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An advanced testing, recording, and evaluation tool for online training and performance evaluation. RoboTutor Software, 8980 Cheshire Drive, Sandy, Utah.

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2 An advanced testing, recording, and evaluation tool for online training and performance evaluation. RoboTutor Software, 8980 Cheshire Drive, Sandy, Utah Phone:

3 Creates, imports, and/or edits online tests Displays instructional material Grades learner performance on tests Interactively tutors learners Displays individual and group records Provides learning games Keeps & displays student records Creates teacher/administrator reports Produces administrative summaries

4 Any number of employees and supervisors can log-in and use RoboTutor at the same time. Employees go directly to the Student Menu where they can view course materials, tutorials, games, and tests created by their instructors. Administrators can create tests, import training materials, track students in certification programs, or generate individual and group reports.

5 RoboTutor does not create the learning materials. It links to them. The learning materials can be in any format: PowerPoint, Flash, HTML, Word, etc. RoboTutor creates the menus, the tests, the training exercises, the records, and the reports. RoboTutor can optionally link into other training databases or employee lists and record data or verify names.

6 Teachers can supply their own questions or copy them from the Test Bank. They can give their tests almost any look they want.

7 Any test can be turned into a tutorial where questions are graded 1 at a time and tutorial help is provided with each question.

8 The Academic Olympics Game converts any test into a fun game for students to play. There are 5 themes and up to 8 students per terminal. The Venture Game plays like Jeopardy and combines multiple tests. Comparisons between classes and schools are possible.

9 There are 8 records and reports which users can access. They can view test results from their own test area and all areas below themselves.

10 1.Group Tracking Records: Lists multiple tests & students who took them.Group Tracking Records 2.Individual Tracking Records: Lists tests taken by an individual student.Individual Tracking Records 3.Question Analysis Report: Lists test questions and how many students answered each option.Question Analysis Report 4.Test Analysis Report: Lists students for specific tests with dates, times, right, wrong & scores. It optionally includes complete student responses to essay and fill-in-the-blank questionsTest Analysis Report 5.Group Profile Analysis: Produces a summary report of how selective groups of students performed on tests in comparison to each other.Group Profile Analysis 6.Student Comments: Lists all comments entered by students when taking selected tests.Student Comments 7.Print Tests and Answers: Creates randomly generated tests that can be printed with answer sheets and headings so students can take them in the classroom.Print Tests and Answers 8.Display Test Setup: Displays how a test is setup with a list of all questions and answers.Display Test Setup

11 Teachers can create or modify any number of tests in their own test area. Tests can also be imported from the Test Bank or from an external Access database. Custom menus are created here for the students.

12 1.List/Edit Tests: Select this option if you want to edit or display tests you have already created in this Test Area.List/Edit Tests 2.Create a New Test: Select this option is you want to create a new test in this Test Area.Create a New Test 3.Import Tests: This option lets you import one or more tests from the Test Bank or a RoboTutor Access test database.Import Tests 4.Export Tests: This option lets you export one or more of your tests from the SQL database to a RoboTutor Access test database.Export Tests 5.Custom Student Menus: This option lets you create a custom student menu with both test and/or training materials links. It also lets you upload new training materials such as HTML, Word, or small PowerPoint documents.Custom Student Menus

13 1. Multiple Choice - 1 correct 2. Multiple Choice - 2 or more correct 3. Multiple Choice – Drop-down Menu 4. True – False 5. Fill-in-the-blank 6. Essay 7. Identify components in a picture (max=10) 8. Match up words and definitions (max=10) 9. Set the sequential/logical order (max=10) 10. Sliding continuum (5 options)

14 There are 8 special features in Student Administration that allow teachers to perform administrative functions for their students.

15 1. Add New Student Record: Add a new student and personal data to this Test Area.Add New Student Record 2. Edit, Delete, or Merge Records: Edit, delete, or merge records for any student in this Test Area..Edit, Delete, or Merge Records 3. Tracking & Transcripts: Produce a report that displays tests taken by a specific student.Tracking & Transcripts 4. Certification Programs: Create or edit Certification Programs, as well as add, edit, or read the student records for any Certification Program.Certification Programs 5. Restrict Student Access: Restrict access by specified students to designated tests, web pages, or time slots.Restrict Student Access 6. Custom Score Tests: Change the scores a student received for specific questions in any test.Custom Score Tests 7. Certificates & Awards: Produce a custom designed certificate for test results in this Test Area.Certificates & Awards 8. Import Student Records: Import records from an ASCII text file or a RoboTutor Access student database.Import Student Records

16 This is where Administrators setup new Users, navigate to lower levels, or create user access codes in optional pay-per-test configurations. There can be any number of Test Areas with their own User Names and Passwords.

17 Administrators can setup user hierarchies where each level can see tests and records of all levels below itself, but not parallel or above. Here levels can be assigned access rights to various parts of the application. A Test Bank lets users copy tests from one level to another.

18 If you would like to try RoboTutor, here are some options: The RoboTutor website ( lets you tryout RoboTutor10 without any commitment or cost. You can create your own sample tutorials, games, surveys, & tests. You can call RoboTutor and ask to set you up with full access rights for a free trial. Phone:

19 To view the complete RoboTutor 10 manual, click Manual. To view a tutorial of the RoboTutor application which shows all its many features, click Tutorial. RoboTutor Software, 8980 Cheshire Drive, Sandy, Utah Phone: Manual Tutorial

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