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How to achieve Elastic IT

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1 How to achieve Elastic IT
Dennis Harders Solution Manager: Elastic Datacenter Avanade NL Wie ben ik: Dennis Harders 10 jaar werkzaam in de IT, bijna 4 jaar werkzaam voor Avanade NL Specialisatie op Microsoft Server virtualisatie en Management Verantwoordelijk voor Datacenter oplossingen middels Microsoft producten Server Virtualisatie with Advanced Management SVAM traject doorlopen samen met Microsoft Consultancy Services en als eerste van NL accreditatie behaald.

2 Agenda About Avanade Avanade and the “Cloud” Cloud Computing Types
What is Elastic IT Microsoft Cloud Continuum Elastic Datacenter Questions

3 Avanade delivers business technology services which connect insight, innovation and expertise of Microsoft technologies with each other. Who We Are Avanade provides business technology services that connect insight, innovation and expertise in Microsoft technologies to help customers realize results. Our services help improve performance, productivity and sales for organizations in all industries, and put power in the hands of the people who need it most: employees. Avanade is een consultancy bedrijf die een 100% focus op Microsoft heeft. Avanade verbind expertise, innovatie en inzichten dmv Microsoft technologieen aan elkaar. We

4 Avanade Global About Avanade 61 offices in 24 countries
900 million USD profit in FY 09 20% annual growth since the start in 2000 Our Customers 700 customers as trusted advisor 95% satisfied customers Our Services Results realized within every industry Supported through Accenture en Microsoft This slide functions as a one-minute introduction to Avanade. As a company, we have been on a path of continuous growth since our door opened for business on April 4, Despite the challenge of starting and growing a business in the IT industry following the aftermath of the dotcom bust, Avanade has achieved consistent year-over-year growth of more than 20%. Between FY07 and FY08 alone, our revenue grew by 45% to US$864 million. Starting from zero, Avanade has grown into a global company with: 61 locations in 24 countries More than 700 active customers globally, with customer satisfaction ratings ranging from 95% to 98% Of those, 93% would recommend Avanade to a colleague Our services are designed to address the needs of large organizations in all industries and are enhanced by our close connections to our founding companies, Accenture and Microsoft. Our rapid growth is testimony to the foresight of Accenture and Microsoft in creating a company for a market need that wasn’t being addressed… (next slide)

5 Avanade Netherlands Started in 2004 200+ professionals
Main office in Almere Smaller Office on High Tech Campus in Eindhoven

6 Global Customers Midsize to large Enterpises Multiple industries
Government …the need for both: a technology platform that provides superior price/performance capability A services company delivering solutions that take full advantage of that platform to help customers realize their business and technology objectives. These logos represent just some of the businesses and government organizations that Avanade has worked with around the world to deliver value using solutions based on the Microsoft platform. (NOTE to speaker: more detail on a few of these customer engagements comes later in deck – you can pull up that information to speak to here as desired.)

7 Our customers within the Netherlands
Midsize to large Enterpises Multiple industries Government iddelgrote tot grote organisaties Alle industrieën Overheidsinstellingen

8 The combined strengths of each company offer customers integrated, innovative solutions that realize business results Focussed on Industry and Business process Industry, ‘cross-industry’ solutions Horizontal accelerators Specialized within the Microsoft-platform Engineered architectures, Industry and cross- industry knowledge and solutions Enterprise platform, Superior price and performance, Commitment to research and development The combined strengths of each company offer customers integrated, innovative solutions that realize business results. Avanade’s ability to help customers realize results with specialized skills on the Microsoft platform, engineered architectures, industry and cross-industry knowledge and solutions Accenture’s industry and business acumen, industry and cross-industry solutions and horizontal accelerators Microsoft’s comprehensive enterprise platform, superior price and performance, and commitment to research and development.

