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1 st General Assembly Writers’ Guild 30 th Birthday!

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1 1 st General Assembly Writers’ Guild 30 th Birthday!

2 Bring Me: cutest officer 1000pesos! mukhang walang tulog may celebrity look alike mukhang rich kid at madaling utangan

3 crush mong co-member Magaling sumayaw/kumanta (para may sample!) WG love team

4 Writers’ Guild The organization is a special interest organization that celebrates and enhances the passion for writing within its members.

5 Writers’ Guild Tidbits It’s a Special Interest Org so it’s for ALL colleges. Was established in 1979…meaning…. It’s WG’s 30 th BIRTHDAY! It’s Writers’ Guild. Not Writer’s Guild. An older WG President is now the VP for Human Resources of HSBC We’ve changed logos a LOT. We won MOST IMPROVED SPIN ORG for LEA 0809

6 Rights and Privileges an official Writers’ Guild membership card (which is really really COOL) Discounts to the various establishments that are part of the Green Card Alliance(which are a LOT) Discounts on tickets, shirts, novelty items, and other things that the org sells (which are really cool, as well) Propose Activities (Want us to provide you with something?)

7 Participate in brainstorming sessions (bring the thinking caps!) Contribute literary works for the org publication Attend meetings and activities as well as invite others to attend (the more the many-er) Complain about an officer (wag naman sana  )

8 Trip to Jerusalem The participants would be dancing around a group of chairs and when the song stops they would sit on the chair. The chair has a form of dance written on it. That will be the dance that they must do on the next round.

9 VISION Writers’ Guild aims to generate an initiative for writing within its members by providing not only venues for inspiration, experience, and discovery, but also ways for its members to learn to appreciate writing. It strives to enhance its recognition to the LaSallian community as it attempts to change the perception of the LaSallians as to the value of writing, through course-related and other literary works.

10 Org Chart President EVP ActivitiesInternalsResearchPublicationsEVP OperationsDocumentationsFinanceMarketingPublicity Rafael Macatangay Dan HofileñaDori AdvientoDavid Pineda Loraine Saguinsin Nadine Madamba Je LimSam Eseque Rizelle Malabanan Megann Jabola

11 Under Activities Daniel Hofilena Dorina Adviento Ella Tiu Kat Cayetano Celine Barrozo David Pineda Ina Kung Loraine Saguinsin Cris Akol Marc Mauhay

12 Under Operations Nadine Madamba Je Lim Kev Ancheta Kath Ang Megann Jabola Roland Malic Sam Eseque Cha Miguel Jillian Gianan Rizelle Malabanan Kev YangAlice Lee

13 Longest Line Participants would be divided into groups. The groups would make a line using only the stuffs they are wearing and the group that has the longest possible line wins.

14 MISSION Writers’ Guild strives to enhance its recognition to other communities by means of: –participating in external activities, –creating connections with other writing organizations, and –being a watcher of society by participating in socio-development programs and advocacies. Through meaningful and worthwhile activities, the organization shall expose its members to fields of learning and expression leading them to the realm of self-discovery.

15 Activities for this Term Sudden Fiction WorkshopWriting Erotica Writing and Understanding Poetry Blogging as Writing Motivation Read Books to Kids Pagsusulat ng Alibata Aba! Ambahan! Offertory Mass

16 Stop Dance The participants would dance until the music stops then the judges would inspect if anyone would move.

17 Guess what? Grab all the balloons you can hold Look for a spot and get ready to pop the balloons Get the papers found inside and don’t open yet! Wait for further instructions

18 Thank You for celebrating Writers’ Guild 30 th birthday with us!!! Hope you enjoyed as much as we did!! Add us up: facebook:

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