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The Beauty of Change WRSU Customer Service. Basic Customer Service Communication Other Languages.

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1 The Beauty of Change WRSU Customer Service

2 Basic Customer Service Communication Other Languages

3 Foreword This training has information about how you can help our organization achieve a high level of satisfaction and loyalty among all the people it serves. This training will help you with basic information about providing good customer service, communication and proper use of other languages.

4 Objectives Participant will; Demonstrate positive customer service skills Identify different impacts of negative and positive customer service Be able to demonstrate effective communication strategies Know when and how to use your language appropriately

5 Your Cascading Role Dr. Yvette Roubideaux, IHS Director Dorothy Dupree, Phoenix Area Director Kathleen Sebelius, DHHS Director President Barack Obama Michelle Martinez, WRSU CEO WRSU Department Director WRSU Department Supervisor

6 Evaluation & Accreditation Customer Service also effects evaluation and accreditation.

7 Each employee is responsible to project a positive image of the Indian Health Service. Each employee is responsible to project a positive image of the Indian Health Service. YouYou help improve customer service. help improve customer service. help improve customer satisfaction. help improve customer satisfaction. help bridge communication gaps. help bridge communication gaps. are important. are important. You count and You can make a difference.You count and You can make a difference.

8 everyone is a unique and valued individual. Each employee is responsible to project a positive image of the Indian Health Service.

9 Treat Customers with Courtesy and Respect Bring a Caring and Concerned Attitude Concerned Attitude to Work (Empathy) Provide Prompt and Efficient Response to Customers Needs to Customers Needs and Requests and Requests Communicate Effectively; without Bias, Stereotype or Other Demeaning or Hostile Emotion Other Demeaning or Hostile Emotion

10 Poor Customer Service = Negative Impacts EMPLOYEES Poor Attitudes Poor Attitudes Absenteeism Absenteeism Poor Performance Poor Performance Lack of Communication Lack of Communication Low Morale Low Morale No Teamwork No Teamwork Emotional Outbursts Emotional Outbursts Poor Cooperation Poor CooperationCUSTOMERS Less Return Customers Less Return Customers Poor Satisfaction Poor Satisfaction Complaints / Lawsuits Complaints / Lawsuits Bad Public Image Bad Public Image Less Money Less Money Lack of Diversity Lack of Diversity Poor Communication Poor Communication Feel Worse Feel Worse Loss of Trust Loss of Trust

11 Positive Customer Service = Positive Impacts EMPLOYEES Better Health Better Health Positive Attitude Positive Attitude Boosts Morale Boosts Morale Supports Teamwork Supports Teamwork Fewer Missed Days Fewer Missed Days Enhanced Diversity Enhanced Diversity Positive Communication Positive Communication CUSTOMERS CUSTOMERS More Return Customers More Return Customers Loyalty Loyalty Increased Satisfaction Increased Satisfaction More Recommendations More Recommendations Fewer Complaints/Lawsuits Fewer Complaints/Lawsuits Better Health Better Health Better Public Image Better Public Image More Money More Money Supports Diversity Supports Diversity Improved Communication Improved Communication

12 It is not hard to provide good customer service when we live it.

13 The challenge comes when times get tough. At the end of the day when all is said and done ask yourself; Did I do my best? Did I help people? Did I make someone happy today? What can I do better tomorrow?


15 Communication is the key to excellent …... Customer Service

16 What Is Communication? The Way We Exchange Information Access to Better Understanding Customers Speaking / Writing / Behavior Mutual Understanding More Than Just Words

17 You help to provide excellent customer service by using effective communication skills. Be respectful and effective with everyone Understand Your Customers Create Win / Win Solutions

18 Biased or Preconceived? Recognize and become aware of your own personal biases. Make a conscious choice not to be biased. Move past stereotypes.

19 When you hit a bumpy road……. 1.Listen to Your Customer 2.Remain Professional 3.Keep Your Environment Professional 4.Show Empathy 5.Remove Negative or Hostile Emotions 6.Know How to Interact with Your Customers 7.Problem Solve 8.Satisfy The Customer – Are They Happy When They Leave?

20 Did my customer understand? Am I biased when I communicate? How can I communicate differently so that my customers are satisfied? Communication is more than just words. Ask yourself those tough questions about your communication style.

21 Poor Communication Hinder Relationships Decrease Cooperation Effect your ability to lead or influence others Cause hurt feelings Low morale, teamwork & productivity Drive customers away. Hurt the organizations image. Create a hostile environment.

22 Accept Feedback: Give some sign that you are open to input by listening. Recognize the negative or positive impact of your communication Apologize: Say Im Sorry or I apologize and do so sincerely. Ask Questions for Clarification: Adjust/Change: State or demonstrate what you will do differently. Good Customer Service Skills Good Customer Service Skills


24 Languages Languages are an important part of communication. They allow us to give more meaningful care to our customers.

25 Although English is the official language of Indian Health Services, the population we serve speaks many languages. Diversity of language is important to us because there are times when we need those languages to enhance the services we are providing to customers. We Are Diverse

26 When should I use my language? To bridge the gap by translating and allowing people to better understand each others needs Assist customers with questions, misunderstood information and to calm or reassure customers with fears Help every customer know what is said Respectfully address customers language needs

27 I should not use my language to …… Gossip while on duty Get the final word in a disagreement Prevent another customer from knowing what is being said Nickname Encourage or participate in speaking against another employees professional treatment

28 In Conclusion

29 Dr. Roubideaux has said How we treat our customers is a big deal and How we treat each other is a big deal We want WRSU to be a great place to work. You can help to get it out that we are here to serve the community with excellent service each and every time they come.

30 Our Goal For Whiteriver Service Unit to be known as a healthy, caring, positive and professional organization.

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