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What is new in LS Retail NAV 2009.2 Daði Kárason Director of Development.

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1 What is new in LS Retail NAV Daði Kárason Director of Development

2 LS Retail NAV SP1 April 2010 LS Retail NAV Dec LS Retail NAV R2 Jan LS Retail NAV SP1 ( ) June 10 th 2011 LS Retail NAV Jan NAV 2009 Release Timeline

3 Hospitality Forecourt Retail Apparel / Fashion Furniture Electronics / Technical Food / Grocery Fine Dining Casual Dining & Fast Food Delivery & Takeout with Call Center Catering & Cafeterias Self & Full Service Outdoor Payment Terminal Car Wash Price Poles

4 TechnologyTechnology Sale Service LS Retail NAV ‐Higher Level of Service ‐Special Order ‐Greater Product Range ‐Offer / Pricing ‐Cross Selling ‐Offer Triggering ‐Simple Item Search ‐New POS Look ‐POS Extendibility ‐Database Architecture Link

5 Reporting External Sales LS Retail NAV ‐LS Forecourt ‐LS POS Integration ‐Web Integration ‐Franchise Management ‐Pre Packs ‐Stock Ledger Reporting

6 LS Forecourt LS POS NAV Integration with pump-controllers Store Back Office Integration –EOD Shift Management –Dispenser monitoring Wet Stock support

7 LS Retail NAV and LS POS.NET Same integration as for LS POS NAV – no adapters are required Web service interface LS Mobile POS will use the same integration Option for franchise

8 POS Solutions for NAV LS POS NAV (classic client) –Until NAV 7 LS POS New Generation LS POS NAV –LS POS NAV (work on RTC client) –.NET GUI –NAV code for business logic

9 Web Integration Functionality to connect Web Stores to LS Retail NAV Tables for replication Web services for live data –Price basket First partner is Digital Vantage Point (

10 Franchise Management Communication between different legal entities –Franchiser to Franchisee –Same company different countries Item Master Maintenance

11 Pre Packs Grouping Item under one item number (BOM) Can be stored in warehouse or store as Pre-Pack Can be automatically exploded when receiving

12 Stock ledger reporting Stock Ledger Framework –Is tailored to the needs of companies using LS Retail NAV and need the retail value of an item and report financials/inventory according to the Retail Method of Accounting principles. Consists of… –Stock Ledger –Retail Value Management –Reporting Framework Price Adjustments –Permanent Markup, Markup cancellation, Markdown, Markdown cancel –Temporary Promotions, Mix & Match etc.

13 LS Retail NAV SP1 ( ) Error Fixes Minor Improvements Hospitality Changes Special Order Changes Forecourt Finalization June 10 th 2011

14 LS Retail Instore Management Split to two Add-On modules – Standalone Store Standalone Store Database Certain Entries and Documents – Inventory Management Store Inventory Processes Handheld Device Connection

15 TAP Beta Program LS Retail participates in NAV “7” BETA Program We have received a Training Slide Stack and Videos from TAP training session NAV “7” Virtual Machine CTP2 (June 2011)

16 Tomorrows Sessions General – Introduction to Replenishment – Special Order Workshop LS Retail NAV 6.2 – Web Integration – Franchise Management – Forecourt / Wet stock management – Stock Ledger Reporting – LS POS and LS Retail NAV Integration LS Retail NAV 6.3 – POS for the Role Tailored Client – Sales Commission – Fashion retailing improvements – Stock Processes on Handheld Device Future Lab – Loss Prevention – Staff Management – Pharmacy Solution – Hospitality Workshop – LS Retail Marketing Intelligence


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