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Vocabulary Level E Unit 7.

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1 Vocabulary Level E Unit 7

2 abhor Connotation: Negative
Etymology: mid-15c., from L. abhorrere "shrink back in terror," from ab- "away" + horrere "tremble at, shudder"

3 amend Connotation: Neutral
Etymology:(12c.), from L. emendare "to correct, free from fault," from ex- "out" + menda "fault, blemish"

4 buffet Connotation: Negative
Etymology: early 13c., from O.Fr. bufet "slap, punch," dim. of bufe "a blow, puff of wind," probably echoic of the sound of something soft being hit.

5 chaos Connotation: Negative
Etymology: mid-15c., "gaping void," from L. chaos, from Gk. khaos "abyss, that which gapes wide open, is vast and empty"

6 commodious Connotation: Positive
Etymology: 1423, "beneficial, convenient," from M.L. commodiosus "convenient, useful"

7 corrosive Connotation: Negative Etymology:
late 14c., from Fr. corrosif (14c.), from corroder, corrode

8 discern Connotation: Neutral Etymology:
late 14c., from O.Fr. discerner "distinguish, separate" (by sifting), from L. discernere, from dis- "off, away" + cernere "distinguish, separate, sift"

9 extant Connotation: Neutral
Etymology: 1545, "standing out above a surface," from L. extantem, prp. of extare "stand out, be visible, exist," from ex- "out" + stare "to stand"

10 implicate Connotation: Negative Etymology:
early 15c., from L. implicare "involve, entangle, connect closely," from in- "in" + plicare "to fold"

11 inter Connotation: Neutral Etymology: from L. in- "in" + terra "earth"

12 martinet Connotation: Negative Etymology:
reputedly from the name of Col. Jean Martinet, a drillmaster of the Fr. army during the reign of Louis XIV.

13 obviate Connotation: Positive Etymology:
from L.L. obviatus, pp. of obviare "act contrary to, go against"

14 renegade Connotation: Negative Etymology:
from Sp. renegado, originally "Christian turned Muslim," from M.L. renegare "deny"

15 reprehensible Connotation: Negative Etymology:
mid-14c., from L. reprehendere "seize, restrain," lit. "pull back," from re- "back" + prehendere "to grasp, seize"

16 somber Connotation: Negative Etymology:
1760 from Fr. sombre "dark, gloomy," from L.L. subumbrare "to shadow," from sub "under" + umbra "shade, shadow"

17 squalid Connotation: Negative Etymology:
1591, from M.Fr. squalide, from L. squalidus "rough, coated with dirt, filthy," related to squales "filth," squalus "filthy," squalare "be covered with a rough, scaly layer, be coated with dirt, be filthy"

18 turbulent Connotation: Negative Etymology:
from L. turbulentus "full of commotion, restless," from turba "turmoil, crowd"

19 vociferous Connotation: Negative Etymology:
1610s, from L. vociferari "to shout, yell," from vox "voice" + root of ferre "to carry"

20 voluminous Connotation: Neutral Etymology:
1610s, from L.L. voluminosus, from L. volumen "volume"

21 waive Connotation: Neutral Etymology:
c.1300, from Anglo-Fr. weyver "to abandon, waive," O.Fr. weyver, guever "to abandon, give back"

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