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Communism Spreads in East Asia

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1 Communism Spreads in East Asia
Ch.18.3 Communism Spreads in East Asia

2 China’s Communist Revolution
Mao Zedong Support of peasants Land for poor Conquered Tibet in 1950

3 Communist one-party totalitarian state
Discouraged Buddhism, Confucianism Opponents= counterrevolutionaries Beaten, labor camps or killed

4 Collectivization Great Leap Forward program Increase output Communes Program failed 55 million starved

5 1966 Mao launched the Cultural Revolution
Schools closed Bourgeois beaten/killed

6 China, the Cold War’s Wild Card
Tensions with Soviets U.S. dealt with Jieshi in Taiwan China in U.N Nixon meets with Mao

7 1979 set up diplomatic relations with China
Taiwan resisted China’s rule

8 War Comes to Korea Split in two after war Divided along the 38th parallel of latitude North Korea, communist led by Kim IL Sung

9 South Korea backed by U.S. led by Syngman Rhee
Sung attacks and moves deep into S. Korea U.S. and U.N step in

10 Mostly U.S. troops Pusan Perimeter
Captured rail lines and cut off troops, food, ammunition U.N. moved north to the boarder of China

11 China helped push the U.N. back to the 38th parallel
Stalemate 1953 armistice

12 Two Koreas 1980’s movement towards democracy in south

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