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© British Telecommunications plc Programme update Johnny McQuoid – Programme Director March 2010.

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1 © British Telecommunications plc Programme update Johnny McQuoid – Programme Director March 2010

2 © British Telecommunications plc March 20102 Phase 2: FTTC early market deployment –28 exchanges released from January 2010 –~500k premises passed Phase 1: FTTC customer trial completed –Whitchurch and Muswell Hill exchanges released July 2009 –Glasgow Halfway released October 2009 –~30k premises passed Phase 3: early summer 2010 –Over 60 exchanges released for FTTC –FTTP brownfield customer trial in Bradwell Abbey, Milton Keynes, and Highams Park, London (~40k premises passed) –~1.5m premises passed Phase 4a: late summer 2010 –Over 60 exchanges released for FTTC –~2.5m premises passed Phase 4b & 5: summer 2010 to summer 2011 –Over 300 exchanges released for FTTC and FTTP Fibre programme phases and progress By end of 2010 4m premises passed By summer 2012 10m premises passed –40% UK (FTTC 75%, FTTP 25%) NOTE: Exchanges and dates are indicative and subject to change

3 © British Telecommunications plc March 20103 Our ‘mixed economy’ strategy Copper (ADSL2+) Up to 24Mb/s Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) Up to 40Mb/s Fibre to the premise (FTTP) Up to 100Mb/s Exchanges Homes/Businesses Copper Fibre Cabinet We have a ‘mixed economy’ strategy to provide copper, fibre and other access technologies, which promotes customer choice and flexibility There are two main ways that Openreach will introduce fibre optic technology into BT’s access network: –FTTP: an all-fibre solution –FTTC: fibre will be deployed from the exchange to the street cabinet in parallel to existing copper Openreach offers its services to all CPs, including BT Wholesale, BT Retail and BT Global Services, on an equivalent basis ADSL2+ will also be available offering headline speeds of up to 24Mb/s Copper

4 © British Telecommunications plc March 20104 FTTP deployment summary September 2008: First end-users connected at Ebbsfleet Valley, Kent using FTTP greenfield solution, with up to100Mb/s downstream speed From early summer 2010: FTTP brownfield CP trial Highams Park (London) and Bradwell Abbey (Milton Keynes) Up to 40k premises passed Plan to provide FTTP in up to 25% of the 10m premises FTTP will be sold initially as an overlay service with voice over legacy copper Fibre voice services will be developed There is potential for higher downstream speeds in the future An exchange area may have both FTTC and FTTP present to best address customer needs

5 © British Telecommunications plc March 20105 Consumers can take their digital life one stage further e.g. sharing high quality video footage in addition to pictures becomes possible, as the time taken to upload content is dramatically shortened Businesses can increase flexible and remote working, saving money on office overheads and improving the work-life balance of their employees Large graphic and video files can be sent immediately online rather than delivered to clients on hard disk Business will be able to use high quality voice and video calls, reduce the amount of time travelling to customers while still gaining the benefit of direct customer contact BT’s fibre investment benefits all CPs, not just BT, and means we are continuing to drive an open, competitive and innovative market in the UK - that’s good for all customers in the UK Building for the future Note: Applications and services are for illustrative purposes

6 © British Telecommunications plc March 20106 BT Infinity changes the way our customers experience the internet: Superfast download speeds support running multiple applications and services at the same time, without losing any quality of service Market leading upload speeds revolutionise sharing information on the internet Option 1 is positioned as an entry level product, with Option 2 delivering the most complete experience at very competitive prices BT Infinity – the consumer proposition BT Infinity Option 1BT Infinity Option 2 Product Up to 40Mb/s download Up to 2Mb/s upload 20Gb allowance* Free BT Infinity Home Hub Value added services - Basic security - 5Gb Digital Vault - 250 wi-fi minutes - 6 mailboxes Up to 40Mb/s download Up to 10Mb/s upload Unlimited allowance* Free BT Infinity Home Hub Value added services - Advanced security - 5Gb Digital Vault with auto-backup - Unlimited wi-fi minutes - 11 mailboxes Pricing From £19.99 per month £50 activation Free engineer installation From £24.99 per month Free activation Free engineer installation *Subject to fair usage policy