9 FY10 Avanade Services Portfolio Including representative services
6 Servicelijnen Ik ben onderdeel van Technology Infrastructure Alle onderdelen zijn vandaag vertegenwoordigd en de mensen zijn te vinden op de stand indien er vragen zijn. Bovenste 2 punten zijn van toepassing

10 Avanade and the “Cloud”
Multiple solutions within Avanade to achieve Elastic IT: “BPOS Migration Factory”(any to any) Exchange migrations Sharepoint migrations Lotus Notes migrations Elastic Datacenter Extension Private Cloud More control of IT resources Transformation from a traditional model to an IaaS model Elastic datacenter provides a blanket of governance and control around IT systems regardless of where they exist - on-premise, or in the cloud. It does this through strong processes and governance founded on ITIL as well as a core architecture of dynamic, pooled, virtualized infrastructure.

11 Datacenter Evolution

12 Datacenter Evolution Traditional Datacenter Virtualized Datacenter
Private Cloud Public Cloud Traditional Datacenter Virtualized Datacenter Private Cloud Public Cloud Management Costs Decrease Significantly IT as a Service Well-known, stable and secure Utilization <15% Utilization Increases to >50% Management Costs Decrease Capacity on Demand Global Reach

13 Datacenter Evolution Physical Infrastructure Virtualization
Physical Servers, under-utilization Virtualization End-to-end virtualization and consolidation Virtual Infrastructure Centralized Operation and Monitoring / metrics defined Management Standardization Virtual Infrastructure Automatization & Green IT DataCenter Automation and Provisioning (NGDC) Management Virtual Infrastructure Automation Outsourcing of Resources ( Azure Cloud / Private Cloud) Private + Public Cloud = Elastic computing Multi Cloud Automation Physical Servers, underutilized End-to-end virtualisation and consolidation Centralized Operation and Monitoring / metrics defined Datacenter Automation and Provisioning Resources Outsourcing Multi Cloud Management Multi Cloud Virtual Infrastructure 13

14 Microsoft Foundation for Private Cloud
Cloud Computing Infrastructure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) SLA Driven Automated Management Distributed and Elastic Dynamic Data Center Toolkit For Enterprises | Dynamic Data Center Toolkit For Enterprises | Infrastructure Fabric Delivering the service Managing the fabric

15 Microsoft: The Power of Choice

16 Infrastructure as a Service
Microsoft Cloud Computing Continuum Private Public Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform as a Service (PaaS) IT as a Service Dynamic Data Center Toolkit For Enterprises | Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Dynamic Data Center Toolkit For Hosters |

17 Elastic Datacenter

18 Abstract Elastic Datacenter (ED) Vision
Imagine controlled, predictable, efficient IT that is also easy to access, and available on-demand on-premise* and in the cloud **. Now also imagine a single interface that end-users can use to request new systems, view the associated chargeback, route requests through approvals, and manage their systems. Transformation from a traditional model to an IaaS model is achieved by Avanade’s Elastic Datacenter vision. *) NGDC vision **) NGDC + Cloud = Elastic Vanochtend in de sessie van Johan Craddock al wat zaken besproken hierover. - Cloud is nog niet doorontwikkeld - Elastic computing gaat eraan komen Van standaard omgeving naar IaaS middels Private/public Cloud Mooi zou ook nog zijn vanuit 1 interface Wat verwacten jullie / verstaan jullie van een Elastic IT omgeving??

19 The Emergence of Cloud On-premise Cloud
Most Flexibility and Control Subscriptions/Licenses Uniform Service Ad-supported/Subscriptions Rich, enterprise software providing the most capability Enterprise software delivered as a service Run by customer Provided by Microsoft (or a partner) Er ontstaat duidleijk een nieuwe vorm van IT… ook wel IT as a Service. Een service betekent niets voor niets SERVICE.. Dus snel kunnen schakelen op aanvragen en controle houden over alle pooled resources Low High Economy of Scale

