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Science in our World. Science starts with a Question.

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1 Science in our World

2 Science starts with a Question

3 Answering Questions Research –Textbooks, encyclopedias, internet, magazines, etc Observation –Using our senses-smell, touch, hear, see, taste Experimentation –Controlled experiment-tests one factor at a time Variable-changing a factor is the variable

4 Scientific Method PHPRC Problem or Purpose- what you want to find out Hypothesis- guess at the results Procedure-steps to follow to solve the problem –Materials-Tools we need to do the experiment –Observation-using your senses to solve the problem Results –Qualitative-description-red, made of wood –Quantitative-numbers- 3 feet long Conclusion-Summarizing your results

5 Review Questions 1. Science always starts with a _________. 2. When you use your senses you are making an ____. 3. The first step of the scientific method is _______. 4. Rita has on a red shirt. a. Qualitative observation b. Quantitative observation 5. The summarizing of your results in the experiment is called the ____________.

6 Review Answers 1.Question 2.Observation 3.Problem or purpose 4.Qualitative 5. Conclusion

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