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Yokogawa Corporation of America Network Solutions Business Unit

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1 Yokogawa Corporation of America Network Solutions Business Unit
DAQMASTER “MW100” Class I Div 2 Data Acquisition System with AGA Gas Flow Computer Option Features and Benefits Yokogawa Corporation of America Network Solutions Business Unit Rev. 1

2 Basic Features Overview
DAQMASTER “MW100” Basic Features – FM Approved Class I Div 2 Gas Flow Computer with AGA3/AGA8 Scalable / Distributed Universal I/O Secure Redundant Data Network Capable Easy to Configure I/O with High Accuracy, Stability & Isolation Built in web server

3 Scalable / Distributed Universal I/O
Easily Expandable Build 10 to 1000’s of point I/O systems Start small and expand in the future Reduce wiring and installation costs Locate I/O in any location Add I/O to new or existing DCS or PLC without moving existing wiring Cost effective Reduce Spare Parts by stocking common universal I/O modules Very reliable hardware reduces maintenance costs Calibration held in each module simplifies calibration procedures

4 Secure Redundant Data No lost data Low operation cost
Measured data is stored in a local CF (Compact Flash) memory card Data will automatically backfill via FTP after a failed network recovers Low operation cost System can run standalone without any operator interaction by FIFO’ing stored data on local CF memory card Large CF card will store data for a long period without operator intervention DAQMASTER is smart I/O because it is capable of storing large quantities of data locally. It can also be configured with multiple logging rates, so points that need to be sampled and stored faster can be stored without storing the other points that can be logged more slowly, thereby conserving local memory. In the event of a network failure DAQMASTER will hold all data and send it after the network is back online. Data via FTP

5 Network Capable Easy integration to existing systems
Add I/O to an existing DCS without purchasing expensive I/O cards and DCS tags Add modern advanced communication capabilities to your existing PLC or DCS without complex engineering and integration costs Safe guard critical data by storing data locally Examples: A-B SLC500, PLC5 A-B ControlLogix Bailey Infi90 Westinghouse DeltaV Yokogawa CS Foxboro IA Seimens S7 PLC DCS Field Control Station DAQMASTER had serial and Ethernet ports and ModbusRTU and TCP protocol allowing quick and easy connectiion to exiting systems.

SNTP SERVER MODBUS MASTER DAQMASTER is very Network Capable and support many standard network protocol enabling it to be applied in a wide varity of applications. SNTP CLIENT PI DATA Historian YOKOGAWA DIAGNOSTIC PORT MODBUS SLAVE

7 Easy to Configure Dedicated PC is NOT required
Everyone with internet access can view data without special software No annual software license costs View trend, digital & alarm process data and log historical data in minutes Eliminate expensive configuration and integration costs Build control applications without hiring an integrator Control configuration is accomplished with readable math equations and logic statements (IF,THEN,ELSE,AND,OR,NOT) All configuration is handled via the DAQMASTER built-in webserver Configure View Real-time Data

8 I/O with High Accuracy, Stability & Isolation
Low operation cost One module can handle any application by measuring any signal from +20/-20mV to +100/-100 V, plus DI contact or Level Inputs Calibration is held in each module and terminal blocks can be removed DAQMASTER will withstand accidental over voltage situation with 3700 VRMS (for 1 minute) and 600 VRMS/VDC continuous isolation Remove module without breaking 4-20mA loops. Take the module to the shop for calibration.

9 MW100: FM Approval to Class I Division 2
DAQMASTER MW100 FM Approved Class I Div 2 – Factory Mutual Approval Class I Division 2 Groups A,B,C,D Hazardous (classified) indoor use FM3610 FM3611 FM3810 Differences to standard MW100 No on/off power switch 24 Vdc power supply only Some I/O modules have usage restrictions See Instruction Manual for details

10 MW100: FM Approval Certificate

11 AGA – American Gas Association –
Gas Flow Terminology AGA – American Gas Association – Industry research and marketing body that promotes standards Flow Computer Receives inputs from sensors and applies AGA calculations to record corrected flow rates and energy density Common flow sensors Orifice Plate Venturi-tube V-Cone Turbine meter Compressibility gas becomes more dense under pressure, requiring calculation of a compressibility factor (Z) in order to return it to Standard Temperature and Pressure (STP) volume.

12 MW100: AGA Gas Flow Computer Features
DAQMASTER MW100 AGA Gas Flow Computer Features – Supports AGA 3 and AGA 8 methods One MW has (10) gas flow computation sets! Currently supports orifice and venturi sensor types AGA gas flow comes with Class I Div 2 model (/S8 option) New software (MW180-2) used for gas flow setup

13 Backgroun: AGA Reports and Methods
Corrected gas flow in conjunction with Orifice Plates and DP Sensors Density input is external input or fixed value. AGA 7 corrected gas flow in conjunction with Turbine Meters, requires external input for density or fixed value. NX-19 Older, less intensive corrected closed-form (non-iterative) gas flow calculation for natural gas compositions of up to 15% CO2 and N2. Supported by many flow computers. AGA 8 Complex compressibility and density calculations Uses table look-ups and iterative sequences Compensates for higher inert composition and operating conditions. Accepted as most accurate

14 Background: Characterization Methods
All methods need operating P, T, and ACFH to be able to compute SCFH Detail Characterization Input complete breakdown by Mole % of gas composition Gross Characterization Method 1 Input specific gravity, %CO2, and Heating Value (BTU/FT3) Gross Characterization Method 2 Input Specific Gravity, %CO2 , and %N2 MW100 Supports all three characterization types

15 Background: NX-19 vs. AGA 8 www,

16 How Gas Flow Computation is done in MW100
Use “MVTool” offline software to setup gas flow parameters Download gas flow configuration to MW100 (this is a new step) Use standard webserver configuration tools to program MW100 Add new math statements to access gas flow computation results MW100 Main module MATH calculation Output modules Flow rate Differential pressure Input module Flow calculation Recording Static pressure Temperature MW100 MVTool Web browser Flow standard Primary device configuration Input configuration Fluid component configuration MW100 configuration Measurement Monitoring

17 Flow Standard

18 Fluid Standard

19 MW100 Flow Calculation Function

20 MW100 Flow Calculation Function
New math statement in MW for gas flow A001 =FXFL.OUT(1) Uses results of virtual flow meter #1 A002 =FXFL.OUT(3) Uses results of virtual flow meter #2

21 MW100 Flow Calculation Function
Model code MW100 main module: MW100-E-3W/M1/S8 /M1 has to be specified /C2 or /C3 can be specified Configuration software “MVTool (MW180-2)” required Specification and functions Primary devices and standard Orifice (AGA Report 3) Venturi tube, Venturi nozzle (ASME MFC-3M, ISO5167-1, ISO5167-4) Fluid type and standard Natural gas (AGA Report 8) Coefficient files 10 coefficient files Virtual flow meters 10 virtual flow meters (10 flow groups) 100msec per virtual flow meter Flow type: Mass flow, Volume flow, Normal-standard volume flow MW100 Math functions Readable Flow rate, Differential pressure, Static pressure, temperature Totalizer with TLOG.SUM (per sec, min, hour, day)

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