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Progress update John Moore Ian Marr CEO, NYnet Project Manager NYCC/NYnet.

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1 Progress update John Moore Ian Marr CEO, NYnet Project Manager NYCC/NYnet

2 Areas we will cover Why are we doing this? BT rollout Demand stimulation Business support Communications and partnerships Community broadband Lessons learnt to date Challenges to come What the next few months look like

3 Reminder of our Vision Access to high-quality broadband for 100% of North Yorkshire by 2017

4 Problem is.. Failed market Digital divide User frustration Overcome with.. Local expertise UK and EU funding, although State Aid brings risks

5 BT Rollout Key contract terms 100% access to min 2Mbps 90% access to min 25Mbps Completion by end 2014 Mostly FTTC Some FTTP and satellite

6 BT Rollout Headlines 90+ of 690 cabinets completed 20,000+ of 142,000 total premises now able to access superfast speeds

7 Demand stimulation Team established Promoting cabinet upgrades and community schemes Not ISP specific Booklet produced

8 Demand stimulation Targeted activity Nationally, superfast broadband take-up is 16% after 2 years SFNY are already getting 8% after 200 days Our local target is to exceed20%

9 Business Support (£3M) Targets – 550 businesses to get 12hrs support – new jobs created – superfast broadband take-up by SMEs – increase in GVA

10 Business Support (£3M) Intro is through breakfast session Leading to, eg, cloud computing, social media and digital marketing master classes. Plus 1:1 support and a £££ incentive. For more information: – call: 0845 002 0021 – email:

11 Communications and Partnerships Website – Postcode searcher – Enquiry email – Community schemes – Business support Also …

12 Communications and Partnerships Partner briefings – inc public meetings Newletters Press releases Events

13 Community broadband Continuing to support existing schemes First Framework competition close to release Will help inform 10% strategy

14 Community broadband 10% options (all likely to require additional £££s) More fibre by BT Community Wireless Other technologies (eg satellite)

15 Lessons learnt to date State aid/procurement is complex BT approach works, but has issues – laws of physics – quality of pre-existing (voice) networks – split communities/business parks

16 Lessons learnt to date Very wide spectrum of public awareness and understanding Thirst for Business Support Demand stimulation boosts take- up

17 Challenges to come Ensuring BT complete + on time Outcome of first Framework competition 10% areas – Funding – Technology options Meeting public expectations

18 Next few months BT will bring a further 600 cabinets on line and lift the total premises passed to 142,000 Complete first Framework Do the next one Continue to lobby for more funds

19 Links and Contacts Useful links; SFNY website Contacts; Ian Marr John

20 Questions?

21 The basics - FTTC Fibre to the Cabinet

22 The basics - FTTP Fibre to the Premises

23 The basics - CISP Community Internet Service Provider

24 The basics - Satellite Satellite Internet Service Provider

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