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John M. Flynn, Principal Petrus Development June 23, 2009.

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1 John M. Flynn, Principal Petrus Development June 23, 2009

2  Fundraising is a ministry that invites people to become involved in our church in a profound way. When they invest in your mission they give their heart more deeply to the Church.  People love to give to God’s work.  The benefactor’s need to give is always greater than the organization’s need to receive. © 2009 Petrus Development, LLC

3  Invites people to become involved in the mission & ministry of the church in a profound way  Fosters authentic relationships with benefactors On-going & based on trust Know the individual & their family  Rooted in Hope, Life and Faith © 2009 Petrus Development, LLC

4 To identify those who may be interested in your mission, cultivate the relationships, and enhance communications so these individuals and groups are ready to be invited to participate in your ministry. 1.IDENTIFY a large group of stakeholders 2.INFORM them about the good work you are doing 3.INVOLVE others in your ministry 4.Invite them to INVEST in your ministry © 2009 Petrus Development, LLC

5  Larger gifts often: Set the pace for giving Inspire confidence Build leadership Give credibility Create momentum Insure success in reaching the goal  Historical givers are the best candidates for future gifts  People give because they are asked to give  Benefactors respond to specific requests & peer solicitation  Be enthusiastic and persistent - Don’t be apologetic © 2009 Petrus Development, LLC


7 Monthly support goals:  $750 - End of first training  $1500 - August 31st of Year 1  $1800 - End of Year 1  $2600 - End of Year 2  $3000 - End of Year 3 © 2009 Petrus Development, LLC


9 Philanthropic ProcessFOCUS  Discovery  Cultivation  Solicitation  Stewardship  Win  Build  Invite  Send © 2009 Petrus Development, LLC

10 Cultivation is the process of developing a more meaningful relationship between the prospective benefactor and the organization seeking financial support. © 2009 Petrus Development, LLC

11 Cultivation brings people closer to your ministry. People give to People!

12 © 2009 Petrus Development, LLC Cultivation nurtures the relationship & understanding about:  The benefactor  Their capacity to give  Their involvement with ministry/programs in the past, present, & planned involvement in the future  Other philanthropic support  The benefactor’s understanding of your organization, ministry & needs

13  Develop the relationship  Develop rapport  Share personal stories of why you are involved  Share personal information about your family, friends, etc  Find out about their family, friends, business/profession, etc © 2009 Petrus Development, LLC

14  Listening is more important than talking  Discovery and Cultivation calls should always involve more questions answered by the prospective benefactors than by the staff member What motivates the benefactor? What does the benefactor want? Think like the benefactor…put yourself in his or her shoes © 2009 Petrus Development, LLC

15 Steps to a Visit: 1. Set the Appointment 2. Do your research Get to know the prospective benefactor 3. Prepare for the visit Develop a script & anticipate potential objections 4. Visit 5. Thank you 6. Follow-up Action Plan © 2009 Petrus Development, LLC

16  Introduce yourself  State that you are calling on behalf of yourself for FOCUS  Don’t discuss the case over the phone  Be honest about time requested Approx. 30- 45 minutes © 2009 Petrus Development, LLC

17 1. Casual conversation- “small talk” 2. Present need and case for the ministry Be inspirational and enthusiastic 3. Request the specific gift 4. Listen and handle prospect’s response 5. Follow-up and closure

18 It is all Relationship-building! Get to know more about the person Be yourself Ask about family, connection to ministry, business, etc. Take note of home or office furnishings and photos © 2009 Petrus Development, LLC Remember… You know more about this than they do!

19 EExplain exciting things going on with your ministry RRecount stories of how individuals have been impacted by FOCUS CCite numbers that show growth and opportunity Stay focused on your ministry Don’t build your case by tearing others down MMention how students are being formed in faith DDescribe the vision for the future of the ministry © 2009 Petrus Development, LLC

20  Let the prospect know that continued financial support is crucial to continue ministry & elevate it to the next level  Be confident  Expect success  REQUEST A SPECIFIC AMOUNT !!!!!!! © 2009 Petrus Development, LLC


22 Until this point you controlled the agenda, now it is time for you to sit back & LISTEN! © 2009 Petrus Development, LLC “He who speaks first loses.” Ancient Christian Development Proverb

23  Yes! 10% of responses Thank them! Complete the paperwork  No 5% of responses Ask Why Is there something they don’t understand? Is this an informational meeting? © 2009 Petrus Development, LLC

24  A Lesser Amount is Offered 15% of responses Graciously accept best possible gift If you think they can do better, defer a decision & follow up in 5-7 days  Need time to think it over 70% of responses This is not a NO & good news! Schedule a follow up call in 5-7 days © 2009 Petrus Development, LLC

25  Schedule a specific date to call “I will call you next Thursday or Friday. Which is better for you?”  NEVER leave it with “Call me when you decide!” © 2009 Petrus Development, LLC

26 “On behalf of FOCUS, thank you for your time and your prayers for our success.” © 2009 Petrus Development, LLC

27  Top Priority and Sense of Urgency  Plan Followed  Solicitors Make Gifts First  Compelling Case  Time Table Followed  Sights Kept High  Personal Passion for the Cause © 2009 Petrus Development, LLC

28 Top two reasons donors stopped supporting a charitable organization: “No longer feeling connected to the organization” (57.7%) “Deciding to give to another cause.” (51.3%) Bank of America Study of High Net-Worth Philanthropy Center for Philanthropy at Indiana University © 2009 Petrus Development, LLC

29  Procrastination  An apologetic approach  Not asking © 2009 Petrus Development, LLC

30  Be Bold  Have Faith  Ask!! © 2009 Petrus Development, LLC


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