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Patient Satisfaction Sharon Conner MSN, RN, CMSRN Integris Health NLO.

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1 Patient Satisfaction Sharon Conner MSN, RN, CMSRN Integris Health NLO

2 Patient Satisfaction Patient Satisfaction Service Standards –Our vision for patient satisfaction is to create a culture where we treat each other and the people we serve as welcomed guests by following our values of love, learn and lead. We will:

3 Patient Satisfaction Make a positive impression –Demonstrate a professional image –Maintain a safe and clean environment –Choose to have a positive attitude each day –Speak positively about our facility, customers, co- workers –Treat others with dignity and respect –Adhere to ethical principles and business practices –Respect individual and cultural differences –Use good elevator manners

4 Patient Satisfaction Anticipate the wants and needs of our customers –Understand the needs of our customers –Address unique needs- cultural, spiritual, language, physical challenges –Recognize non-verbal cues that others need assistance –Communicate frequently during wait times –Escort patients/visitors to their destinations –Address the education, comfort and privacy needs of patients –Scan patient environment and take appropriate action with ever customer –Use service recovery to make amends when expectations are not met

5 Patient Satisfaction Listen and Respond –Respond promptly –Introduce ourselves and others –Listen first to understand a person’s words, intent and feeling without interrupting –Clarify needs with more questions if necessary –Make eye contact. Convey attentiveness and concern –Be courteous, smile –Use the person’s name –Build a sense of trust by following through on commitments

6 Patient Satisfaction Communicate Compassionately and Effectively –Select time, location and people appropriate to the topic –Use easily understood and appropriate language –Be prepared with the information needed prior to beginning any conversations –Share the patient’s likes/dislikes when transferring care to another provider –Maintain privacy and confidentially –Use key words at key times

7 Patient Satisfaction Inform and Educate Our Patients –Inform about care and treatment on a regular basis –Encourage questions about care –Prepare for possible discomfort, noise, waiting –Explain the care to be provided –Round systematically and often to assess and meet needs

8 Patient Satisfaction Promote Culture of Cooperation and Teamwork –Seek opportunities to improve skills needed –Know department/facility policies, goals, and initiatives –Act as resource to solve problems –Act as teacher and role model –Communicate clearly and positively with co-works

9 Patient Satisfaction How is Patient Satisfaction Measured –INTEGRIS Health sends a patient satisfaction survey to every patient after they are discharged. The survey asks: –Skill of the nurse –Attention to special/personal needs –Friendliness/courteousness of the staff –Nurses attitude toward requests –Nurses kept you informed –Staff worked together to care for you

10 Example of HCAP Survey

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