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Russia Jeopardy Review. Early History 10 Prince Vladimir converted to __________.

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1 Russia Jeopardy Review

2 Early History 10 Prince Vladimir converted to __________.

3 Early History 20 Which 2 czars westernized Russia?

4 Early History 30 Which czar killed Lenin’s brother?

5 Early History 40 Which czar ruled Russia when Napoleon invaded? Which czar ruled Russia during the Decembrist Revolt?

6 Early History 50 What 3 czars expanded Russia? Which one of the above czars claimed most of Siberia for Russia?

7 Communism 10 List the stages leading to communism, according to Marx, in order.

8 Communism 20 According to Marx’ theory, what is not needed once a society reaches the stage of communism?

9 Communism 30 Name 2 reasons a communist would say it is immoral to be greedy. Name 2 reasons a capitalist would say it is okay to be greedy.

10 Communism 40 What country was Marx from? What was the name of the book Marx wrote, describing his theory of communism? What was his famous slogan?

11 Communism 50 Name 3 characteristics of capitalism. Name 3 characteristics of socialism. Note: Your answers must be from the chart outlining Marx’s theory.

12 Revolution 10 During which war did Czar Nicholas II abdicate his throne?

13 Revolution 20 Heavy losses in this war caused Bloody Sunday, protests, and strikes by 1905.

14 Revolution 30 What was the name of the revolution that caused Czar Nicholas II to abdicate his throne?

15 Revolution 40 Who was the leader of the Provisional government? What mistake did the Provisional government make that caused them to lose support?

16 Revolution 50 Czar Nicholas II did not share enough power with the Duma. How was the Duma’s power limited? Name 3 ways.

17 Misc. 10 What country helped smuggle Lenin back into Russia from exile?

18 Misc. 20 The NEP introduced limited ___________ as a means to help Russia recover from the devastation of war.

19 Misc. 30 Which czar freed the serfs? Why did he free them?

20 Misc. 50 Put the following events in the correct order: 1.Provisional government 2.March Revolution 3.Revolution of 1905 4.Great October Revolution 5.Russo-Japanese War 6.Civil War between Reds and Whites 7.Start of war with Germany (WWI)

21 Misc. 40 What fraction of the following did Russia lose as a result of WWI? 1.Cropland 2.Industry 3.Territory 4.Population

22 Stalin and Beyond 10 What was the purpose of Stalin’s purges?

23 Stalin and Beyond 20 To make the Soviet Union competitive with other nations, Stalin developed _____________. These plans set quotas for heavy industry and agricultural production.

24 Stalin and Beyond 30 Why did the Soviets invade Afghanistan?

25 Stalin and Beyond 40 Gorbachev made reforms that angered conservatives within the Communist party. In 1990, what began to happen in Russia that caused conservatives to stage a coup against Gorbachev?

26 Stalin and Beyond 50 Name 3 changes made under Perestroika. Define glasnost.

27 Final jeopardy What was the name of the treaty that enabled Russia to pull out of WWI?

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