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Relentless Rounding for Outcomes

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1 Relentless Rounding for Outcomes
The Key to Staff Engagement

2 Leadership Is Key

3 1 6 2 7 3 8 4 9 5 5 Commit to Excellence Build Individual
Accountability 2 Measure the Important Things 7 Align Behavior with Goals & Values 3 Build a Culture Around Service Communicate at All Levels 8 4 Create and Develop Great Leaders 9 Reward & Recognize Success 5 Focus on Employee Satisfaction 5

4 Purpose, worthwhile work and making a difference
Healthcare Flywheel® • Prescriptive To Do’s Rounding • Bottom Line Results Purpose, worthwhile work and making a difference Tell Mr. May’s story – briefly… with HUMOR. BIG Hair Perm The one he liked most was the one I chose for Marty. • Self-Motivation

5 When Staff is Engaged… Bottom Line Results Prescriptive To Do’s
(Transparency and Accountability) Prescriptive To Do’s Purpose, worthwhile work and making a difference Self-Motivation

6 OU Medicine’s Pillar Goals
Education Research People Quality Service Growth Finance Strive to develop the highest quality medical education programs for all levels of learners Advance medical and scientific knowledge through basic, translational, and clinical research Instill and reinforce standards of behavior that will attract, develop and retain outstanding staff, physicians, faculty and students Strive to be among the highest ranked health care providers by both regulatory and health care scoring systems Promote consistently positive experiences for our patients, staff and community Grow the enterprise to better serve patients and physicians and support the fundamental missions of teaching and research Preserve a focus of fiscal responsibility and multidisciplinary planning All programs meet or exceed national benchmarks Increase COM class size by 15% by 2010 Submit CTSA application by October 2008 Increase sponsored research by 8% Reduce COM turnover rate by 5% Maintain a voluntary turnover rate of 18% or less at OUP and OUMC Maintain or achieve top 10% in publicly reported JCAHO Core Measures Improve ease of obtaining test results to 50th percentile OUP : > 89.5 Improve patient satisfaction scores across the enterprise: OUMC to 2nd quartile Overall score of > 3.51 OUP to 50th percentile Adult: > 92.1 Children’s: > 89.5 Increase inter- departmental and physician satisfaction scores by 2 ½% Grow overall OU Medicine market share by 0.5% Grow hospital admissions by 3% Grow clinic visits by 4% OUMC: Increase net income before taxes by 7.44% over pre-tax net income OUP: Increase payments by 5% COM: All departments should meet cash reserve goals and have overall operating margin of 5%

7 Passion and Prescriptives

8 Patients NEED Retained Staff: Not just in hospital settings
How does this relate To non-nursing areas? * Average Length of Stay Source: VHA, 2001

9 Increased Decreased Benefits from Rounding Return on Investment
Employee satisfaction Retention Patient safety Patient satisfaction Departmental efficiency Ownership Decreased Turnover

10 Questions Studer Group Q1 Q2 Q3
12 Key Questions for Employee Retention and Development: Questions Studer Group Q1 Do I know what is expected of me at work? Selection and the First 90 Days Rounding for Outcomes Leader / Employee Evaluations High, Middle & Low Performers Agendas by Pillars Employee Forums Communication Boards Q2 Do I have the materials and equipment I need to do my work right? Q3 At work, do I have the opportunity to do what I do best everyday? Key Words at Key Times Bright Ideas Program Service Team Involvement Employee Attitude Surveys

11 Questions Studer Group Q9 Q10 Q11 Q12
12 Key Questions for Employee Retention and Development: Questions Studer Group Q9 Are my co-workers committed to doing quality work? Rounding for Outcomes Selection and the First 90 Days Key Words at Key Times High, Middle & Low Performers Bright Ideas Program Service Team Involvement Q10 Do I have a best friend at work? Service Excellence Teams Q11 In the last six months, has someone talked with me about my progress? Employee Thank You Notes Leader / Employee Evaluations Q12 This last year, have I had opportunities at work to learn and grow?

12 Types of Rounds Senior Leader Rounds
Rounding in your own area- employee rounding. All leaders round on their direct reports. No delegating Support Department Rounding- Internal Customers. Can be delegated

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