7 © British Telecommunications plc March 20107 BT Business Total Broadband Fibre Fibre BroadbandFibre Broadband Plus Product Up to 40Mb/s download Up to 2Mb/s upload Prioritised traffic – 12Mb/s throughput Up to 40Mb/s download Up to 10Mb/s upload Prioritised traffic – 12Mb/s throughput Priority fault resolution Pricing From £30 per month (excluding VAT) £75 activation Free engineer installation From £45 per month (excluding VAT) £75 activation Free engineer installation Freephone 24/7 UK based dedicated support 99.99% network reliability Desktop self help pack to diagnose problems easily 9/10 faults sorted in under 4 hours 95% of calls answered in less than 30 seconds Free BT Openzone Wi-Fi minutes: take broadband on the road* A BT Openzone hotspot is included as part of BT Business Total Broadband when you connect using the BT Business Hub Earn money from reselling access vouchers or provide access for free to valued customers Compete with 'premium' hotspots - but without the infrastructure costs 0800 or 0844 number, free of charge for the first 12 months 10 e-mail addresses *Packages 2 & 3

8 © British Telecommunications plc March 20108 Retaining the UK’s highly competitive broadband market Trial: 14 communications providers, supporting ~2k end user connections Our customers are developing their products and pricing base on our wholesale services Introduction: Fibre access option added to our Wholesale Broadband Connect family of services >50 wholesale customers are taking WBC and WBMC services. Together they are serving around 800,000 end users and this volume is increasing rapidly Mixed economy: Fibre stands side-by-side with our range of copper broadband services giving our wholesale customers, and their customers, more choice Up to 24Mb/s copper service available to >50% of UK homes and businesses and rollout continues Managed service: Openreach provides fibre access in the ‘first mile’ and BT Wholesale provides a range of managed fibre services Ease of use: Standardised systems and processes; streamlined service delivery; single backhaul option Planned enhancements: Including Real-time QoS, business service, FTTP Partnership approach: Aims to bring fibre services to areas of the UK faster than is commercially viable BT Wholesale’s fibre services introduced

9 © British Telecommunications plc March 20109 Dedicated fibre Dedicated fibre, Ethernet over FTTC & FTTP, Ethernet over copper, Private Circuits Ethernet over copper, Broadband (FTTC, FTTP, ADSL2+) WiFi, 3G, GPRS Our services exploit many capabilities to serve the needs of different requirements Large Sites 100Mb/s - 1Gb/s+ Small sites 2Mb/s -10Mb/s Medium Sites 2Mb/s – 100Mb/s Mobile users Up to 10Mb/s. NGA services sweet spot BT Global Services UK access scenarios

10 © British Telecommunications plc March 201010 Key points BT operates in a highly competitive broadband market where consumers have an extensive choice of services with some of the lowest prices in the world Our open platforms, allow all service providers in the UK to access our new fibre technology through their existing systems. We also bring our own services, at infrastructure, wholesale and retail levels, to the market through Openreach, BT Wholesale, BT Retail and BT Global Services Broadband has boosted the UK economy in recent years, becoming an essential part of our customers’ lives. In 2008 BT announced that it would invest £1.5bn to make next generation fibre-based broadband – super-fast broadband - available to at least 40% of the UK, some 10m homes and businesses, by summer 2012 Both our fibre solutions are already live in the UK and this allows us to be highly confident of both the performance levels and deployment commitments Our upstream speeds, at up to 10Mb/s, will be the fastest in the UK, more than 6 times faster than Virgin Media’s fastest service* BT has been selected as preferred partner to work with Northern Ireland’s Department of Enterprise Trade and Investment on a regional next generation broadband programme. We are also in discussion with a number of UK regional authorities on their next generation broadband plans *Virgin’s 50Mb broadband offers upload speeds of up to 1.5Mb

11 © British Telecommunications plc March 201011

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