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Envision a world where all stored data is networked presented to: Global IT Press Summit Monterey, CA November 13, 2006.

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1 Envision a world where all stored data is networked presented to: Global IT Press Summit Monterey, CA November 13, 2006

2 Enterprise Storage Trends Briefing Jean-Yves Chevallier Director, Product Marketing Emulex Corporation

3 What We Do We create enterprise-class products that intelligently connect storage, servers and networks – enabling access to information that is open, adaptable and secure

4 Overview of Emulex Founded:1979 Revenue:$403 Million (Fiscal 2006) Employees:Nearly 700 Headquarters:Costa Mesa, CA Development Centers:USA: Bolton, MA; Bothell, WA; Costa Mesa, CA; Longmont, CO; Roseville, CA; San Jose, CA India: Bangalore International Offices:Beijing, China; Wokingham, England; Paris, France Stock Exchange Listing:ELX (NYSE)

5 Three Product Lines Host server products: Supplier to all top-tier server & storage OEMs 90+ of the Fortune 100 use our HBAs Gaining momentum in the fastest growing segments: server blades, virtualized servers, End-to-end customer installable solutions Positioned for Next Gen Fibre Channel & 10Gb Ethernet/iSCSI Embedded storage products: Supplier to all top-tier storage OEMs Over 16 million embedded ports shipped Positioned for the future of tiered storage Intelligent network products: Multi-protocol storage processors provide building blocks for range of products Multi-protocol SAN routers enable connectivity between SANs and IP Networks Positioned for emerging 10Gb Ethernet opportunity

6 Expanding Market Opportunity $2.7B Source: IDC, Gartner, Emulex

7 Virtual Servers Breakthrough solutions to data center issues: Consolidation, cost reduction Rapid provisioning Continuity of service Massive market success: All FORTUNE 100 have virtual servers in production or evaluation 7,000 users at VMworld November 2006 Virtualzed servers: 6% of all servers now, 18-20% in 2008, 40% in 2010 (IDC) VMware dominates current shipments. Microsoft investing heavily (Longhorn, Novell announcement, etc). Strong synergy with Fibre Channel Continuity of service and consolidation require shared networked storage Over 80% of VMware servers are FC connected About 2/3 of VMware FC connections through Emulex

8 LightPulse Virtual HBA Technology What is Virtual HBA technology? Enables an HBA to present multiple ports (WWPN) to the fabric Implements the ANSI T11 N-Port ID Virtualization standard. What are Virtual HBAs useful for? Manage virtual machine connectivity like physical machine connectivity: VM-level fabric zoning, LUN masking/mapping VM-level fabric guaranteed bandwidth (QOS), diagnostics, statistics, and chargeback Move/recover SAN–attached configurations seamlessly HBA Fabric switch Arrays And LUNs Arrays And LUNs Virtual port

9 Emulex Leadership on virtual HBAs Thought leadership: Pioneered the concept with IBM (2003-2005) Detailed usage with leading end users (2005-2006) Educated industry analysts, press, major vendors Public demonstrations: Emulex-VMware demonstration October 2005 Additional demos with Intel dual-core technology, Xen Open Source, etc. No other vendor has demonstrated virtual ports on VMware as yet Product availability: Emulex 4 gigabit HBAs include LightPulse Virtual HBA technology now Linux driver for open community use: September 2006 Windows driver, general availability: November 2006 VMware driver, general availability: first half 2007

10 VMPilot: virtual connectivity made easy A solution for Microsoft Virtual Server Simple Wizard creates SAN-connected virtual machines with Virtual HBA Ports and unique LUNs Single command to migrate VMs with their Vport No more storage/fabric reconfiguration Availability: First public demonstration at Microsoft Tech-Ed (November 2006) General release planned for Q1, 2007 Utilizes standard driver for Windows 2003, 4GB adapters and firmware Deployment and management solutions for VMware, Linux, Xen, Solaris are being built jointly by Emulex and an ecosystem of value- add partners Virtual HBAs ABC Virtual Server SAN Virtual HBAs Server 1 out of resources ! Move VM to Server 2 DEB Virtual Server

11 Datacenter Virtualization – What and Why? Datacenter Virtualization: Combines virtualization of the computing infrastructure … Servers Storage Storage Fabric … with Application virtualization Key Drivers: Hardware Consolidation Server and storage resources Efficiency of resource utilization Simplified management Simplified provisioning Easy deployment/testing % rating critical/high priority Source: InfoWorld 2006

12 Emulex Products/Technologies Virtualized Datacenter Blueprint PHYSICAL RESOURCES ServersStorageNetworking STANDARDS- BASED TECHNOLOGIES FC switches with Virtual Fabric support Block Storage Virtualization Switches & Appliances Line-of- Business Customers Hypervisors/ Partitions Virtual Disk (Backed up & Replicated) Virtual FabricVirtual Servers Virtual HBAs Intelligent Storage Processors LightPulse HBAs Virtual HBA Virtual Fabric

13 Summary Server virtualization has become a huge market success Data center virtualization is rapidly emerging: Convergence of server, storage and fabric virtualization Provides a utility-grade infrastructure powering all applications Major end users experimenting or evaluating now Emulex is strategically positioned: Host bus adapter at the server-fabric nexus Embedded capabilities provide fabric and array intelligence Proven technical expertise and thought leadership Delivering on the promise : 4 gigabit HBAs with LightPulse Virtual technology, intelligent embedded network processors Drivers, APIs and complete solutions: VMPilot, OEM and partner ecosystem

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