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Nurturing the Nations Reclaiming the Dignity of Women in Building Healthy Cultures The Crushing of Women.

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1 Nurturing the Nations Reclaiming the Dignity of Women in Building Healthy Cultures The Crushing of Women

2 Backdrop of Maleness For the most part, life in every culture is lived out against the backdrop of the culture of: –Male superiority –Female inferiority This leads to: –the crushing of women in sexist culture –the disappearance of the female in feminist culture

3 The Female Child unwanted before birth and often aborted neglected and malnourished as a child denied an education and healthcare placed into childhood labor molested, raped, sold into prostitution or married at a young age

4 The Female Child (Cont.) malnourished as a woman and while pregnant overworked and under recognized violently treated and humiliated by husbands and other men murdered by a husband or a father abandoned as a widow

5 The Silent War The law and justice system turns its back. –Often there are no laws to protect women –When there are, the abusers often go unpunished The church, the first institution that is called to defend women, is: –Too often apathetic –More often complicit

6 Eve’s Revenge “It appears that, universally, the physical vulnerability of women and deep-seated ideas about the meaning of womanhood incite domination in men and self-loathing in women.” (italics mine) Lilian Calles Barger

7 Key Elements of the War Family Destruction Trafficking “Reproduction” Murder

8 Family Destruction 1.Domestic Violence 2.Rape 3.Divorce

9 Domestic Violence In the USA a woman is abused by her “partner” every nine seconds According to the 1998 U.S. Justice Department Survey, 22% of American adult females are battered by their husband or boyfriend

10 Types of Violence Sexual Abuse –Coercive sex –Violent sex –Forcing one’s wife into sex with other men Psychological Abuse –Demeaning language –Intimidation –Harassment –Smothering the person –Emotional abandonment

11 Types of Violence (Cont.) Economic Abuse –Not providing for a wife’s needs –Leaching off of a wife’s income –Bankrupting the family’s finances –Creating a spirit of economic dependency

12 Types of Violence (Cont.) Physical Abuse –Acid attacks –Beating –Rape

13 Rape Patterns worldwide are the same. Between one in five and one in seven women will be victims of rape in their lifetime.

14 Sex With a Virgin Prevents AIDS “There is a myth in South Africa that having sex with a virgin will cure AIDS. The younger the virgin, the more potent the cure. This has led to an epidemic of rapes by infected males, with the correspondent infection of innocent kids. Many have died in these cruel rapes. Recently in Cape Town, a nine month old baby was raped by 6 men. … The poor child is fighting for her life. This is just one of the million cases of child abuse…”[1][1]

15 Rape: Assault on the Soul The violence of rape is not merely an assault on the physical being, but on the internal nature of the woman; it is an attack on her soul, her personhood, her dignity, and her identity.

16 Trafficking 1.Pornography 2.Prostitution 3.Sex Trafficking 4.Sex Tourism

17 Two Types of Porn Hard Core –Is violent and “sick” –Sadism-masochism –It is about the power over and control of women Soft Core –The stuff of locker room jokes –The pin-ups in working men’s lunch rooms –Playboy

18 America’s Porn Industry “America’s pornography industry, which rakes in $10 billion to $14 billion a year, has become one of the most flush and fast growing in the country. It out paces the combined revenues of all the professional football, baseball, and basketball franchises – and it outruns the take at all the nation’s movie box offices.”[1][1]

19 The Depreciation of Women The String SwimsuitThe Burka

20 Prostitution: A Career Choice “The pro-abortion movement has made a woman’s ‘right’ to control her own body sacred. And if it is, then you’ve got to protect her right to sell her body when she wants to.”[ 1][ 1] Chuck Colson

21 Sex Trafficking In the USA there are between 50,000 and 70,000 women held in bondage as sex slaves.[1][1] Worldwide approximately 2.5 M women a year are forced into bondage.[2][2]

