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Accelerating Your Success™ Oracle on Oracle for NHS 1.

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1 Accelerating Your Success™ Oracle on Oracle for NHS 1

2 Accelerating Your Success™ 2 ENGINEERED TO WORK TOGETHER Hardware and Software

3 Accelerating Your Success™ 3 The Unique Oracle Advantage HW &SW Engineered to Work Together One Engineering Team

4 Accelerating Your Success™ Oracle’s Integrated Technology Stack Engineered Together Tested Together Certified Together Deployed Together Upgraded Together Managed Together Supported Together

5 Accelerating Your Success™ SPARC Server Portfolio 5 Foundation for Mission Critical Computing T-SeriesM-SeriesSPARC SuperCluster

6 Accelerating Your Success™ SPARC T4 Server 6 Over 12 World Records … and counting Unheard of generation to generation acceleration T4 Processor 3.0 GHz with OOO execution Dedicated L2 128KB cache Shared L3 4MB cache 8 Cores with Private L2 Cache Dynamic Threading Enhanced Built-in Encryption Built-in Virtualization T4 Systems Up to 1 TB of memory Built-in, no-cost virtualization High-bandwidth and high-capacity I/O Integrated 10 GbE Solaris binary compatibility T4-4 T4-2 T4-1 T4-1B  Starts at $16K – Virtualization and Security included!  Up to $160K – 1 TB of memory included!  Up to 5x per thread performance compared to T3 servers

7 Accelerating Your Success™ T-Series Servers New SPARC T4 Processor 7 SPARC T4-1 SPARC T4-4 SPARC T4-2 SPARC T4-1B One Processor 8 cores/64 threads 2.85 GHz 512GB RAM 2RU One Processor 8 cores/64 threads 2.85 GHz 512GB RAM Blade Two Processors 16 cores/128 threads 2.85Ghz 1TB RAM 3RU Four Processors 32 cores/256 threads 3.0 GHz 2TB RAM 5RU

8 Accelerating Your Success™ T4 Next Generation Performance 8

9 Accelerating Your Success™ Outpacing The Competition. 9 Enterprise Performance SPARC: 2X performance each generation IBM Power & x86: +30–50% performance each generation SPARC T3 SPARC T4 SPARC T5 20112012201320142010 SPARC T-Series

10 Accelerating Your Success™ Oracle-On-Oracle. 10 Oracle T4-1IBM P710HP RX2800 Processor Type2.85GHz (8 Core) 3.55GHz (8 Core) 2*1.66GHz (4 Core) Memory Configuration32GB RAM Performance Benchmark (rPerf) 11392Not Available Hardware Cost + 3YR Support £9,457.00 (L)£21,333,30 (L)£52,324.00(L) Total Licensable Oracle Cores FourEight Oracle Enterprise Edition Lic£127,356.00 (L)£254,712.00 (L) Oracle DB EMDP£13,408.00 (L)£26,816.00 (L) Oracle DB MTP£13,408.00 (L)£26,816.00 (L) Total Cost£163,629.00 (L)£329,677.00 (L)£360,668.00(L)

11 Accelerating Your Success™ 11 Oracle’s Complete x86 Systems Portfolio Engineered for Oracle Software / Best of Breed for Mixed Environments Business Ready Systems (with x86 Building Blocks) Sun ZFS Storage Appliances Storage Systems (with x86 Building Blocks) Big Data Appliance ExadataExalogicSPARC SuperCluster Oracle Database Appliance Oracle Exalytics in-Memory Database Machine 8-Socket Rack 4-Socket Rack 2-Socket Blade Sun x86 Systems 2-Socket Rack Oracle’s Complete x86 Systems Portfolio

12 Accelerating Your Success™ Best x86 Servers for Oracle Software Lowest CAPEX and OPEX − Up to 50% less acquisition, support and operating costs − Systems management tool for entire stack reduces complexity and training − Single support call for any problem, reduces administration costs Best Reliability − Oracle HW, MW, DB, applications designed and tested together − Patches work across stack; no deployment delays − Full certification of third-party software (Windows, VMware, RHEL, SLES) for mixed environments Best Performance − World Record Benchmarks

13 Accelerating Your Success™ 13 Lowest x86 CAPEX and OPEX  Sun Server X3-2 –x86 server, Oracle VM, Oracle Linux, 24/7/365 support  HP DL360p Gen 8 –x86 server, VMware, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, 24/7/365 support  IBM x3550 M4 –x86 server, VMware, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, 24/7/365 support Representative comparison 2×E5-2660 processors, 8×8GB LV DIMMs, 3×300GB SAS-2 HDDs, SAS RAID HBA, DVD-RW, 2×PSU, CMA & Rail Kit 50% savings using Oracle! All data verified by third party All Sun x86 systems have lower TCO Similar savings for 5 years $17,680 $35,400 $35,909 Sun Server X3-2

14 Accelerating Your Success™ Unique Advantage Of Oracle on Oracle 14

15 Accelerating Your Success™ Engineered System Family 15 General Purpose SPARC SuperCluster Purpose Built Database Appliance Exalytics Big Data Appliance ExalogicExadata

16 Accelerating Your Success™ 16 Exadata Storage Servers Up to 10–50X Performance Improvements

17 Accelerating Your Success™ Useful Links 17 Beehive – Provides access to Oracle hardware and software technical information My Oracle Support – Provides access to a variety of technical information, including firmware, patches and Sun System Handbook Oracle Partner Store – Tool for configuring hardware and creating carts for ordering. Oracle Partner Network – Vast field of Oracle information from access to datasheets, knowledge zones and system updates.

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