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Windows Azure Joseph Landes General Manager, DPE Microsoft India

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1 Windows Azure Joseph Landes General Manager, DPE Microsoft India
Good Morning! A very Good morning to all of you out there! I’m sure today will be a well spent day for each and every one of you. From whichever background you are, say .NET developer, Java guy, PHP coder, a business analyst, Architect - I hope all of you will be super excited just as me. I am indeed thrilled to be here amongst you and more-so on what we have to announce in the Microsoft’s cloud world- The New additions and enhancements to the Windows Azure Platform. Joseph Landes General Manager, DPE Microsoft India

2 Windows Azure flexible open solid
The Windows Azure platform as it stands today is fundamentally Easy for developers and end users. With the announcements being made today ( called the spring launch of Windows Azure), which is the most significant release of Windows Azure EVER, It elevates Azure to a new level. More Flexible than ever before – Easy to build , migrate, deploy and manage applications for the cloud More of an Open Platform than Before - Supports multiple languages and multiple platforms for building to the cloud. Multiple developer tools. Choose from multiple runtimes and languages and platform for your application. We have out of the box support to .NET, PHP, Java, Ruby on rails on and developer tools like Visual Studio , Eclipse ; and platforms like Windows, Linux and Mac. Designed for the power of next generation applications- Underlying platform is so solid that it enables developers to build one piece of code that can run on the cloud or can run on premise. What I would like to do now is take a step backwards and reiterate the relevance of cloud computing. How is cloud computing going to make a big difference to all of you sitting here today.

3 Today’s Transformation – Cloud
Pooled Resources Self-Service Elastic Usage Based As I go around India and meet with CIOs and IT people just like you, I hear people use the terms “Cloudify” or “Cloudification.” So I know if people are using that term then it must be a topic that is top of mind for people. People use that word—but what are they really trying to do? Pooled resources – to share computation or storage space instead of using a dedicated server to deploy my application. Self Service - You can focus on your application directly. And not worry about what resources you need like authentication, deployment, the health of the app. Elastic - This is by and large the key value proposition of moving to cloud. You can scale up and scale down on demand depending on how popular your application is. it can be smoothly automated. Usage based- You pay for what you use. Meaning you pay for the deployment, the storage, the database—no more and no less. And the cloud relevant no matter what size company you are from the smallest of business to the largest of systems integrators. Make cloud as a clear choice for start-ups and small companies as well as “very large System integrators” who want utilize multi tenancy. Economics ▪ Agility ▪ Focus

4 Cloud Computing Patterns
Compute Inactivity Period On and Off On & off workloads (e.g. batch job) Over provisioned capacity is wasted Time to market can be cumbersome t Growing Fast Successful services needs to grow/scale Keeping up w/ growth is big IT challenge Cannot provision hardware fast enough Compute t Unpredictable Bursting Unexpected/unplanned peak in demand Sudden spike impacts performance Can’t over provision for extreme cases Compute On and Off Applications— Load in the first 1/3rd and then inactivity and then a load. Use the cloud to use as much resources as required. Growing Fast— the new Twitter or Yammer. Exponential growth. Scalability issues. You want to focus on running your business and not sending people out to buy new servers. Business is growing fast. Unpredictable Burst---like 9/11. Bombarded with requests and need to scale up. Predictable Bursting— the Finals of the IPL match. Kolkata vs. Chennai. t Predictable Bursting Services with micro seasonality trends Peaks due to periodic increased demand IT complexity and wasted capacity Compute

5 Cloud Services - IT Continuum
Evolution toward highly-virtual and beyond to cloud Physical Virtual / Private IaaS So Great ! We know the basic benefits of cloud and the patterns that justify this. What are the options that you in the audience have. You have built your own app. What is your option for deployment. Physical---The traditional deployment scenario is that of having physical servers in your place of business or deployment. This is not necessarily optimizing your resources. Virtual/Private—Take the on-premise servers and we create a private virtualized network. On premise there is a virtual setup. Everything still is on premise. Hence we virtualize the on-premise , or the physical boxes to create the Private Virtualized Network. This means we can monitor and control say a 1000 machines from a single console point. We can deploy patch updates, fixes, monitoring tools etc. over this virtual network. Microsoft has System Center suite of products to cater to this need. IaaS—You really don’t own the machines. You haven’t paid money for capital expenditure. Not sole owner. But you are the system admin of the machine. You are renting virtual machines on the cloud by the hour. Here we say, you can rent / loan a virtual machine from a public cloud and run/deploy your applications on it. This is called Infrastructure as a Service. PaaS--– takes care of ensuring the health of your application. Build your app and give it to the platform which will ensure stability. Not on your head to make sure the OS is stable, it is patching, it is healthy. Take it one step further. you want to loan independent higher level services from the cloud like Database, or application hosting web server, background compute intensive processing, authentication, messaging etc. etc…. We say, we are consuming Platform as a Service. SaaS--Finally your fully packaged application can be consumed by end users like Facebook, Twitter - Software as a Service. PaaS SaaS

