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LU Phil Elections 2013-2014. President: DeVaughn Roberts Over the past two years as a member of the LU Philharmonic, I have been dedicated to the orchestra.

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1 LU Phil Elections 2013-2014

2 President: DeVaughn Roberts Over the past two years as a member of the LU Philharmonic, I have been dedicated to the orchestra in all aspects. I have only missed rehearsals in extreme circumstances and I have always insured that my parts were prepared as well as possible before a performance. As I was greatly looking forward to auditioning for the orchestra the summer before my freshman year, recruiting new members would be both easy for me to do and something that I am extremely interested in doing. In fact, I have already talked to several current students that plan to audition in the fall. As a person and student, I am very responsible, organized, and timely. I am the type of person that thrives off of the pressure of other people to get something done and it is for this reason that I seek leadership in many organizations that I am involved in. As an E-Board member, I would work with the rest of the executive board to continue the success of the orchestra and improve any areas that need extra attention such as attendance and timeliness. Overall, I truly care about the orchestra and believe that I am the best candidate to continue to allow it to put on great concerts and be successful.

3 President: Max Watkins Max Watkins for orchestra president! I would like to serve as orchestra president. I very much enjoy being a part of the orchestra, and I hope I can do as much as possible to make music fun and accessible to more people. As such I would like to work on recruiting new members to the orchestra; ideally I want be able to get as many people as possible to want to join, because we’re just that cool. In addition, I hope to be able to continue to help promote our concerts, hopefully we’ll be able to get even more students to come see our concerts. I know it’s probably not up to me, but I’m all for more trips as an orchestra. Also, I vote that we add donuts to the food options at break time. I am also willing to give everybody free cookies if elected.** Hopefully I’ll be able to muster as much charisma as Taylor. **When electing an official it is important to note that certain campaign promises may be broken.

4 External VP: Sam Present I love the LU Phil and I would like have a more active role in the Philharmonic. I take great pride in our concerts and I would be very excited to spearhead the publicity and advertising efforts for our performances. In addition to ensuring all of Lehigh University knows about our concerts, I would like to reach out more to Bethlehem and the Greater Lehigh Valley through aggressive poster placement and newspaper advertisements to increase the awareness of our performances and ensure every show is filled to the max!

5 External VP: Dan Shin Inviting more audiences to our concerts is as important as the hard work we put into the rehearsals. Don't you want more people to listen to those fast 16th note runs, the beautiful solos, and the powerful tutti sections that we play together? I certainly do, and that's why I'd like to run for the External Vice President position. I have participated in advertising events in LU Choir, and always wanted to contribute more in the publishing and advertising aspect of a group. There are some publication and advertise strategies that I learned from the other groups such as LU Choir that I'd like to adopt to advertise for LU Phil.

6 External VP: James Copti Look out into the audience during one of our Friday concerts. You'll notice that it is mostly comprised of parents, who are "obligated" to be there, and unenthusiastic students who, quite frankly, have nothing better to do. I will strive to make a social event out of these performances, promote the s*** out of it on Facebook, and draw in lots of support from our peers. I've had lots of experience drawing people out to shows when I was in a band in high school... let's bring as many people out to our concerts as we possibly can! I have never been ashamed to tell people I'm in the orchestra, as many of us unfortunately are. As external VP, I will broadcast our performances across all forms of social networking, make sure there are a ton of posters all over campus, and harass everyone in the LU Phil to tell everyone they know about our performances. No more empty seats!!! Vote Copti!

7 Internal VP: Haley Robinson I'm interested in running for the position of internal vice president. I'm a solid writer and love being in orchestra. I think my writing skills will come in handy for writing program notes. I would love to be a part of the E-board in order to contribute more to the group!

8 Treasurer: Emilia Silebi I'm a junior from the violin section running for reelection for the position of Treasurer. I think the financial skills I've developed as an Economics major, as well as my organizational skills, will enable me to contribute to the orchestra. I have experience in this role from the past year and know/understand the orchestra's expenses, which I believe would make the transition into budget meetings and board meetings for the 2013-14 season a lot smoother. Thank you!

9 Librarian: Kelsey Alpaio I feel that the position of librarian is one of great importance to the orchestra. Eugene and Linda put a great deal of effort into ensuring that we are provided with an excellent selection of music to play. It is important that that music is distributed and collected in an organized fashion and that it remains organized for future use. I feel that I am suited to fill this position as I am already an employee of the music library in Zoellner. As a library employee, I am already familiar with the functions of the library that are necessary to ensure this organization.

10 Social Chair: Kelsey Leck I've been a member of the orchestra for five years now, and I really want to contribute something other than my music! Since I love both organizing and attending events, I think I'm the perfect candidate for the social chair. As always, we would have the barbecue at the beginning of the year and parties to celebrate each concert, but I'd like to add a few other events as well. There are so many great music-themed movies, like some of the ones Eugene mentioned during rehearsals. I think it'd be fun if we could have movie nights once or twice a semester with ice cream and other snacks! Also, while working as the store locator for Lehigh's Real Beauty Fashion Show, I realized that businesses on the Southside really love working with Lehigh students and are usually pretty generous with discounts. I think it would be cool if once a semester we could have an "Orchestra Night" at a restaurant, like Molly's or La Lupita, before rehearsal. I'm sure I could work out a deal with them so each person only has to pay a reduced price, so it'd be a fun and inexpensive way to get to know people outside of your own section! I think that Emily's done a great job as social chair, and I'd love the chance to do the same!

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