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Industry Internship “Skill Acquisition” Tamer Zakaria, HR Consultant Instructor of Hospitality Management Faculty Member of the American Hotel & Lodging.

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2 Industry Internship “Skill Acquisition” Tamer Zakaria, HR Consultant Instructor of Hospitality Management Faculty Member of the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute

3 Session Rules Industry Internship Tamer Zakaria 2 12 345 Late persons are not accepted Be on time Mobiles Off/Silent Participate Respect 67 8 Semi-formal dress No besides talking Have fun! Agreements

4 Program Description The program is designed to provide students the skills they need to excel in hospitality practical life. Industry Internship Tamer Zakaria 3

5 Program Objectives By the end of the program, you will be able to: Use the “GOLDEN RULE” in hospitality business. Practice good manners. Practice the spirit of hospitality. Apply rules of etiquette and courtesy. Speak effectively. Listen actively. Foster team spirit. Industry Internship Tamer Zakaria 4

6 Continued Present maturity. Project professional image. Demonstrate a propensity to trust. Encourage hospitality business commitment. Take responsibility for results. Deliver service promise. Show initiative. Industry Internship Tamer Zakaria 5

7 Program Contents This program is divided into seven modules: Module 1- Service Culture. Module 2- Spirit of Hospitality. Module 3- Etiquette & Courtesy. Module 4- Building Trust. Module 5- Achieving High Performance. Module 4- Interpersonal Communication Skills: - Active Listening skills. - Effective Speaking skills. - Writing skills. - Public speaking skills. - Nonverbal communication skills (Body Language). Industry Internship Tamer Zakaria 6

8 Continued Module 7- Business Communication Skills: - Presentation skills. - Business Acumen: the Language of Benefits. - Organizational communication skills. Industry Internship Tamer Zakaria 7

9 GOLDEN RULE Industry Internship Tamer Zakaria 8 from Commitment comes High Performance from High Performance comes Excellence from Trust comes Commitment from Self-esteem comes Trust

10 Module 1 Service Culture 9 Industry Internship Tamer Zakaria

11 Module 1 Outline What Is SERVICE? PERFECT Model. Creating a Service Culture. The Secret of QUALITY SERVICE. The Concept of SERVICE. Service Promise. Moments of Truth. Wow Factor. Meeting & Exceeding Expectations. Hospitality Business. Industry Internship Tamer Zakaria 10

12 Continued Business Acumen. Show Businesslike Appearance. Mental Hygiene. Industry Internship Tamer Zakaria 11

13 What Is SERVICE? Industry Internship Tamer Zakaria 12 R eaching out to every guest with hospitality V iewing every guest as special E xcellence in everything we do I nviting guest to return C reate a warm atmosphere S mile for everyone S mile for everyone E ye contact that shows we care

14 PERFECT Model Industry Internship Tamer Zakaria 13 R eflecting a genuine interest F ollowing standards E nsuring pleasant atmosphere E liminating each guest complaint professionally C ontinuing care P utting guests first T eamwork

15 Industry Internship Tamer Zakaria 14 Internal Quality Drives Employees Satisfaction Guest Loyalty Drives Profitability & Growth Employee Satisfaction Drives Retention & Productivity Employee Retention & Productivity Drives Service Value Guest Satisfaction Drives Guest Loyalty Service Value Drives Guest Satisfaction Creating A Service Culture

16 The Secret of QUALITY SERVICE Quality is the consistent delivery of products and services according to expected standards. Service is the process of helping guests by addressing their wants and needs with respect and dignity in a timely manner. Industry Internship Tamer Zakaria 15

17 The Concept of SERVICE Build the guests’ perception of value. Look at service as a performance directed at satisfying the need of guests. Good Service is meeting guests’ needs in the way that they want and expect them to be met. Superior service means exceeding guest expectations. Industry Internship Tamer Zakaria 16

18 Service Promise Industry Internship Tamer Zakaria 17 12 345 Take pride in your work Make extra efforts to provide enjoyable service Be always enthusiastic Deliver more than your promise Greet every guest with a friendly smile 67 8 Give every guest an undivided attention Leave everything when recognizing a guest Give every guest the feeling you are only here for him/her Delivering on the Service Promise

19 Moments of Truth Moments of trust is any time that a guest has an opportunity to form an impression about the operation. Industry Internship Tamer Zakaria 18

20 Wow Factor Wow factor is the feeling guests have when they receive or experience an unanticipated extra as they interact with the operation. Industry Internship Tamer Zakaria 19

21 Meeting & Exceeding Expectations Industry Internship Tamer Zakaria 20 12 345 The 5 Expectations Friendliness Professional Appearance Courtesy Concern Flexibility

22 Industry Internship Tamer Zakaria 21 Survival Depends on: Providing Value for Guests Hospitality Business Success Depends on: Increasing your Guests’ perceptions of the Value you are providing to them

23 Industry Internship Tamer Zakaria 22 Show Positive Facial Expression Practice Professional Demeanor Be Business – Oriented Build Repeat Business Be Empathetic Control the Messages you Send Move with Confidence Business Acumen

24 Show Businesslike Appearance Industry Internship Tamer Zakaria 23 Show true believe in your product Acknowledge returning guests Ending on a positive note Professional You are an official representative of the company Be enthusiastic even when feeling low Never neglect the importance of punctuality

25 Mental Hygiene Like yourself. Accept your responsibility. Take life’s disappointments in stride. Profit from your mistakes. Forget the past and look to the future optimistically. Welcome new experiences and ideas. Try being tolerant and easy going with others. Give your best effort to whatever you do. Industry Internship Tamer Zakaria 24

26 Continued Neither underestimate or overestimate your abilities. Like and trust others and take for granted they will like and trust you. Act positively on each problem as it arises. Industry Internship Tamer Zakaria 25

27 Module 2 Spirit of Hospitality Industry Internship Tamer Zakaria 26

28 Module 2 Outline What is HOSPITALITY? Guests: What Do They Want? Spirit of Hospitality. Industry Internship Tamer Zakaria 27

29 What is HOSPITALITY? HOSPITALITY is a Cordial Reception and Dealing with Anyone Industry Internship Tamer Zakaria 28

30 Industry Internship Tamer Zakaria 29 H O SPI Outstanding Performance Honesty Special Touches Pleasant Atmosphere Initiative T A LIT Attentiveness Tactful Manner Legendary Service Innovation Team Spirit HOSPITALITY Y Yes, We Can

31 Guests: What Do They Want? Exercise Industry Internship Tamer Zakaria 30

32 Spirit of Hospitality Industry Internship Tamer Zakaria 31 SP IRI SPIRIT P ut guests first S eek out what your guests really want I gnore distractions R each beyond expectations I nvest in yourself T T eam up with co – workers

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