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1 Caroline Macleod - ERA project officer. Introduction to RNIB and Haggeye RNIB is the leading charity providing information and support to people living.

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1 1 Caroline Macleod - ERA project officer

2 Introduction to RNIB and Haggeye RNIB is the leading charity providing information and support to people living with sight loss RNIB has over 10,000 members Haggeye is the Scottish forum for blind and partially sighted young people aged 12- 30 2

3 Why? Few initiatives exist in Scotland that bring together older and younger people This is especially the case for those living with sight loss Next to no projects or opportunities exist 3

4 Why? Most people do not experience sight loss until later in life Young people normally had sight loss since birth Older people have a wealth of knowledge gained through employment or socially including experience of living with sight loss in employment, and coping with sight loss as an adult Younger people living with sight loss generally have an interest in technology 4

5 Consultation Idea for intergenerational project came directly from young people Older and younger members consulted felt that formal and informal activities in a supported environment would be beneficial Young people specifically felt that there was a gap in current activities. 5

6 " Having something where young people can mix with older people then go on to work together to improve life for blind and partially sighted people would be good" - Young person with sight loss 6

7 How? A group of 6 Haggeye members were recruited to help develop, monitor and evaluate the project Funding was obtained from young start Met two of the young start outcomes- confident and connected 7

8 Aims and outcomes Challenging negative stereotypes Generational understanding Transfer and learning of skills Meeting new people 8

9 In addition For young people Improved self esteem and confidence Increased skills for adult life Organisational and leadership skills For older people Reduced isolation Increased ability to make a positive contribution to young people Improved independence through development of new skills 9

10 Project Activity It was agreed that there would be three themes to the project- Health, technology and culture These would be addressed as workshops at four events across Scotland Four locations- Dundee, Inverness, Galashiels and Stirling Events open to anyone aged 18-30 or 55 plus living with sight loss 10

11 Considerations Reach Communication Transport Accessibility Approaches to working with different age groups 11

12 Recruitment of participants Planned well in advance Through RNIB membership/Haggeye Local societies Local community groups Participants given option of returning form by post, email or over phone 12

13 Event Activity Venues were researched by young people Young people attended members forums to consult on activities that they would be interested in At each event it was decided that the workshops would remain the same if possible 13

14 Health Aim- To undertake a health related activity and improve knowledge about healthy living Suggestions of activities included self defence, boccia, go ball, mental health awareness and yoga Due to space boccia and go ball were ruled out For our first event the young people decided that yoga would be the most appropriate 14

15 Technology Technology can be extremely beneficial to blind and partially sighted people Most younger people living with sight loss have grown up with technology and can use it very well Hands on with tablets and computers Also chance to try some useful gadgets for the home 15

16 Culture Haggeye members wanted to pass on their knowledge of campaigning In small groups discussions held on what makes them sad, mad and glad Further develop the idea by discussing how we could change what makes us sad and mad Ideas developed will help shape future campaigns 16

17 Our first event- Dundee The first event was held on Saturday March 1 in Dundee 15 participants from blind and partially sighted community Young people were involved in meeting and greeting participants and also guiding participants from train station 17

18 What we have learned Bringing the two generations together does provide an opportunity for learning and support Both groups had skills and experiences that they could share that were relevant regardless of age Order of day worked well Important to have plenty staff and volunteers 18

19 What we have learned Size of group needs to be small Would benefit to have an 'expert' in technology on hand Older people prefer a more formal structured workshop and younger people tended to prefer informal 19

20 "I had such a brilliant day. I really enjoyed the yoga" "I appreciated it very much. It was great meeting people my own age but also younger members it was very refreshing" "I was really impressed with the young people giving up their day. The young people were so confident and did so much in their spare time, although they have sight loss. I have been anxious in the past to try things but this has inspired me to get out more and take part in activities" 20

21 21

22 Future Continuation of relationship through funding for planning future events and activities Activities suggested include a trip to the apple store, a visit to parliament and a day on the buses. Another three events are planned in Inverness, Galashiels and Stirling 22

23 Thanks 23

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