6 Cloud Services On Premises Infrastructure Platform Software You Manage
Storage Servers Networking O/S Middleware Virtualization Data Applications Runtime Infrastructure (as a Service) Storage Servers Networking O/S Middleware Virtualization Data Applications Runtime Platform (as a Service) Storage Servers Networking O/S Middleware Virtualization Applications Runtime Data You Manage Vendor Manages Software (as a Service) Storage Servers Networking O/S Middleware Virtualization Applications Runtime Data You Manage Vendor Manages You Manage Vendor Manages You Manage Vendor Manages Here is another way to look at it--- Say, you are a startup and want to a build a super cool face recognition and video chat service. What are the options you have? You can build your application grounds up and deploy them to your on-premise servers. You have to buy the servers. You are the whole and sole owner of the application and the infrastructure. You need to own and configure all the components in the hierarchy starting from Networking, Storage, Servers, VMs, installing OS, choosing appropriate middleware, runtime and deployment. You want to offload some of these plumbing activities. You are a startup and don’t want to invest on hardware . You are not even sure, if your video chat service will take off ? Well you can choose to rent VMs and use IaaS. Here a VM is handed to you and you take of OS updating, setting the runtime, etc. What if you want to add new features as opposed to the mundane tasks of managing the OS. for the video chat appp? You do not have IT Pro expertise nor do you want to be involved in OS management. Instead, you would love to utilize readymade runtime, middleware and other services for building their app. PaaS solves this need. Finally a full fledged application is deployed and consumed over the wire without any intervention and then we say your video chat service is available as a SaaS. The green shows components that you manage Vs blue showing components that is taken care of by the underlying system.

7 Windows Azure Platform
Now, lets link back to the core of today’s discussion - The Windows Azure Platform is Microsoft’s “World Class” cloud computing platform that offers various cloud flavors we just spoke about.

8 Windows Azure World-Class By Design
Physical Facilities 2,000+ people in engineering and operations.$2.3B+ in cloud infrastructure State-of-the-art security and access control services delivered 24/7 Leading innovator in power efficiency Geo-Distribution Multiple data centers in different geographies Local and geo-replication Redundant platform services and failover So, when I say World Class, Windows Azure as it stands today with the new additions is truly one of a kind. 1. Let’s start with Physical Facilities. We have a team called the Global Foundation Services (GFS) team that goes out and builds our data centers.. They focus on smart growth, high reliability, operational excellence, cost-effectiveness, environmental sustainability, and a trustworthy online experience for all the customers. In short they build state of art data centres of tier 1 category which are recognized as being best in class in the world 2. Secondly is our Geo-Distribution or Geo-Federation strategy where we federate the services across the globe. Today we have 8 datacenters across US, ASIA & EMEA and multiple CDNs. Every application you deploy or data you store, 3 copies are maintained within same data center while 3 more copies are in a different data center within the same region at least 500 miles away. This helps for a foolproof disaster recovery and failover strategy. Microsoft © 2010

9 Global Footprint North America Region Europe Region
Asia Pacific Region West – U.S. Sub-region East – U.S. Sub-region N. Europe Sub-region W. Europe Sub-region N. Central – U.S. Sub-region E. Asia Sub-region S. Central – U.S. Sub-region S.E. Asia Sub-region Windows Azure is built on truly Geo-Federated Datacenters and we currently have footprints in US, EMEA and ASIA. The closest to India is the Singapore and Hong Kong Data Centers And many more are coming up as well. Major datacenter CDN node

