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LS Retail Roadmap Ingvar Kristinsson, Managing Director LS Retail team.

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1 LS Retail Roadmap Ingvar Kristinsson, Managing Director LS Retail team

2 Background Development Plan

3 Landsteinar Strengur  One of the principal companies providing and developing retail and hospitality solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics  Working with retail since 1988  Certified world-wide by Navision in 1997  85 Employees solely working on basis of Microsoft Dynamics development  Member of Microsoft® President Club  Microsoft Business Solutions Global ISV of the Year 2005  Microsoft Dynamics Regional ISV Partner of the Year 2007 (EMEA)  LS Retail NAV - CfMD  Our Partner Network  75 certified partners  Representation in 51 countries

4 Further more  Beta tester on NAV 5.1  Technical Advisory Partner (TAP) AX 5.0  ISV Partner Advisory Council (ISV PAC)  Among first 6 ISV solution to become Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD)  Tested solution  Service program  More than 10 references  Updated on latest release  LS Aims to have LS Retail AX certified before end of year 2008

5 Product focus  LS Retail NAV  End to End rich of functionality  LS Easy Retail  LS Hospitality  LS Retail AX  Upper midsized market  BO/HO only – integrated to LS POS.NET  LS POS.NET  POS for AX and NAV from 5.1

6 LS Retail installation Total 2006 YTD 2007 Total To date Companies 133104960 Stores 3.7002.27015.400 Point of sale clients 10.3303.64035.300

7 LS Retail 2006 Revenue by territory

8 LS Retail market per vertical industry


10 Represented and localized countries  America  USA, Canada and Mexico  Scandinavia  Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Faeroe Islands, Iceland  North and Central Europe  UK, Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands  Eastern Europe  Hungary, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, the Ukraine, Baltic, Russia, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia  South Europe  Spain, Portugal, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus  Middle East  Dubai, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Qatar  Asia  Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia  India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Japan

11 Partner strategy  Focus on Retail and Microsoft platform  Not new unless it fit some gap/territory  Close relationship  Evaluation based on performance and activity  Revenue (Pipeline update and progress)  Certification  LS Retail Group for International projects/customers  One owners  One contact point for the customer

12 Development Our vision is to offer a dominant END To END Retail solution for various types of retailers based on the Microsoft Dynamics product line with the LS Retail product architecture and concept as the backbone.

13 All standard dataflow Product master POS settings Staff information Transactions Etc.. Instant transaction posting Centralized transaction suspension Customer validation Staff validation Floating staff Etc.. LS Retail architecture Update Service POS Data Director Transaction Service Transaction Service LS Retail NAV/AX LS Retail NAV/AX Data Director


15 LS Retail Advantage  One platform retail operation  Simple operation – low cost of ownership  Supports your business  Food, Fashion, DIY, Hospitality, Specialty  Information at your fingertips  Traceability from General Ledger to POS transactions  Integrated with Microsoft SharePoint, Outlook, Word and Excel  Simple integration with other Microsoft products

16 LS Retail Solution Overview  BackOffice  Item management, labeling, price control, barcoding, promotions  Customer and Vendor management  Concession - item, customer, vendors  Comprehensive analysis, reporting and accounting  InStore Management  Store inventory processes  Handheld support using batch or on-line  Point of Sale & Services  POS operations, cash management and CRM integration  Replication & Process Scheduling  Automation of data synchronisation between HQ, branch offices and stores

17 Point of Sale  LS – Point of Sale  Touch Screen  OPOS support  Keyboard Support  Multiple Interface Layouts  Samples included  User definable  Any Screen size  Multiple Languages  On buttons  By Staff  Multiple Hardware  Samples in Default  User definable  Graphics support  On Buttons  On Items  Multiple payments  In Currency  By Cards

18 Product focus General Merchandising Inventory Management Promotions Management Replenishment CRM integration Labor Management Business Intelligence

19 Add-on solution  Peocon  People counting  Handpoint  Handheld terminals  AGR  Inventory Optimiser  StoreVision  CCTV integration with LS POS  Pebblestone  Integration with Pebblestone Fashion

20 LS Retail current releases NAV LS Retail NAV 4.2 (on Dynamics NAV 4.0) LS Retail NAV 5.0 (on Dynamics NAV 5.0) AX LS Retail AX 3.5 (on Dynamics AX 3.0) LS Retail AX 4.1 (on Dynamics AX 4.0).NET LS POS.NET 5.2 (integrated with LS Retail AX 4.1)

21 LS Retail NAV 5.0 - highlights  In Store Management  Stock Count Requests  Dashboards  Store and HO  Cash Management  Support more advanced processes  Product Management  Item Import  Price Points and Rounding  Purchase Management  Buyer Groups, Profit goals, Contracts  Vendor Performance  Hospitality  Delivery, recipe

22 LS Retail AX main features  Retail item  Hierarchy, variants, item life cycle  Item import  Validation, calculation of price, price points etc.  Offer management  Discount offer, Multi buy, Mix & match  Budgeting  Sales and Purchase  Replenishment  Group, rules  Concession

23 LS POS.NET  A.NET POS fully integrated with LS Retail AX  Creating a powerful end-to-end retail solution  Adopting to the latest Microsoft platform  Visual Studio 2005  Programmed in C# (.NET)  SQL Express  WEPOS (Windows Embedded for Point of Service)

24 UI Components UI Process Components Data SourceServices Data Access Logic Data Access Logic Service Agents Application Settings Security Logging Business Entities Business Entities Business Workflows Business Workflows Price Discounts EFT connections Tax Currency Queries Gift cards E-Top Up CCTV Etc.. LS POS.NET Architect

25 The use of service modules during a transaction System Core IPrice The default discountmodule supplied byLandsteinar Strengur IDiscount The European tax rulesmodule supplied byLandsteinar Strengur ITax A Sample EFT ModuleSupplied byLandsteinar Strengur IEFT The default price modulesupplied byLandsteinar Strengur Services An extended discountmodule implemented bya Partner A localised EFT moduleimplemented bya parter Example:

26 Recommended resources  Processor  1 GHz or faster  RAM  512 MB  Operating system  WEPOS  Windows XP SP2  Windows 2000 SP4

27 LS Retail next releases NAV NAV 5.1 (May 2008) Service packs as needed AX LS Retail AX 4.2, 15 th. Dec 07 Release on AX 5.0 when that will be ready 2008.NET LS POS.NET 5.3, 15 th Dec 07 LS POS.NET 5.5, (May 2008) Integrated with LS Retail NAV 5.1

28 Thank you

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