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Scientific Method.

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1 Scientific Method

2 #1. Making Observations Using all 5 of your senses to gather information (sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste). The information you collect (facts, measurements, etc.) is called data.

3 #2. Asking questions I wonder…? What if…? How come…? Why…?

4 #3. Make a hypothesis Hypothesis is a possible answer to your question. Hypothesis must be TESTABLE. Hypothesis might be right or it might be wrong.

5 #4. Experiment DO SCIENCE! Test your hypothesis Make observations
Collect data

6 Variables Manipulated variable The ONE variable that you change.
Responding variable What you are measuring or observing. Controls Everything you are keeping the same Keeping the experiment FAIR!

7 #5. Conclusion Answer the question.
Start over with a new experiment if you can’t answer the question.

8 #6. Communicate Tell other scientists what you learned.

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