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Solution Cloud services and Windows 7 * Pricing may vary by region.

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3 Solution Cloud services and Windows 7



6 * Pricing may vary by region


8 11 22 33 44 55


10 The installation package includes a private certificate that is specific to the Windows Intune account

11 Windows_Intune_Setup.exe Invokes Setup Wizard Can operate in “Quiet” mode Contains MSIs Requires administrator privileges Requires certificate Works for both 64-bit and 32-bit installations Command-line options: /Quiet /Extract %temp%

12 Two MSI files can be extracted from Windows_Intune_Setup.exe Provided as an alternative to the Setup executable Deployment scripts must determine which version to run for operating system Support standard Windows Installer parameters msiexec.exe on the command line to see a list of all parameters

13 Demo

14 Direct download Network share Flash drive Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) Web distribution Windows Intune Service

15 Enrollment The Windows Intune agent starts It authenticates against the cloud service and enrolls the client computer The computer can be viewed in the Unassigned Computers group in the administrator console Agent installation The installation downloads agents from the Windows Intune service Each agent starts up as it is downloaded and installed Each agent reports information to the Windows Intune service Agents with failed installations raise alerts on the administrator console Computer restart A restart is (most likely) required for the Windows Intune Endpoint Protection Installation completes and all agents report to Windows Intune within 30 minutes Check Control Panel on the managed computer for the installed services Check the Unassigned Computers group for newly enrolled computers


17 Demo












29 No infrastructure required Delivers management essentials Easily extends to unmanaged PCs Enterprise-grade Recommended for most large organizations

30 Microsoft Update management Malware protection Hardware, software, and license inventory Remote Assistance Full Group Policy Support Software Deployment Operating system distribution Alerts & Monitoring* *The “alerts” workspace within Windows Intune manages an optimized list of pre-defined system events. Access to comprehensive monitoring events is available in our on-premises solution. Windows 7 Enterprise

31 Terms Discounts Available to Purchase Through Qualified OS Requirements Pricing $ * Pricing may vary by region

32 United States Latin America Costa Rica Mexico Puerto Rico Trinidad & Tobago Middle East & Africa Israel Asia Pacific Australia Hong Kong India Japan Malaysia New Zealand Singapore Western Europe Product localization languages: Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified), English (default), French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Polish (v2) Canada Austria Belgium Denmark Finland France Germany Ireland Italy Luxemburg Netherlands Norway Portugal Spain Sweden Switzerland UK Central & Eastern Europe Cyprus Czech Republic Greece Hungary Poland Romania

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