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Level E Vocabulary Unit 6.

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1 Level E Vocabulary Unit 6

2 Accede Connotation: neutral
Etymology: mid-15c., from L. accedere "approach, enter upon," from ad- "to" + cedere "go, move"

3 Brandish Connotation: neutral
Etymology: mid-14c., from O.Fr. brandir "to flourish (a sword)" (12c.), from brant "blade of a sword, prow of a ship"

4 comprise Connotation: neutral
Etymology: 1423, from O.Fr. comprendre "to contain, comprise," from L. comprehendere “comprehend”

5 deft Connotation: positive Etymology: O.E. gedæfte "mild, gentle"

6 destitute Connotation: negative
Etymology: c.1382, from L. destitutus "abandoned," destituere "forsake," from de- "away" + statuere "put, place"

7 explicit Connotation: neutral
Etymology: c.1600, from Fr. explicite, explicare "unfold, unravel, explain," from ex- "out" + plicare "to fold"

8 extirpate Connotation: neutral
Etymology: from Latin exstirpāre  to root out, stirps = root

9 inopportune Connotation: negative
Etymology: 1533, from L.L. inopportunus "unfitting," from in- "not" + opportunus

10 ironic Connotation: neutral
Etymology: 1620–30; Late Latin īrōnicus; Greek eirōnikós   dissembling, insincere

11 musty Connotation: negative
Etymology: 1530, perhaps a variant of moisty "moist, damp"

12 officious Connotation: negative
Etymology: 1565, "zealous, eager to serve," from L. officiosus "dutiful," from officium "duty, service" (see office). Sense of "meddlesome, doing more than is asked or required" had emerged by 1600 (in officiously).

13 ominous Connotation: negative
Etymology: 1580s, from L. ominosus "full of foreboding," from omen

14 pinnacle Connotation: positive
Etymology: c.1300, from O.Fr. pinacle (1261), from L.L. pinnaculum "gable," dim. of pinna "peak, point"

15 premeditated Connotation: neutral
Etymology: 1540–50; < Latin praemeditātus   to contemplate in advance.

16 rampant Connotation: negative
Etymology: from O.Fr. ramper "to creep, climb" KUDZU

17 solace Connotation: positive
Etymology: late 13c., from O.Fr. solas, from L. solari "to console, soothe"

18 stately Connotation: positive
Etymology: "noble, splendid," late 14c., from state in a sense of "costly and imposing display" (such as benefits a person of rank and wealth), early 14c.; a sense also preserved in the phrase to lie in state "to be ceremoniously exposed to view before interment" (1705). Hence also stateroom (1703), reserved for ceremonial occasions

19 supple Connotation: positive
Etymology: c.1300, from O.Fr. souple "pliant, flexible," from L. supplex "submissive, humbly begging," literally "bending, kneeling down"

20 suppress Connotation: negative
Etymology: from L. supprimere "press down, stop, check, stifle," from sub "down, under" + premere "push against"

21 venal Connotation: negative
Etymology: from L. venalis "that is for sale," from venum "for sale"

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