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Easy As A-B-C TECHNOLOGY AND RETENTION George Carbart, William Haun, Neil Keith, and Janice Thiel St. Petersburg College, FL

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1 Easy As A-B-C TECHNOLOGY AND RETENTION George Carbart, William Haun, Neil Keith, and Janice Thiel St. Petersburg College, FL

2 I.INTRODUCTION Background and Purpose of the progress Report Faculty Demo Development & Implementation Mentors Demo (counselor/advisor) Administrative Demo (reports) Outcomes & Results (Spring 2004 & Fall 2004)

3 I.INTRODUCTION Lessons Learned Other Technical & Retention initiatives Questions and Answers

4 II.Background & Purpose What is the eProgress system? It is an electronic system used to monitor students academic progress and increase students course completion, retention and graduation rates. SSS/B2B previously used a Card Stock paper version of this report.

5 II.Background & Purpose Faculty members requested some type of electronic system be used. Reports go out around 5 th week. Paper version took about 2 weeks longer to be returned to counselors. Paper version sometimes got lost. Reports and data are harder to track using the paper version.

6 III.FACULTY DEMO Imagine youre a faculty member who is asked to do PRs for multiple students each session (e.g., shuffling papers, interoffice mail, etc.) Well now see a demo on how faculty members enter this information

7 III.FACULTY DEMO Here is the eProgress Report email an Instructor would receive mail.cfm?inst_id=185614 mail.cfm?inst_id=185614

8 IV.Development and Implementation Needed to sell our Instructional Tech dept on idea in order to task people/resources to this project Started with idea to keep this as easy as possible for faculty (e-mail based, no user-name / password, etc.) Marketing & Training efforts: –Faculty training at faculty meetings –Presentations at Admin staff mtgs –Support of program directors (e.g. Math, Communications, etc.) was critical to success…they pushed this with their faculty –Training of mentors/advisors w/ Demo

9 IV.Development and Implementation Collaboration from Faculty, SSS Counselor-In-Charge, SSS Project Director, Instructional Technologist, Technical Design Specialist. Software Design/Programming Details (by William Haun) Please refer to the Geek Sheet in your packet

10 IV.Development and Implementation Relationships for sss_acadprog_demo

11 V.Mentor Demo Mentor Functions Monitor their students progress throughout their involvement in the program Download all their students Progress Reports as Excel spreadsheets Follow up on Reports immediately after they are submitted by faculty Add comments to Reports Keep track of which ones they have reviewed with students

12 V.Mentor Demo Mentor Functions (cont.) Print reports that were not submitted electronically Manually enter results of reports that are submitted on paper For a narrated demo of the Mentor side of this system, please go to mentordemo.html or see the CD-ROM in your information packet mentordemo.html

13 VI.Administrative Demo Admin Functions Launch reports once a session Add/Edit Mentors and assign permissions Monitor all students progress throughout their involvement in all the programs Edit or Delete Students, Courses, or Instructors Upload Batches of Students and their Courses each session from a CSV file provided by PeopleSoft

14 VI.Administrative Demo Admin Functions Edit, Preview, and Launch a Heads-Up Enrollment notice email eadsupemail.htm eadsupemail.htm Edit and Preview the eProgress Report Notification email with link for faculty Print instructors unsubmitted reports in bulk for snail- mail For a narrated demo of the Administrative side, go to dmindemo.html or see the CD-ROM in your information packet dmindemo.html

15 VI.Administrative Demo Accurate and up-to-date reports. Reminder e-mail to all faculty to return their reports (after 2 wks). Discussing eProgress reports with Department Heads and other SPC Administrators. Run or Sort reports in various ways. (Cohort groups, course, etc).

16 VI.Administrative Demo Ability to Launch several reports again. (remediation courses only). Another way to communicate with SPC Faculty. Another way to promote your students and program.

17 VII.Outcomes / Results Spring 2004 and Fall 2004 Card Stock paper e-progress report for grades C or lower Increase faculty e-mail addresses Takes less than 1 minute to complete and return to SSSP for one student Faster turn-around time Increase in student academic awareness Increase in Faculty/SSSP Collaboration

18 VII.Outcomes / Results Increase in retention from Spring 2004 to Summer 2004 by 5% Decrease in course withdrawals from Spring 2004 and Fall 2004 Improved academic advisement Increased student early registration Improved communications between SSS mentor and students Improved student recruitment

19 VII.Outcomes / Results Spring 2004Fall 2004 Enrolled 364Enrolled 386 Launched 1214Launched 1061 Received 794Received 624 or 65% or 58% Reviewed 466Reviewed 284 or 59% or 45% Totals: Enrolled 750, Launched 2275, Received from instructors 1418 (or 62%) Reviewed by mentors 750 (or 52%)

20 VIII. Lessons Learned After first launch, faculty feedback led to creation of the Heads-Up Enrollment Notice (e-mailed to instructors during first week) league2004/headsupemail.htm league2004/headsupemail.htm A valuable by-product of this project was better relationships between faculty & student services

21 VIII. Lessons Learned On the Technical side: Scalability, Scalability, Scalability Ability to easily customize report questions Allows addition of other programs Develop more universal launching system

22 VIII. Lessons Learned The ideal would be a system that different programs could use yet had one central login area for instructors. eProgress Reports placed more demands on mentors, as more reports are immediately available, also they need to check for reports* * Athletics Department added automatic emails to Coaches on low performance

23 VIII. Lessons Learned Other Applications of an eProgress Report System* Athletics Tutoring Services Title III Early Alert Program *see Other SPC Programs that are Implementing eProgress Report Systems sheet in your information packet

24 IX. Other Tech/Retention Initiatives ACCUTRACK – provides data on student traffic flow into office SSS Web Site – A One-stop info resource for scholarships, careers, study skills, and university transfer

25 IX. Other Tech/Retention Initiatives SSS Alumni Transfer Network – Bios of alumni students transfer experience to University On-line College Student Inventory (Noel-Levitz) – Assesses college- readiness of new students

26 X. Questions and Answers George CarbartNeil Keith (727) 341-3527 (727) 341-3528 Student Support ServicesStudent Support Services Janice Thiel William Haun (727) 341-3519 (727) 394-6173 Web & Inst. Tech. Services View this presentation online at: SSS website: WITS website:

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