20 “Clouds”, what are they and when to use
Public Clouds Outsourcing of datacenter on Infra, Platform or Software level Selling point of this model is cost savings Examples: Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Private Clouds Virtualized environment Keeps all hardware/services on-premise / at hosters Systems, Maintenance and Security under own control. Selling point of this model is flexibility. Hybrid Cloud Model Combination of cloud models Verschillende cloud modellen Cloud zijn services die zich bevinden op internet en vanaf overal benaderd kan worden. Public The public cloud is essentially outsourcing your data centre. An external company offers up its data centre for rent and you can chose the number of servers or the amount of storage you want to run out there, as well as the applications. You can then access it remotely from a PC. The key selling point of this model is cost savings. Not only does it mean you don’t have to pay for all the hardware yourself, but you don’t have to pay for the maintenance and staffing costs as well. There is also a widely adopted “pay as you go” model with public clouds, allowing you to rent the space from as little as an hour – often used by developers testing applications – up to months or years but paying by the month rather than in a big lump sum. The public cloud space is dominated by players like Amazon and Google, although smaller companies like Elastic Hosts are getting in on the act too whilst firms like offer the ability to run a single application in the cloud. Private The private cloud adds more of a personal touch to the proceedings. Many companies, especially larger institutions like banks or the public sector, are concerned about the security of letting what could be very confidential information out from behind their own firewall. This model keeps all of your physical hardware within your own location, meaning the day to day running of the systems, maintenance, and – most importantly – security aspects, are run in house. However, it is a highly virtualised environment, using extra software to optimise your hardware to its fullest potential and ease the transactions of data and information between servers both in one office or to other locations your company might have.

21 Elastic Datacenter Overview
Two phases to achieve Elasticity. Tactical approach Strategic approach Tactical Server Virtualization (Compute Optimization) Operations to support virtualization (Operations Optimization) Strategic Cloud enablement Private cloud  Public Cloud Delivered through Avanade solutions Operations to support cloud enablement Tactische aanpak Optimalisatie van huidige datacenter naast virtualizatie en management hoe om te gaan de aanvragen van de business voor snel opzetten van projectomgeving Strategische aanpak Lange termijn werk, Welke visie is er binnen het bedrijf.. Op den duur Dynamic IT .. elastic IT..

22 Elastic Datacenter The Roadmap
Start on the journey with Compute Optimization and Operations Optimization Elastic Datacenter The Roadmap Phase I Phase II Phase III Standardization & Consolidation Integration & Automation Service Orientation Standardization Data Center Rationalization Infrastructure Consolidation Resource Virtualization Automation Technology IT Process Integration Optimization Provisioning Management Operations Service Virtualization Predictive Operations Service Automation BSM Consolidation Business Orientation SOI Process IT Utility Standardize Technology, Tools and Processes Deliver Rationalization of Data Centers Consolidate IT Infrastructure through Pooling and Virtualizing of resources Apply Provisioning techniques to reduce turn around times Integrate Operations frameworks supporting ITIL processes to enable Proactive Operations Optimize and Automate of both Technology and IT Process Link Operations to Business Services Use feedback loop and self healing diagnostics to move to Predictive Operations Services Virtualized between multiple sources (internal and external) Enhance Automation and Dynamic Provisioning to enable a true IT Utility Introduce BSM (Business Service Management) Phase I Process Formalization Industrializing Processes and Standardizing Tools Technology Standardization Reducing supported variants to release cost, optimise support and enable growth DCR & Infrastructure Consolidation Rationalization of Data Center facilities and migration to centralized locations. Consolidation of target infrastructure Resource Virtualization Pooling of resource both physical and virtual. Move from physical to virtual resource to consolidate Compute Optimization Operations Optimization

23 Elastic Datacenter Compute Optimization Operations Optimization
Microsoft Hyper-V 2.0 VMware Vsphere Citrix XenServer System Center Operations Manager System Center Data Protection Manager System Center Virtual Machine Manager System Center Configuration Manager System Center Service Manager Microsoft Solution Accelerators (DIT-SC etc.) Citrix Essentials VMware vCenter Rationalization Consolidation Standardization Virtualization ITIL MOF Orchestration Provisioning Automation Approvals Metering & Billing Centralization “Our time to deploy new applications is excessive” “We need to maximize our virtualization potential” “Our businesses want to add/remove processing capacity to meet cyclical demands” “We need to control our virtualization spend more effectively” “We are spending a lot on VMware and not using a lot of the functionality that we’re paying for.” “We’re not effectively responding to outages” “We’re missing our SLA targets” “We don’t have a good grasp on service delivery” “Our approvals process is complex and manual” “Procurement is a bottleneck” “Our spend on enterprise management is excessive” Technology Process Integratie van Microsft/HP bijvoorbeeld. Hyper-V + System Center + HP Insight Control Environment for SC Business/People