10 Windows Azure World-Class By Design
Physical Facilities 2,000+ people in engineering and operations.$2.3B+ in cloud infrastructure State-of-the-art security and access control services delivered 24/7 Leading innovator in power efficiency Geo-Distribution Multiple data centers in different geographies Local and geo-replication Redundant platform services and failover Platform Availability and Security 99.95 % monthly uptime, financially-backed SLAs Highly available platform services Service isolation over virtualized compute and network Clear boundaries and multiple lines of defense 3. Platform Availability and Security. We guarantee a 99.95% SLA. We also are really focused on security which is core for Azure platform. The heartbeat of the cloud operating system which is called the “Fabric Controller” ensures that reliability, availability and security is key. Microsoft © 2010

11 99.95% monthly SLA Well, Most important take away from the previous conversation is offer a monthly SLA of 99.95% – a 99.95% monthly SLA for deployments that have at least 2 instances. That’s 4.38 hours of downtime in a year.  Which means if we don’t meet the SLA we end up having to pay a penalty.  Which means that we are going to try our darned best to make sure that we keep up to that SLA or better!

12 99.9% Single Instance SLA And that’s not all !!! We are announcing today that…. We are guaranteeing a 99.9% uptime SLA for even single instance! This is unique in the industry . Not offered by ANY cloud vendors out there!

13 Windows Azure World-Class By Design
Physical Facilities 2,000+ people in engineering and operations.$2.3B+ in cloud infrastructure State-of-the-art security and access control services delivered 24/7 Leading innovator in power efficiency Geo-Distribution Multiple data centers in different geographies Local and geo-replication Redundant platform services and failover Compliance and Disaster Recovery Physical facilities have broad compliance certifications Service-level compliance on near-term roadmap Preparedness, testing, refinement Platform Availability and Security 99.95 % monthly uptime, financially-backed SLAs Highly available platform services Service isolation over virtualized compute and network Clear boundaries and multiple lines of defense 4. For enterprise and line of business applications – Compliance and Disaster recovery is a BIG deal. Over the past few years, we have a strong backing of certifications obtained including ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Audit and Certification & SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 Attestation. We also have a strong support team that is available 24/7 for issues ranging from development, testing, deployment, compliance, education, clarification and more. Microsoft © 2010

14 Customer Evidence Saju Sankara Kutti -
Associate Vice President, Infosys demo Given the fact that India is a Global IT developer powerhouse, adoption of Windows Azure is steadily increasing. The major SI companies have already started cloud centers of excellence or “Azure Practices”. I am very excited to invite up to the stage with me, Saju, Vice President, and Head of the Cloud Practice at Infosys to share with us Infosys’ journey into the cloud space.

15 Windows Azure Partner Ecosystem
demo Thanks Saju. We also have a solid and deep Azure partner and customer ecosystem being built in India who build products / services on various verticals like insurance, healthcare, finance and others. I’d like to now screen a short video that showcases how partners are building their products on Azure.

16 Partner Highlight - 90+ customers in BFSI 150+ total clients
Multiple implementations in US, India, ASEAN & MEA Offices in 10 countries 1300+ resources globally Committed to move to Azure One of the partners I’d like to showcase is aurionPro solutions. A recent partner we have highlighted locally. Cloud Software vendor–committed to $2 million in Azure Revenue They build a product--banking and payment solutions. Main Business Lines: Banking & Payments Solutions Supply Chain Management Consulting & Outsourcing Services

17 New : Website
demo Great! Now time for the REALLY new stuff. Windows Azure has undergone a complete revamp of UI and UX in addition to a bunch of new additions. As the very first step, let us see the all New Azure Website “ Demo - Show the new website New updated content Enriched developer centre (For .NET developers, node.js developer - very similar experience with more tutorials, code samples, download and install developer tools for Windows, Mac, Linux etc.) All SDKs are open source on GitHub where the community can submit pull requests New updated pricing page Sign up for free trial for 90 days with no upfront costs, obligations and access to all features of Azure platform

18 New - Infrastructure as a Service – Virtual Machines
Windows Server and Linux Flexible Workload Support Virtual Private Networking Virtual machine portability Reliability & Always On Continuous Storage Geo Replication Another important announcement we have to make today is the addition of persistent virtual machines which offers Iaas out of the box. Any kind of VM you want to build. To see this in action I am excited to call upon Saranya Sriram who is going to take us through this. This is one major addition to the Windows Azure Platform. The all NEW Persistent Virtual Machines that offer Infrastructure as a Service Model for the Azure cloud. We have super cool capabilities of hosting a Windows/Linux VM , connecting to your local subnet / DNS firewall and many more. For a short demo of the “ALL new windows azure management portal and its access to virtual machines”, I am calling upon “Saranya Sriram” to show us some action.

