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Introducing Piers Daniell Managing Director

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1 Introducing Piers Daniell Managing Director

2 So what is ?


4 End User Availability Checker Like a SamSells Carrier and ISP neutral Highlight new technologies Marketing focus for national press No public funding required



7 6th December, 2010 - Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) launched to support investment in superfast networks …Our goal is simple: within this parliament we want Britain to have the best superfast broadband network in Europe. Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport Key objectives Bringing superfast broadband within reach of both urban and rural communities To offer consumer/business choice without the monopolisation of network infrastructure Rural Access

8 BDUK tasked with providing USC of 2 Mb/s to all Maintain Open Access infrastructure network Cost prohibitive for ISPs to build and connect remote, diverse networks Patchwork nature of various local network operators Maintain diversity and flexibility of products Challenges to face

9 The Service Exchange Platform (SEP) Started in 2009 Wholesaled Telefonica O2 network Separated ways with BE Wholesale brand early 2011 Independent network focused on Layer-2 delivery to ISPs Currently serves 50 ISPs Fluidata Presence in nine datacentres across the UK including SOV, HEX, LHC, THN, THE, IFL2, UKG, AQL 24/7 Network Operations Centre Connected into 16 different networks Consolidated sales, provisioning, billing and support What underpins ?

10 BT 21CN and 20CN Network WBC backhaul network 95 th percentile billing Access to FTTC and FTTP products Telefonica O2 ADSL2+ Annex-M technology 1,300 exchanges nationwide ISAM fault diagnostic tools Three 3G national coverage SIM ordering & activation Pool bandwidth across SIMs Service Exchange Platform

11 Digital Region 546,000 homes and 45,000 businesses 1,360 street cabinets 32,500 SMEs covered by VDSL VDSL (FTTC) and ADSL2+ technology available Service Exchange Platform

12 Independent Fibre Networks Part of the Inexus Group FTTP up to 1 Gb/s Based on GPON (delivering up to 2.5 Gb/s down, 1.25 Gb/s up) POTS service based on SIP Average development site 1,800 homes includes primary & secondary school & retail space Deployment to 20 sites across the UK with another 30 being negotiated. 50,000 home opportunity Service Exchange Platform

13 Other networks Hampshire FTTC and Wireless trial Cumbria Whitespace Trial Future Services Automated Leased Line quoting and ordering tool TalkTalk Business DSL Cable & Wireless DSL More rural/urban networks Service Exchange Platform

14 Fibre Services Virgin Media SSE COLT Cable & Wireless AboveNet Level 3 BT Openreach Enta TalkTalk Business EFM BT TalkTalk Business Service Exchange Platform

15 1 Gb/s standard interconnect Each network delivered along a separate VLAN 24/7 support with ticketing system Fully integrated API/Portal for ordering and support Service Exchange Platform



18 For the ISP One platform for Layer-2 DSL and fibre services Integrated ordering, provisioning, billing & support Wide range of suppliers including rural networks Competitive terms, no minimum commitments Deliver choice and next gen services to customers Part of Stop@Nothing For the Network Operator Quick OSS/BSS integration through partners Magdalene & NetAdmin Access to wide range of ISPs Increase take-up and improve business case Meet BDUK and council guidelines for open access Part of Stop@Nothing Benefits of SEP &

19 Questions

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