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Scientific Method Vocabulary

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1 Scientific Method Vocabulary

2 Science: Knowledge about the natural world derived from observations and experiments. The purpose of science is to make discoveries about the world around us.

3 Observation: Using your 5 senses: seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, touching. Inference: These are attempts to explain or make sense of observations. An inference has a cause and effect in it.

4 Controlled Experiment:
An experiment in which variables are controlled to make results reliable and the experiment fair. You attempt to control every variable except one.

5 Qualitative Observations:
Do not involve numbers or measurement. (bigger/smaller, color, yes/no) Quantitative Observation: Do involve numbers or measurement. (3 mL, 4 cm, 6 pieces)

6 Prediction: Telling about something in advance. Hypothesis: An assumption to be tested. A statement that needs to be proven. Investigative Questions: Scientific questions that ask: why, what if, when, how, and can it happen again.

7 Talk to your partner… What is the difference between a prediction and a hypothesis? What is the difference between an observation and an inference? After discussing each question, write your answers on the back of your notes.

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