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Vocabulary Level E Unit 7. abhor DEF = (v.) to regard with horror or loathing; to hate deeply SYN = detest, despise, abominate ANT = admire, cherish,

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Presentation on theme: "Vocabulary Level E Unit 7. abhor DEF = (v.) to regard with horror or loathing; to hate deeply SYN = detest, despise, abominate ANT = admire, cherish,"— Presentation transcript:

1 Vocabulary Level E Unit 7

2 abhor DEF = (v.) to regard with horror or loathing; to hate deeply SYN = detest, despise, abominate ANT = admire, cherish, respect, relish WORD CONNECTION: We abHOR HORrible people. Cubs and White Sox ABHOR each other! Most people ABHOR the horrific actions of Adolf Hitler.

3 amend DEF = (v.) to change in a formal way; to change for the better SYN = modify, improve, correct WORD CONNECTION: to MEND = to FIX We can add AMENDMENTS to the Constitution to improve our society.

4 buffet DEF = (v.) to slap or cuff; to strike repeatedly; to drive or force with blows; to force one’s way with difficulty; (n.) a slap or blow SYN = (v.) to batter, thump, pummel

5 chaos DEF = (n.) great confusions, disorder SYN = anarchy, turmoil, pandemonium ANT = order, regularity, tranquility During a riot or after an earthquake there can be much CHAOS.

6 commodious DEF = (adj.) roomy, spacious SYN = comfortable, ample, capacious ANT = cramped, claustrophobic, insufficient The inside a limousine is very COMMODIOUS. THINK – “WIDE OPEN SPACES”

7 corrosive DEF = (adj.) eating away gradually, acidlike; bitterly sarcastic SYN = caustic, mordant, spiteful ANT = bland, mild, amiable Rust is corrosive to metal, like on this car.

8 discern DEF = (v.) to see clearly, recognize SYN = perceive, detect, distinguish ANT = overlook In a line up, a witness is asked to DISCERN which of the suspects is the guilty one. A detective uses clues to DISCERN the truth.

9 extant DEF = (adj.) still existing; not exterminated, destroyed, or lost SYN = surviving, in existence ANT = extinct, defunct, vanished WORD CONNECTION: EXtant = EXists These people are cancer survivors. They faced illness, but are still EXTANT. The bald eagle is endangered, but it is still EXTANT because of protective laws.

10 implicate DEF = (v.) to involve in; to connect with or be related to SYN = incriminate, entangle ANT = absolve, exculpate WORD CONNECTION: IMPLIcate = to IMPLY that someone is involved Implicate = to “point the finger” at someone

11 inter DEF = (v.) to bury, commit to the earth; to consign to oblivion ANT = unearth, exhume SILLY CONNECTION: Voice with Southern Accent: “I’m gonna put this seed ‘INTER’ the ground!” When someone passes away, they are often INTERRED in a cemetery.

12 implicateabhorcommodious SYNONYMS: 1. It’s amazing! The bathroom of our new home is more comfortable than the living room in our old apartment! 2. I wouldn’t say that I detest housework, but I do avoid it whenever I can. 3. The guilty expression on the suspects face clearly incriminated him in the murder and caused the police to be suspicious.

13 chaoscorrosiveinter COMPLETING THE SENTENCES: 1. I usually love to garden, but this year I haven’t yet had a chance to ___________________ my seeds and bulbs. 2. Rebecca’s _________________ personality had a destructive effect on the Book Club because nobody wanted to be mocked and ridiculed by her. 3. In the ________________ after Hurricane Katrina many people were homeless and in need of basic necessities.

14 amenddiscernextantbuffet COMPLETING THE SENTENCES: 1. Because of the H1N1 flu outbreak, the grade school had to ______________ their attendance policy to allow for more absences per quarter. 2. During the sudden thunderstorm, our small tent was severely _____________ by the wind and rain. 3. It is sometimes hard to ______________ the difference between people who have ambition and people who are greedy. 4. Although the panda bear is currently _______________, if no further protection measures are taken, it may be an extinct species very soon.

15 martinet DEF = (n.) a strict disciplinarian; a stickler for the rules SYN = taskmaster, slave driver

16 obviate DEF = (v.) to anticipate and prevent; to remove, dispose of SYN = preclude, forestall, ward off Vaccinations OBVIATE illness. They PREVENT people from getting sick. Deodorant OBVIATES body odor.

17 renegade DEF = (n.) one who leaves a group; a deserter, outlaw; (adj.) traitorous; unconventional, unorthodox SYN = (n.) turncoat, defector ANT = (n.) loyalist, patriot Benedict Arnold was a RENEGADE. He turned into a TRAITOR against the American revolutionaries.

18 reprehensible DEF = (adj.) deserving blame or punishment SYN = objectionable, blameworthy ANT = commendable, blameless Hitler’s REPREHENSIBLE deserved severe punishment. Michael Vick’s REPREHENSIBLE treatment of dogs deserved punishment.

19 somber DEF = (adj.) dark, gloomy; depressed or melancholy in spirit SYN = mournful, dismal ANT = bright, sunny, cheerful

20 squalid DEF = (adj.) filthy, wretched, debased SYN = dingy, foul, vile ANT = neat, exalted, lofty

21 turbulent DEF = (adj.) disorderly, riotous, violent; stormy SYN = tumultuous, unruly, agitated ANT = calm, placid, tranquil, still WORD CONNECTION: When an airplane experiences TURBULENCE, it is a BUMPY, TURBULENT flight. Turbulent Skies

22 vociferous DEF = (adj.) loud and noisy; compelling attention SYN = clamorous, uproarious ANT = quiet, soft-spoken, muted WORD CONNECTION: We can be VOCIFEROUS when our VOICE is LOUD.

23 voluminous DEF = (adj.) of great size; numerous; writing or speaking at great lengths SYN = bulky, massive, plentiful ANT = meager, brief, succinct WORD CONNECTION: Something VOLUMINOUS has a LARGE VOLUME. Voluminous hair Voluminous (MASSIVE) Mountain An encyclopedia is a VOLUMINOUS reference tool.

24 waive DEF = (v.) to do without, give up voluntarily; to put off temporarily SYN = decline, relinquish, forgo ANT = claim, accept WORD CONNECTION: Think – “to waive (wave) away with your hand” “Never mind”

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