19 Windows Azure VM & Online Portal
Saranya Sriram Technology Evangelist, DPE India demo Thanks, Saranya. Well that was indeed cool, IT-Pros out there, would have found this amazing. But, Developers out there - Hold on - We love you too!!!!

20 New - Windows Azure Websites
Build with ASP.NET, Node.js or PHP Deploy in seconds with FTP, Git or TFS Start for free, scale up as your traffic grows Most of you here build websites and nothing excites developers than getting thigns on to the web. We have a bunch of great feature additions and enhancements to deploying web applications, specifically websites on Azure. Introducing the Windows Azure Web Sites. Let me call upon Harish to show us some of the out of the box capability of Websites.

21 Windows Azure Websites
Harish Ranganathan Technology Evangelist, DPE India demo Thanks Harish. I loved the open source templates and seeing WordPress on Azure with MYSQL - it all reemphasizes Microsoft’s OPEN platform. Infact every Windows Azure account will get a free MYSQL database access

22 Enhanced - Windows Azure Cloud Services
Build infinitely scalable apps and services Support rich multi-tier architectures Automated application management The final big announcement from today is Windows Azure Cloud Services. The core platform as a service offering of the Windows Azure Platform has been re-branded as Windows Azure Cloud Services. These have seen a lot of Enhancements and new features as well. I would like to call Vijay Rajagopalan from Microsoft Azure team in Redmond to show us a killer demo of the cloud services.

23 Windows Azure Cloud Services
Vijay Rajagopalan, Principal PM, Azure Redmond Team demo Woow! Thanks Vijay. This REALLY shows us the value of cloud with elasticity as its key parameter.

24 Summarize Lets quickly try to highlight some of the key messages we talked about in today’s keynote

25 Windows Azure Offers Choice
The core beauty and value proposition of the Azure platform is that it gives HUGE choices. Blended offering, mix and match whatever you want IaaS + PaaS (Websites + Linux VM) or (WorkerRole + SQLServer). A couple of data points from internal Microsoft research: 41% of our customers are using services across on premise and public clouds 80% of our customers over next 3 to 5 years will use hybrid models

26 Focus on apps, not infrastructure
Windows Azure still is super committed to Platform as a Service. We have some serious enhancements on this and the aim is that You, as a Developer, focus on YOUR application and business logic and not worry about the infrastructure

27 multiple languages We support multiple languages of .NET, node.js, JAVA, PHP, python etc and development platforms like “Windows” (obviously) but also linux and Mac

28 open source 
We Embrace Open Source Ecosystem Support more languages and technology stacks (Java, PHP, Node.js, .NET) More OSes (Mac, Linux, Windows) More open protocols All Azure SDKs are available on GitHub under open licences

29 application building blocks
big data database storage traffic caching messaging identity application building blocks There are many components of the Azure platform and they exists as independent building blocks services that we can consume based on need. These provide PaaS service offering. You will see focused sessions on some of these concepts in the 2nd half of the day. media CDN networking

30 89 countries and territories Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Canada
Chile Colombia Costa Rica Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Hong Kong Hungary India Ireland Israel Italy Japan Korea Luxembourg Malaysia Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Puerto Rico Romania Russia Singapore Spain Sweden Switzerland Trinidad & Tobago UK United States New Countries: Algeria 89 countries and territories Argentina Belarus Bulgaria Croatia Dominican Rep Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Estonia Guatemala Iceland Indonesia Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya Kuwait Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Macedonia Malta Montenegro Morocco Azerbaijan Nigeria Oman Pakistan Panama Paraguay Qatar Saudi Arabia Serbia Slovakia Slovenia South Africa Sri Lanka Taiwan Thailand Tunisia Turkey UAE Ukraine Uruguay Venezuela Bahrain From June 7th, Azure is now available in 89 Countries and territories

31 start now.


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