22 Trafficking Statistics As many as 10,000 children between the ages of six and fourteen are enslaved in brothels in Sri Lanka.[1][1] 200,000 women and girls are trafficked in the Balkans each year.[2][2] In 1993, the Thai Embassy in Tokyo, Japan estimated that there were between 80,000 - 100,000 Thai women working in the sex industry in Japan.[3][3] Asian women are sold for $16,000 to brothels in the USA.[4][4] 10,000 women from the former Soviet Union are forced into prostitution in Israel.[5][5] The world-sex industry generated between $20-$23 billion in 1993-1995.[6][6]

23 Three Methods of Traffickers Fraud – offered jobs, in some “romantic” place, as maids, in childcare, in travel or entertainment Violence – Force to break the woman’s will. She may be beaten, raped or “imprisoned” to bring her to a point of compliance Intimidation – Her travel documents may be taken from her, so she is in her new country illegally. Threats of injury or death to family at home

24 Bride Trafficking China’s one child policy Now 111 million men who will not be able to find a wife[1][1] Thriving trade in bride trafficking –Within China –Outside China: North Korea, Vietnam

25 Baby Body Parts [1] [1] East European women brought to Italy Impregnated Held in bondage until baby is born Baby body parts harvested Sold to private clinics in Israel and Turkey

26 Sex Touring Companies Packaged tours Airfare Ground Transportation Hotels Tour “Companion”

27 “Reproduction” Forced Sterilization Abortion Female Genital Mutilation

28 Margaret Sanger Founder Planned Parenthood Neo-Malthusian Leader of American Eugenics movement Pivot of Civilization Sex and hunger tied together Get rid of the “weeds”

29 Sterilization Statistics In Vietnam, more than 31,000 women underwent quinacrine sterilizations between 1989 and 1993.[1][1] The Peruvian government began a public health sterilization program in 1995. 1997 saw 110,000 women sterilized in the program.[2][2] Between 1965 and 1971, one million women in Brazil had been sterilized.[3][3] In the 1970’s it is estimated that “25-40% of American Indian women were sterilized without their informed consent…”[4][4]

30 Quotas & Incentives “Peruvian health workers were paid between $4 and $12 a head to ‘persuade’ poor women to be sterilized.”[1][1]

31 Worldwide Abortions [1] [1] 46 million per year/ 126,000 per day 78% occur in developing countries and 22% in developed countries 26 M are in countries where abortion is legal. 20 M are in countries where abortion is illegal or restricted. The worldwide lifetime average is about 1 abortion per woman

32 Pro-life Feminist Frederica Mathewes-Green “… in a culture that treats pregnancy and childbearing as impediment, it [abortion] surgically adapts the woman to fit in. If women are an oppressed group, they are the only such group to require surgery to be equal. In Greek mythology, Procrustes was an exacting host: if you were the wrong size for his bed, he would stretch or chop you to fit. The abortion table is modern feminist’s Procrustean bed, one that is hideous and twisted, its victims actually march in the streets to demand.”[1][1]

33 An Empty Womb An empty womb allows a woman to function like an unencumbered male in the market place –Men do not have to be pregnant –To become un-pregnant, instantly, while it denies the most fundamental nature of a woman, is the very thing that allows her to be most like a man

34 Abortion is a capitulate to a male dominated value system!

35 A Woman’s Womb A woman’s womb was designed to be the safest place in the world, the place of compassion. Instead it has been turned into one of the most dangerous places in the world.

36 Effects of Abortion on Women Major Physical Effects[1][1] –Death: “Legal abortion is reported as the fifth leading cause of maternal death in the United States,….” –Breast Cancer: “The risk of breast cancer almost doubles after one abortion, and rises even further with two or more abortions.” –Increased cervical, ovarian, and liver cancer

37 Effects of Abortion on Women Major Psychological Effects[1][1] –Post Abortion Syndrome (PAS): “… a minimum of 19% of post-abortion women suffer from diagnosable post-traumatic stress disorder –Sexual Dysfunction: “Thirty to fifty percent of aborted women reported sexual dysfunctions, of both short and long duration.” –Suicidal Ideation and Suicide Attempts: “Approximately 60 percent of women who experienced post-abortion sequelae report suicidal ideation, with 28 percent actually attempting suicide….”

