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Tennessee Christian Medical Center. OUR MISSION “We exist to reflect the life and work of Christ and to assist spiritual, physical, and emotional healing.”

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1 Tennessee Christian Medical Center

2 OUR MISSION “We exist to reflect the life and work of Christ and to assist spiritual, physical, and emotional healing.”

3 Madeline

4 S ENSE people’s needs before they ask H ELP each other out A CKNOWLEDGE people’s feelings R ESPECT the dignity and privacy of others E XPLAIN what’s happening

5 Is Customer Satisfaction the same as Customer Loyalty ?

6 Satisfaction guarantees your Loyalty guarantees your Present Future What we really want is LOYALTY

7 CUSTOMER LOYALTY Do more than the customer expects! Do more than the situation warrants! Wow them! P L U S

8 “Each person represents a human contact, an opportunity to satisfy a human need. Those needs are ongoing, and fundamental to our business.”


10 People want a place to BELONG !

11 9. Recognize and Reward Success 4. Create and Develop Our Leaders 8. Communicate at All Levels 3. Build a Culture Around Excellence 7. Align Our Behaviors with the Mission 2. Measure our Progress 6. Build Individual Accountability 1. Commit to Excellence 5. Focus on Employee Loyalty This is how we do it…


13 A Reality Check… “66% of healthcare choice decisions are based on word of mouth.” You can’t con the community, you can’t con the employees, and you can’t con the doctors.

14 Tennessee Christian’s Excellence Goals §Be the employer of choice §People will drive past two other hospitals to get to us §Create a culture where employees … feel valued …manage our own morale …behave like owners …are inspired to be our best

15 What are the excellence goals of our Churches ?

16 Patient Perception of Care Overall Satisfaction 2002-2004

17 Patient Perception of Care Percentile Ranking 2002-2004

18 Give ‘em the Pickle!

19 Service Make serving others your top priority. Great customer service happens when you exceed customers’ expectations by adding your special touch…

20 Attitude Choose your attitude. How you think about the customer is how you will treat them.

21 Consistency Customers return because they liked what happened last time. Set high service standards and live them every day.

22 Teamwork Commit to teamwork. Look for ways to make each other look good. In the end, everything everyone does ends up in front of the customer.

23 The enemy of excellence is The secret of excellence is Consistency Variation

24 Key Words at Key Times - Scripting §Gets the message to the customer in a consistent manner §Changes our behaviors §Gives people something to say

25 Key Words and Actions §Answering Telephones §Elevators §Leaving a Patient Room §Visitors who are lost §Greetings §Privacy “Engage the patient, guests, and family!”

26 3 Things Employees Want In The Workplace …believe the organization has the right purpose …know that our jobs are worthwhile …feel that we make a difference We want the same things from our churches! We want to…

27 People want a place to BELONG !

28 Employee Opinion Results §Measure employee loyalty and attitude – Take the temperature of your organization! §Communicate the results – positive and negative – to every employee §Expect employees to play key roles in the solutions Would this be possible in our churches?

29 No Secrets We all want… §Information – what’s going on? §To know the direction and vision of the organization §Input §Tools and equipment to do our jobs §Rewards and recognition §To work well with co-workers – we don’t want to deal with problem co-workers

30 “One of employees’ biggest frustrations is when leadership won’t do anything about bad employees. It’s demoralizing.” Quint Studer

31 This means that we’re all accountable!

32 Are Tennessee Christian Employees Renters or Owners ? Would you act differently if you owned your area? Are we owners or renters of our churches?

33 Organizational Alignment Defined Everything I say or do either helps or hurts Tennessee Christian as it seeks to fulfill its mission FINANCIALSERVICEQUALITYPEOPLEGROWTH

34 Why is Alignment Important? §Ensures that we’re all pulling in the same direction, toward the same goals §Makes sure that we’re all contributing to the mission of Tennessee Christian §Creates a sense of urgency in our work

35 Individual Accountability §I am responsible for my character, thoughts, and feelings, which govern my behavior §I choose my own attitude §I am responsible for how customers view Tennessee Christian through my behaviors

36 Individual Accountability §I am responsible to put myself in my customers’ shoes §I must choose to focus on the customer’s need before my own task §I choose to seek opportunities to be helpful

37 Individual Accountability §I will never receive a second chance to make a good first impression §I understand that my behavior speaks louder than my words

38 MOMENTS OF TRUTH Any episode in which a customer comes in contact with any part of your organization and uses that contact to make a judgment about your organization.

39 What am I Going to do?  What can I do to improve service in my department? § What could I do to “WOW” my customers? § What bad habits do I now have that are impacting my ability to give “extraordinary” service?

40 Communication Tips §Talk positively about Tennessee Christian §Talk positively about your department §Talk positively about your co-workers §Avoid gossip and destructive rumors §Ask how you can be helpful §Seek feedback on your performance

41 Communication Tips §Compliment others freely §Become known for being friendly §Never let great work go unnoticed §SMILE !

42 Recognize and Reward Success §Creates “real-life” examples §Reinforces behavior in star employees §Shows people how they can make a difference §Creates more leaders in the process of creating customer loyalty §Creates more best people! Shining Stars!

43 Beginning to Recognize Others §People like specific feedback §Complimented and recognized behavior will be repeated §It is okay to be uncomfortable as you begin to compliment

44 Quint Studor’s Model of Understanding Change §Believe §Decide §Act §Results §Understanding

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