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Russia’s Political and Economic Change Hannah He Period 7.

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1 Russia’s Political and Economic Change Hannah He Period 7

2 Early History Pre-History > Kievan Rus > Mongol Invasion > Russo-Tatar > Duchy of Moscow

3 Rurik Dynasty (1157-1598)


5 Change during the Tsardom and Imperial Russia Sudebnik of 1550 – the first “Russian constitution” Romanov family change Imperial Russia Peter the Great – government reforms to modernize Russia Catherine the Great – arts, science, and learning

6 Decembrist Revolt

7 Emancipation of Serfs

8 Revolution Industrial Revolution: created three main competing parties Bloody Sunday October Manifesto World War and its causes to the February Revolution ◦Demoralizing ◦Ignored the Duma and instead took into consideration the statements of the advisor of his wife

9 February Revolution Set up a Provisional Government Headed by Alex Kerensky, who was progressive but not radical enough for some

10 October Revolution Lenin’s return from exile (with help from Germany) Capitalized on worker strikes after loss in gross industrial production National Constituent Assembly refused to support the Bolsheviks Democracy was removed from Russia Nationalized banks Left the war after a peace treaty with Germany

11 Russian Civil War

12 Creation of the Soviet Union (1922 – 1991) Ideologically based union Four republics: ◦Russian SFSR ◦Ukrainian SSR ◦Belarusian SSR ◦Transcaucasian SFSR “Federal” system as set by the constitution, although the communist party was the actual leading force

13 War Communism vs. New Economic Policy War Communism ◦Land and small businesses were nationalized ◦Money economy was restricted New Economic Policy ◦In answer to peasant opposition ◦Peasants were allowed to sell surpluses once again instead of surrendering their surplus grain like before ◦Revived the economy

14 The Stalin Years Five year plan – build up heavy industry, the consolidating agriculture, and the restricted manufacture of consumer goods Great purges, gulags, and prison camps

15 World War II Non-aggression pact with Germany in 1939 Victorious, entered Berlin in 1945 and beat Japanese in Manchuria in the last battles of the war Completely devastated and destroyed Russian cities and towns Jewish population very low Estimates: 25 million killed total

16 Cold War

17 Stagnation and Death of Stalin Fight over the leadership Soviet Economic Reform of 1965 ◦Economic independence of enterprises ◦Sales prices had to be profitable ◦Reduced number of policy targets from 30 to 9 Prices rose then fell


19 Fall of Soviet Russia Glasnost allowed people to express their dissatisfaction Gorbachev vs. Yeltsin Russia took over, differentiation became harder Shortage of food plus refusal to change resulted in a call for change Officially ended in 1991 Communist Party was banned from 1991- 1992

20 Russian Federation Yeltsin ◦Ended price controls ◦Drastic cuts in state spending ◦Opened foreign trade September-October 1993 constitutional crisis (replaced constitution with strong presidential powers) Financial crash of 1998 Putin take-over

21 Russia Today Foreign Investment Domestic vs. Foreign Policies Putin and Medvedev control of government

22 Questions???

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