24 Elastic Datacenter Existing Supporting Assets
Infrastructure Maturity Model Operational Maturity Model Accenture Assets Virtualization Business Case Estimator Rapid Operations Management Assessment Exchange 2003 Operations Components Deliverable SCOM 2007 Operations Guide MOF Operations Assessment Report Microsoft Technologies Operations Proactive Operations Guide 2008 v1 MOF - Configuration Management for Avanade's ITS Operations Operations Management Assessment Release v1.0 Client Engagement-developed assets CAA: Application Availability Analysis Xilinx: Windows 2003 Active Directory (AD) Operations Guide Centex: Operations Manual State of Alaska: Exchange Operations Guide Enexus: Operations Policies, Processes & Procedures Related: Infrastructure Optimization assessment collateral Avanade AKM Assets ITIL V3 - Service Operation Principles and Functions Operations Management - Fundamentals of Operations Management Operations Management - Operations Components Operations Management - Operations Management Tools Mentoring ITIL V3 Foundation (ITV3F) Mentoring Information Technology Infrastructure Library Foundations (ITIL) Skillsoft Training

25 Avanade Architecture Blueprint for NGDC
Business Service Management (BSM) Business Service Management enables “service orientated infrastructure” (SOI) and allows IT to be managed from the perspective of the business. Orchestration Engine Execute automated workflows to assign and deploy technical infrastructure in response to the policy rules, work requests and real time inputs. Metering & Billing Infrastructure usage and SLAs are processed to create bills/invoices. Rules & Requests The Service Catalogue and Policy Rules define how business applications can and must use the technical infrastructure (e.g. SLA). Work Requests are new requests for infrastructure services. DC model contains a logical view of the entire data center. Monitoring Outputs The deployment and usage metrics, alerts and alarms are captured and passed to the Predictive Operations monitor. Predictive Operations Infrastructure usage metrics, alerts and alarms are processed by the Predictive Operations monitor and change requests returned to the Orchestration Engine for action through balancing the requests with policy rules for the IT service and incoming work requests. The vision of a ‘Next Generation Data Centre’ is dependent on three key components. A shared technical infrastructure acting as a pool of virtualised platform, storage and network servers. Workload requests and provisioning to decide how and when to provision the infrastructure components. Finally, predictive operations to ensure Service Levels are met. The diagram on this slide is our blueprint of the ingredients required to operate a NGDC. I have briefly discussed all of these components previously, and this blueprint represents how they logically fit together in the datacenter. We identify 3 key areas of infrastructure technology: The ORCHESTRATION and PROVISIONING platform that takes feeds from a service catalogue and other sources to execute workload and provisioning requests. Secondly, a SOI that includes virtualised infrastructure resource pools that are controlled by the ORCHESTRATION AND PROVISIOING PLATFORM and provide management information on their service status to the OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT platform consisting of predictive operation and metering tools. All of this is wrapped by BSM and an organisations CMDB. IT Automation Requests Infrastructure components are assigned to specific work requests. Configuration Management Database (CMDB) The CMDB contains all of the IT organization’s key parts (Configuration Items), their attributes and their inter-relationships 25 25

26 Avanade Architecture Blueprint for NGDC Virtualization
Windows Server 2008 R2 OS Platform Hyper-V (R2) Virtualization platform Windows & Linux VMs Live Migration PowerShell V2 Vehicle for automation Base layer in Microsoft products Obviously Windows Server is a participating O/S platform within the Data Center, but also with Hyper-V provides the underlying virtualization platform for Windows and other operating systems. Windows PowerShell provides the vehicle for automation. 26

27 Avanade Architecture Blueprint for NGDC Provisioning
Virtual Machine Manager Current SCVMM 2008 R2 Provides provisioning capabilities through library Orchestration through DIT- SC and PowerShell Contains a rudimentary service catalogue function through the web based self- service portal Intelligent VM placement Implements user quotas to control VM sprawl Integrated management for VMware Orchestration describes the automated arrangement, coordination, and management of complex computer systems 27 DIT-SC

