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ACN Digital Phone Service

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2 ACN Digital Phone Service

3 Receive a $75 Visa Reward Card ACN Digital Phone Service
Customer Rewards U.S. Available to New Customers who sign up during the month of January With Phone Adapter or Video Phone Excludes Family Plan Lines Will receive card after months of active service Receive a $75 Visa Reward Card Visit for program eligibility and fulfillment details.

4 Lower, competitive rates and simplified plans coming soon
ACN Local & Long Distance New for 2012: Lower, competitive rates and simplified plans coming soon

5 Add High Speed Internet to Digital Phone Service and Local and Long Distance
ACN offers nationwide coverage with choice of providers Promotional pricing All on integrated platform


7 The Best of Both Worlds Advantages of pre-paid and post-paid wireless carriers No contracts No credit checks Reliable nationwide coverage Affordable monthly rate plans Low international rates

8 Low Pay-As-You-Go and Overage Rates!
Voice: Only $0.10/minute Text: Only $0.10/text Data: Only $0.20/Mb

9 Domestic Voice Roaming
now included with all Unlimited Bundle Plans at no additional charge!

10 Take control over your wireless spending costs with FlexWallet!
FlexWallet Enables: Domestic voice roaming (included on Unlimited Calling Plan) International long distance calling Directory assistance Usage of voice, text and data beyond what is allowed in the selected service plan

11 Simplified Plan Pricing – January 19
Flash Wireless plans allow you to connect the way you want. With a simple selection and low monthly payments your wireless experience will be second to none. Unlimited Voice, Text and Data Bundle: only $59.99/month 450 Minute Voice and Unlimited Text Plan: only $44.99/month 450 Minute Voice and 250 Text Plan: only $34.99/month Text and Data only Plan: only $34.99/month - Includes unlimited text messaging, 150 MB data and 10 any time minutes

12 Multi-Line Plan Options – Coming January 19
Add additional lines and receive a $10 discount off those lines. Add similar or different plans, mix and match, whatever you prefer, and the additional lines will be $10 less than the first. For example, select the $59.99 bundle plan and get your second plan for only $49.99/month. *Maximum number of lines per account is five. $10 discount does not apply to text and data plan.

13 Coming Feb./March! 4G Devices and 4G Network Coverage HTC Detail (4G)
Samsung Galaxy II (4G) Samsung Conquer (4G)

14 Coming January 19! International Calling Plan Options
Free calling 10+ countries: only $5.99/month Free calling to 60+ countries: only $9.99/month Will be available as an add-on option to your existing plan.

15 Introducing… IBO Strive for Five

16 IBO Strive for Five! Acquire 5 NEW ACN Digital Phone Service Customers and YOUR SERVICE IS FREE!

17 IBO Strive for Five! Acquire 5 New ACN Local and Long Distance Customers and your service is Free!

18 IBO Strive for Five Acquire 5 New Flash Wireless Customers and your service is Free!

19 Strive for Five Requirements
New Orders as of January 1 Available to IBOs only in good standing . Points will still apply for free service Excludes family plan lines MRC credit received each month as long as 5 active customers are maintained. A credit of up to $60 will be applied for Flash Customers All 5 customers must be active by the last day of the month in order for the credit to be received the following month Customers must be separate accounts with separate credit card information, outside of the IBO’s home Credit toward total bill amount; Credits may take up to two months to be applied

20 January 1 Compensation Plan Updates – U.S.

21 TT Qualifications – new TTs starting in January
5 Point Minimum With at least 3 services including 2 preferred

22 U.S. Wireless: Applies to Orders received beginning January 9th
Points: New Orders – Preferred Customer Single Line = 1 point Family Plan 2 or 3 lines = 2 points 4 to 5 lines = 3 points Extensions and Add-a-Line = 1 point (not a preferred customer)

23 U.S. Wireless: Applies to Orders received beginning January 9th
Commissionable Revenue: New Accounts - Single Line = $35 Family Plan - 2 lines = $40 3 to 5 lines = $10 per additional line Add-A-Line = $10 per line Extensions – Single Line = $10 2 to 5 lines = $15

24 U.S. Points Promotions: January 2012
Digital Phone Service with Phone Adapter or Video Phone Local and Long Distance DigitalTalk Express Customers NOW 4 Customer Points! PLUS Your Business Assistant – 2 Customer Points (new IBOs in Jan)! Flash Wireless – 4 Customer Points effective Jan 19

25 Jumpstart January With ACN’s Mad Money Bonus!

26 Jumpstart January with ACN’s Mad Money Bonus, calling YOU to action in 2012!
Earn ETT and acquire 30 Customer Points in first 30 days $1,200 Points from ACN Mobile World do not count toward the 30 points. All qualifying customers must be connected to the service for bonus to be paid.

27 Jumpstart January with ACN’s Mad Money Bonus, calling YOU to action in 2012!
All Existing IBOs who started November 30, 2011 or prior are also eligible to earn a bonus: Acquire 30 NEW Customer Points in January and sponsor 1 NEW TT who becomes qualified in the month of January $1,000 IBOS who started in December are eligible for the December Bonus Promotion

28 December Bonus Promotion
The following bonus promotion is available to all North American Independent Business Owners with a start date between December 1 and December 31. Earn ETT and acquire 20 Customer Points in first 30 days You must be a qualified ETT with 20 Personal Customer Points and 1 qualified TT in two separate legs at any level. Mobile World Customer Points will not count toward earning the bonus. $1,000


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