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Nationalism Grows in India

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1 Nationalism Grows in India
After WWI, the British Empire in India began to weaken 2 groups formed to get rid of India foreign rule Hindu Indian National Congress (1885) Muslim League (1906) Goal to gain independence from the British

2 Nationalism Grows in India
During WWI, Indians were promised they would get self government for enlisting in the war After the war, Indian troops would return to be treated as 2nd class citizens Radical nationalists carried out violence to show their hatred of British rule

3 India Nationalism 1919 Britain passes the Rowlatt Acts
10,000 Hindus & Muslims flock to Amritsar to pray and listen to political speeches British (who banned public meetings) ordered their troops to fire on the crowd (Amritsar Massacre) Killing 400 Indians and wounding 1,200 People in India were angered by these actions Millions of Indians changed from loyal British subjects into nationalist

4 Ghandhi’s Tactics Emerges as leader of the independent movement
Used a religious approach Ghandhi urged the National Congress to follow policy of noncooperation with Britain Civil Disobedience (refusal to obey unjust law and use nonviolence to gain independence Used Boycotts on British goods Used Strikes & Demonstrations Generally led to riots

5 Ghandhi’s Tactics 1930, Ghandhi and his followers in protest of the British Salt Acts marched 240 miles to collect their salt (Salt March) Began to march toward the processing plant for salt Police w/steel tip clubs attacked the demonstrators American journalist wrote about the attacks, Ghandhi gained fame 1935 Britain passed the Government of India Act (limited self government)

6 Nationalism in Southwest Asia
End of WWI, Ottoman Empire forced to give all of its territories except for Turkey 1919 Greek soldiers invaded Turkey & threaten to conquer it 1922 Mustafa Kemal led the Turks to fight back the Greeks Kemal becomes president of Turkey pushed for reforms Separated the laws of Islam from the laws of the nation Created a new legal system Granted women the right to vote Launched government funded programs to industrialize Turkey

7 Middle East Persia becomes Iran
Britain tried to take over Persia during the Bolshevik Revolution Nationalism revolt, 1921 Persian Army officer gains control Reza Shah Pahlavi brings reform Abd al-Aziz Ibn Saud began to unify Saudi Arabia Brought modern technology Demand for petroleum Oil Deposits found in this area

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