28 Avanade Architecture Blueprint for NGDC Monitoring
Operations Manager 2007 R2 Operational monitoring Microsoft O/Ss and apps Cross Platform Extensions for Linux 3rd party management packs and add-ons to integrate with other management tools and manage further systems and applications Service Management System configuration for CMDB Custom code Metering and Billing Hardware PRO Tips Integration with Virtual Machine Manager for virtual machine orchestration and provisioning in reaction to events and alerts Create selfmanaging IT infrastructure Integration with Microsoft Visio to map full infrastructure. 28

29 Avanade Architecture Blueprint for NGDC Orchestration and Provisioning
Configuration Manager 2007 R2 Orchestration and provisioning Pre-OS (OEM) configuration Operating system deployment Application deployment Integration with Software Update Services provides patching functionality Desired Configuration Management Track configuration drift (integration with Operations Manager), through custom code this can be taken further to automate remedial action System configuration for CMDB 29

30 Avanade Architecture Blueprint for NGDC Backup & Recovery
Data Protection Manager Backup & recovery Online through VSS Consistency across VM and Applications Microsoft Application Aware Backup Disk to Disk to Cloud Disk to Disk to Tape Hyper-V Cluster Aware SelfService restore 30

31 Avanade Architecture Blueprint for NGDC Workflow
Service Manager 2010 Workflow engine for automating Central data warehouse and reporting platform BI IT Connector Framework A CMDB to support the management of information about IT service components and how they relate to one another Self-service portal End-users Knowledgebase capture and share practical knowledge Optimizing processes and ensuring their use through templates that effectively guide IT analysts through best practices for change and incident management. Reducing resolution times by cutting across organizational silos, ensuring that the right information from incident, problem, change, or asset records is accessible through a single pane. Extending the value of the Microsoft platform through automated generation of incidents from alerts and the coordination of activities among System Center products. Enabling informed and cost-effective decision making through its data warehouse, which integrates knowledge from disparate IT management systems, delivering out-of-the-box reporting and flexible data analysis through SQL reporting services. Opalis is going to be part of future applications which delivers more 31

32 The Elastic Datacenter
Rules & Requests ED tool + MS SC Service Manager People/Process Orchestration ED Tool + MS SC Service Manager IT Orchestration & Provisioning NGDC Bus + Opalis External Cloud Microsoft Azure BSM Avanade Enterprise Service Monitoring Portal Metering & Billing ED tool + MS SC Operations Manager While it took some time, Microsoft has finally turned the ship and is focused squarely on virtualization, dynamic datacenters, and cloud computing. Between Hyper-V R2, VMM R2, Azure, and BPOS plus acquisitions such as Calista, Kidaro (MED-V), and Opalis, it should be very clear that Microsoft is serious about this space. Hypervisor MS Hyper-V R2 Backup - SC Data Protection Manager CMDB - SC Service Manager Predictive Ops - SC Operations Manager - SC Virtual Machine Manager - SC Configurations Manager 32

33 Investments Elastic Datacenter Features to be developed within Avanade to go Elastic
Tooling to be designed with large enterprise customer feedback in mind: Single interface for all infrastructure requests Visual design surface Wizards Fully automated Enables private and public clouds in the enterprise ITIL process alignment Integrates Private and Public cloud with CMDB, Incident Management, Change Management and Release Management automatically. Fully customizable approval and activity workflows within Service Manager Rapid provisioning/de-provisioning/change through the implementation of full end to end environment automation Orchestrates Microsoft environments through DIT-SC Orchestrates heterogeneous and non Microsoft environments thru Opalis (additional licensing required) Orchestration can be customized to integrate into customers existing run book automation platform Improved and integrated chargeback Charges customers for setup as well as actual utilization Enables a true utility model Combine billing for public and private cloud services Integrated enterprise management / notification Users define health and service model at on boarding Accelerates virtualization Users can select existing servers to migrate to the private cloud via P2V or V2V

34 Questions?

35 Avanade contacts Solution Manager DataCenter Transformation (includes ED) Dennis Harders:

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