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DAQMASTER Features and Benefits

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1 DAQMASTER Features and Benefits
Yokogawa Corporation of America Network Solutions Business Unit Rev. 1

2 Distributed Data Acquisition System
DAQMASTER MW100 Distributed Data Acquisition System - FEATURES - Scalable / Distributed Universal I/O Secure Redundant Data Network Capable Easy to Configure I/O with High Accuracy, Stability & Isolation Built in web server

3 Scalable / Distributed Universal I/O
Easily Expandable Build 10 to 1000’s of point I/O systems Start small and expand in the future Reduce wiring and installation costs Locate I/O in any location Add I/O to new or existing DCS or PLC without moving existing wiring Cost effective Reduce Spare Parts by stocking common universal I/O modules Very reliable hardware reduces maintenance costs Calibration held in each module simplifies calibration procedures

4 Scalable / Distributed Universal I/O
Eliminate wiring cost for new remote monitoring applications Internet Spread Spectrum Wireless Solutions Cellular Modem Ethernet Solutions Yokogawa offers spread spectrum wireless solutions in either frequency hoping or WIFI radios. This solution is good for applications where your remote site is within 10 miles line of sight. We will perform a site survey to determine the feasibility. Yokogawa also offers cellular technology solutions. With the use of a cellular modem the MW100 can be located anywhere cell service is available. Verizon, ATT, Cingular and ALLTEL.

5 Secure Redundant Data No lost data Low operation cost
Measured data is stored in a local CF (Compact Flash) memory card Data will automatically backfill via FTP after a failed network recovers Low operation cost System can run standalone without any operator interaction by FIFO’ing stored data on local CF memory card Large CF card will store data for a long period without operator intervention DAQMASTER is smart I/O because it is capable of storing large quantities of data locally. It can also be configured with multiple logging rates, so points that need to be sampled and stored faster can be stored without storing the other points that can be logged more slowly, thereby conserving local memory. In the event of a network failure DAQMASTER will hold all data and send it after the network is back online. Data via FTP

6 Network Capable Easy integration to existing systems
Add I/O to an existing DCS without purchasing expensive I/O cards and DCS tags Add modern advanced communication capabilities to your existing PLC or DCS without complex engineering and integration costs Safe guard critical data by storing data locally Examples: A-B SLC500, PLC5 A-B ControlLogix Bailey Infi90 Westinghouse DeltaV Yokogawa CS Foxboro IA Seimens S7 PLC DCS Field Control Station DAQMASTER had serial and Ethernet ports and ModbusRTU and TCP protocol allowing quick and easy connectiion to exiting systems.

SNTP SERVER MODBUS MASTER DAQMASTER is very Network Capable and support many standard network protocol enabling it to be applied in a wide varity of applications. SNTP CLIENT PI DATA Historian YOKOGAWA DIAGNOSTIC PORT MODBUS SLAVE

8 Easy to Configure Dedicated PC is NOT required
Everyone with internet access can view data without special software No annual software license costs Eliminate expensive configuration and integration costs Build control applications without hiring an integrator Control configuration is accomplished with readable math equations and logic statements (IF,THEN,ELSE,AND,OR,NOT) All configuration is handled via the DAQMASTER built-in webserver Config via IE

9 I/O with High Accuracy, Stability & Isolation
Low operation cost One module can handle any application by measuring any signal from +20/-20mV to +100/-100 V, plus DI contact or Level Inputs Calibration is held in each module and terminal blocks can be removed DAQMASTER will withstand accidental over voltage situation with 3700 VRMS (for 1 minute) and 600 VRMS/VDC continuous isolation Remove module without breaking 4-20mA loops. Take the module to the shop for calibration.

10 Built in web server Eliminate costly custom configuration and support
View trend, digital & alarm process data and log historical data in minutes Internet Browsers are a common and well known user interface, the DAQMASTER makes data available to anyone that can view a web page No unstable operating systems or software to deal with Real Time Process View

11 Review of Benefits 1 2 3 4 1. View data from anywhere be accessing the MW100 built-in Webserver. 2. Use the MW100 to add modern Web interface capability and data logging to an existing PLC without a PC and special software. 3. Send data to a centrally located ftp server for view by anything in your facility. DAQMASTER will backfill data if the network fails. 4. Add extra I/O to your DCS without adding DCS control tags. 5. Use the DAQMASTER as a I/O frontend to your PI data historian package. An OPC server is available of these applications. 6. Use DAQMASTER as a stand alone data logger and store data to the local compact flash memory card. 6 5 DATA

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