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Co - Teaching Presented by : Ministry of Education

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1 Co - Teaching Presented by : Ministry of Education
Al-Farwaniya Educational Area Hajar Inter. School For Girls Co - Teaching Presented by : ELT: Mrs. Hana'a Hussein ELT: Mrs. Azza Ahmed ELT: Mrs. Eman Abd Al-Moniem ELT: Miss Safeya Al-A'bed ELT Supervisor : Mr. Hassan Suliman School Principal : Mrs. Laila Al-Obaidan

2 The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances. If there is any reaction, both are transformed . Carl Jung

3 No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.
John Donne

4 It is through cooperation, rather than conflict, that your greatest successes will be derived !
Ralph Charell

5 Only strength can cooperate. Weakness can only beg.
Dwight D. Eisenhower

6 What Is Co-Teaching To You?
Have you experienced Co-Teaching in your schools ? What are your experiences with this term ?

7 What is Co-Teaching?





12 What is Co-Teaching? Co-teaching is a method of teaching where two or more professionals work together in the same classroom to meet the needs of all students, not just special education students. Co-teachers use and share each other’s personal strengths and knowledge to ensure success for all students. 12

13 What is Co-Teaching? Co-teaching is a shared process of instruction , planning and evaluation . Co teaching is a creative way to connect with and support others to help all the children learn . Co teaching is a way to make schools more effective .

14 What is Co-Teaching? Co-teaching is a fun way for students to learn from two or more people who may have different ways of thinking or teaching . ** Likened to a professional marriage: trust, sharing chores ,communication, problem-solving in a constructive manner .

15 What Co-Teaching Is Not ?
One person teaching a subject followed by another who teaches a different subject . One person teaching a subject while the other prepares materials . One person teaching while others watch . Simply assigning someone to be a tutor .

Common agreed upon goal . Shared belief system . Parity : each teacher uses unique knowledge and talents . Distributed function theory of leadership . Cooperative Process: Includes ** face-to face interaction ** positive interdependence ** interpersonal skills ** monitoring ** accountability

17 Before You begin Co-Teaching

18 Before You Begin Co-Teaching
Meet with your co-teacher to discuss the following: Strengths and weaknesses Goals for the classroom Pet peeves . Classroom management and instructional styles Dividing responsibilities should be a joint decision. **This is a growing process. **Don’t expect it to work successfully or smoothly immediately. **Be Patient ! 18

19 Before You Begin Co-Teaching
Discipline policy and strategies for specific students Think about each expects and wants to take in each area of the classroom Modifications you as a team expect to accomplish and provide Get to know your co-teacher

20 Co-Teaching Models

21 Co-Teaching Models Supportive Teaching : One teacher takes lead instructional role and the other rotates among students to provide support .

22 Co- Teaching Models Parallel Teaching : Two or more people work with different groups in the classroom .

23 Co- Teaching Models Alternative Teaching : One teacher works with a large group while the other teacher is working with a small group of students.

24 Co- Teaching Models Team Teaching : Two people share in planning, teaching and assessing all students in the classroom .

25 Co- Teaching Models Station Teaching : Teachers divide instructional content into several segments and present the content in separate stations around the classroom.


27 Positive Aspects of Co-Teaching
Support between teachers to work through problems . Students benefit from different styles and different ways to think through material . Someone to back you up if a problem arises . 27

28 Positive Aspects of Co-Teaching
Easier to get to know the students . The other teacher can bring up or speak up with questions that students are having. There is someone there to run the class if an emergency pulls one out of the room. You’re not alone!


30 Negative Aspects Co-Teaching
The co-teacher is not comfortable teaching the core material. Personality clashes . Non-Willingness to work through differences of opinion . No common plan time . Undermining each other’s authority . Division of the responsibilities . 30

31 Solution to… The co-teacher is not comfortable teaching the core material. Tutor the co-teacher Re-evaluate roles Co-teacher takes notes during class and reviews with students Co-teacher can work with small groups of students Co-teacher can re-teach the material to students who were absent or have major misunderstandings 31

32 Solution to… Personality clashes Be upfront with each other .
Discuss ways to work professionally together . 32

33 Solution to… Non-Willingness to work through differences of opinion
Each person should explain their feelings through writing instead of a possible verbal confrontation . Find a common ground on anything and work from there . If all else fails, follow the chain of command: talk to mentor, department head, their department head, and as a last resort, an administrator . 33

34 Solution to… No common plan time
Finding time during school day, before or after school, or communication between individuals to discuss where you are, where you’ve been and where you would like to go. Each person should know what instruction is going to happen next class. Can often be done at the beginning of the year by creating an instruction time-line or outline of material being covered. 34

35 Solution to… Undermining each other’s authority
Be upfront with each other but still provide a unified front to the students . Try not to disagree in front of the students Have a discussion as soon as possible . Try to understand why the other did what they did . Discuss ahead of time how to deal with a disagreement before it happens . 35

36 Solution to… Division of the responsibilities
Review chart of possible Co-Teaching models . Remember no model is perfect, try adjusting a model to fit your unique needs . Don’t be afraid to change . Be flexible . 36

37 Points To Remember ** Keep Communication Alive .
** Understand the developmental nature of co-teaching relationships . ** Dare to have fun . ** Meet all students’ needs . ** Learn something new everyday .

38 Points To Remember ** Be willing to “ Give and Take ” . ** Co-Teaching is an experience that is as good as you allow it be . ** Do bear in mind the main focus of Co-Teaching is about what is best for the students, not always what is best for you . 38

39 References Lawton, M. (1999). Co-Teaching: Are Two Heads Better Than One in an Inclusion Classroom? Harvard Education Letter. Literature Review – Saskatchewan Ministry of Education Professional Development Modules Wagaman, J. (2008). Co-Teaching for Success with Special Needs Child – Teachers Working Together for Student Achievement.


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