38 Female Genital Mutilation Statistics Two million girls each year (6,000 each day) are genitally mutilated.[1][1] 130 million girls have undergone genital mutilation.[2][2] FGM is practiced in 40 countries, including the USA.[3][3]

39 FGM Map 75% of all cases are found in Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia and Sudan. It is most prevalent in Islamic populations.

40 FGM & Culture Safety for Men “Some groups believe that a woman’s clitoris is dangerous and that if it touches a man’s penis, he will die.” [1][1] Female Beauty “…women’s unmutilated genitals are ugly and bulky. In some cultures, there is a belief that a woman’s genitals can grow and become unwieldy, hanging down between her legs, unless the clitoris is excised.”[2][2]

41 A Kenyan Post FGM Song The knife cut down the guardian of the village today. Now he is dead and gone. Before the village was dirty, But now without the guardian it is clean. So look at us, we are only women and the men have come to beat the tam-tam. They have phalli like the elephants. They have come when we are bleeding. Now back to the village where a thick Phallus is waiting. Now we can make love because our sex is clean.[1][1]

42 Murder 1.Female Infanticide 2.Female Feticide 3.Honor Killing 4.Dowry Death

43 Female Feticide the murder of female babies, before they are born, simply because they are female

44 India - Abortion Clinic Advertisement “… it is better to spend $38 now to terminate a female fetus [baby] than $3,800 later on her dowery.”[1][1]

45 Modern Technology Determine sex of baby –Amniocentesis –Ultra sound Abortion Machine

46 Female Feticide Statistics Between 2 and 5 million female babies are aborted each year in India.[1][1] A national census in China released in May of 2002 reveals that “more than 116 male births are for every 100 female births….” [1][1] “the imbalance between the sexes is now so distorted that there are 111 million men in China – more than three times the population of Canada – who will not be able to find a wife.”[1][1]

47 Female Infanticide the murder of female babies after they are born, simply because they are female

48 China & India China –One child policy –Baby girls known as “maggots in the rice”[1][1] –1 million abandoned per year –Dying Rooms India –Dowry and marriage costs overwhelm poor –Infant girls are buried or starved to death

49 In Islam Women Are Property “Women are considered the property of the males in their family irrespective of their class, ethnic or religions group. The owner of the property has the right to decide its fate. The concept of ownership has turned women into a commodity which can be exchanged, bought and sold.”[1][1] Shahid Khan, a professor at Aga Khan University in Pakistan

50 Family Honor Because a woman is the property of men, she is a reflection on the family’s honor. A young girl is taught to remain a virgin until she is married. They are taught about eib which means shame and sharaf which means honor.[1][1] “ A woman is like a cup; if someone drinks from it, no one will want it… A woman is like a sheet of glass; once it is broken it can never be fixed.” [1] [1]

51 Triggers for Honor Killing Adultery – marital infidelity Fornication – pre-marital sex Perception of immoral behavior Flirting Victim of rape Refusal to submit to an arranged marriage Seeking a divorce from a cruel husband

52 Means of Honor Killing Shot Stoned Poisoned Beheaded Stabbed Strangled

53 U.N. Estimates of Number of Honor Killings - 1998 1,000 in Pakistan and Afghanistan 400 in Yemen 50 in Lebanon 1,000 in Egypt 2,330 in the West Bank, Gaza, and Jordan[1][1]

54 Dowry Deaths In India there are more than 5,000 women killed each year because of inadequate dowries.[1][1] Rationale for dowry death –Bride fails to bring a high enough dowry –Groom or his family want to gain another dowry so they kill the first wife Means of dowry death –Drive to suicide –Kitchen accidents

55 Other Aspects of the War Education –60% of the children that are kept from school are girls.[1][1] –66% of the world’s 880 million illiterate adults are women.[2][2] Maternal Mortality –600,000 die each year worldwide through causes related to pregnancy and childbirth.[1][1]

56 Other Aspects of the War (Cont.) Homeless –A majority of the 100 million homeless are women and children.[1][1] Refugees –80% of world’s refugees are women.[1][1] General Poverty –Women receive 10% of the world’s income, 1% of world’s property and make up 70% of the world’s poor.[1][1]

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