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CONFIDENTIAL - October 10, 2014 HP / Emulex / Brocade 8Gb/s Fibre Channel Infrastructure August 2008.

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1 CONFIDENTIAL - October 10, 2014 HP / Emulex / Brocade 8Gb/s Fibre Channel Infrastructure August 2008

2 Agenda  Introduction  Partnership between HP/Emulex  Why do anything?  Why do it now?  Why HP/Brocade/Emulex partnership?  How we are going to help?  BOM/Ordering Information

3 Introduction  This presentation outlines the details and drivers behind the NEW 8Gb/s Fibre Channel Infrastructure bundle (HP part # AP710AM) from Emulex & Brocade  Leverages Industry leading HBAs from Emulex Switches from the market leader Brocade  Brought to market by HP and their business partners  Leading technology and high commercial value proposition

4 SWD Disk Storage XP EVA MSA 13+ year strategic OEM partnership with HP Over 20 HP-branded products from Emulex deployed across HP servers and storage HP-branded HBAs from Emulex are supported in a broad range of SAN environments ProLiant, HP 9000, Integrity and Alpha-based servers StorageWorks family of solutions, including MSA, EVA, XP and EBS storage Broad Support for Windows, Linux, HP OpenVMS, HP Tru64 UNIX and Solaris Operating Systems ISS & BCS Servers EVA embedded switch Virtual tape embedded switch DL & ML 2Gb/s and 4Gb/s PCI-X and PCIe Integration with Systems Insight Manager (SIM) and Storage Essentials (SE) Integration into Virtual Connect 2Gb/s HBA Mezz card P-class 4Gb/s HBA Mezz card C-class MultiPulse ® : Path failover and load balancing software EBS Tape Storage ML & DL AlphaIntegrity ESLMSL Every Emulex production product is qualified at HP C-ClassP-Class &

5 Simply Emulex  Simple to setup Microsoft Simple SAN is Emulex EZPilot  Simple Integration 102 Design wins and qualifications Emulex drivers are supported by Oracle as part of its “Unbreakable” stack Emulex drivers are built into RHEL3, RHEL4, SLES 8 and SLES 9  Simple Management Seamlessly integrated into storage management frameworks Global HBA discovery and management Driver and firmware reloads without downtime LUN rediscovery without reboot  Simple Virtualisation Integrated into VMware 3.0.1 and VMotion at 3.0.2 Integrated into Microsoft Virtual Server Manager  Simply Better Industry Leading MTBF Industry Highest Dual Channel performance Dual Port Throughput 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1k4k 16k 64k 256k Block Size MB/s Competitor LPe11002

6 VMware Support  ESX Server 3.x & 2.5.x*and 3.5 integrated  HP HBA Part Numbers (HP “Streams”) 403621-B214Gb PCI Express DC c-Class Mezz, Helios FC2143/FC22434Gb PCI-X 2.0 SC/DC HBA, Helios FC2142/FC22424Gb PCI Express SC/DC HBA, Zephyr A7388A/A7387A2Gb PCI-X SC/DC HBA, Thor FCA2404/2404DC2Gb PCI-X SC/DC HBA, Pegasus AJ762A(81E)/AJ763A(82E) 8Gb PCI Express SC/DC HBA, Saturn  Boot from SAN support!*  StorageWorks Arrays*  ProLiant DL/ML Servers* *Consult with your HP ESS representative, or internal support matrices for configuration and support details

7 The Emulex 8Gb/s product  LPe12000 single-channel 8Gb/s PCIe 2.0 Fibre Channel HBA  LPe12002 dual-channel PCIe 8Gb/s Fibre Channel HBA

8 Why do anything?  HP has an 8Gb/s lead in the field First mover advantage  Infrastructure bundle Available for MSA and EVA attachments 8Gb/s solution and functionality for basically the same price as the 4Gb/s equivalent  Upgrades to existing infrastructures Target 2Gb/s and 4Gb/s environments  Capitalises on significant existing installed market position

9 Why do it now?  Virtualization and virtual servers Higher SAN attached rates dictated by Virtual Server deployments Increased I/O & bandwidths requirements Demand for virtual server level QoS, management and measurement

10 Why do it now?  Multi-core processors Need to aligned I/O and bandwidth with the processing power offered with Multi-core processors  Increasing density of virtual servers VMware currently supports up to 64 virtual machines per server 8Gb/s from Emulex & Brocade can support up to 256 virtual servers (per port) Room for growth and investment protection that customers are demanding

11 Why do it now?  Windows 2008 New method of addressing I/O controllers via the MSI-X stack Running Kernel no longer interrupted to service I/O requests TPC-E benchmarks proved an 18% transaction increase Now supported by the Emulex 8Gb/s HBA's  Data volume growth Stored data growing at approximately 70% YOY Infrastructure MUST keep pace 8Gb/s infrastructure delivers data more efficiently 8Gb/s infrastructure cuts waiting time down for faster processors  Faster backup times allow for more production processing time HP’s new Ultrium 4 requires 8Gb/s connections to drive full bandwidth of 256 Mb/s

12 Why do it now?  Faster restore times 8Gb/s shortens the data recovery phase  Enhanced security Support DH-CHAP authentication This is the first time that a storage area network has been secure A key requirement in the FSA environment  Enhanced data protection (Emulex 8Gb/s are BlockGuard ready) Ready for HP Arrays at the time they implement BlockGuard Data frame has an additional Data Integrity field Enhanced end-to-end data integrity  Power Efficient PCIe 2.0 has the ability to shut down I/O lanes that are not being used Less power use when not fully utilized  Reduction of ISL’s 8Gb/s performance increase allows for consolidation of Inter Switch Links (ISLs) between core switches More ports available for storage and server connections

13 Why implement with Brocade / Emulex?  History of broad market adoption  More acceptable bundle in channel and at the end user Better understood Leverage existing channel intellectual property  Leverage existing install base Largest number of 1Gb/s ports Largest number of 2Gb/s ports  Technology leadership First to introduce NPIV The foundation for virtual environments  Wide range of SAN interoperability options compared to other solutions

14 How are we going to help?  Why 8Gb/s brief  Sales elevator pitch / presentation  Technical pitch / presentation  Sales cheat sheet  FAQ  Datasheets (online) Print run available on request  Tools in English, French, German & Italian  Web banners HP / Brocade / Emulex / Partner 8Gb/s branded  Email marketing HP / Brocade / Emulex / Partner 8Gb/s branded  Revamped microsite as a supporting

15 BOM/Ordering (HP part # AP710AM)  1 x B-Series 8/8 Base SAN Switch (no e-port)  2 x Emulex 8Gb/s (HP AJ762A/81E) HBAs  Cables and SFPs  Compelling Price Point  Scales to 24 ports  Upgradable to full-fabric functionality  Part numbers/Ordering information HP part number AP710AM

16 Thank You!

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