento Works Board has approved a self- sufficiency standard for use in determining need for training services.  The self-sufficiency calculator should be used by coaches and customers in the Scholarship application and approval process to compare the income of each customer with the wages necessary for that customer to become self-sufficient. ( Eligibility and Required Documentation

22 Priority of Services for Formula Adult and Dislocated Worker Program  CalWorks and OJT participation eligibility is determined by the Sacramento County Department of Human Assistance.  The document, “Program Eligibility and Data Collection” (WIA Directive #IS22-09) lists, by funding system, the criteria for enrolling in adult and youth programs, the elements that are verified, and the documents used to verify each of these elements.  Eligibility documents must be scanned into the electronic document storage system (Vault). Eligibility and Required Documentation

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